Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Diamonds

Shiny, glittery and incredibly precious… that’s about how diamonds would be described in real life. Diamonds in Minecraft are not quite that glamorous, but they are one of the strongest and most valuable materials in the game. If you come across a supply of highly compressed digital carbon, you should mine it. After all, diamonds can be used to create some of the strongest armor and tools in the game. You can find everything about diamonds in Minecraft here!

Brief description of diamonds

  • Mined deep down or at various special locations
  • Mining only with iron, diamond or netherite pickaxe
  • Material for crafting armor, tool and numerous other items (e.g. enchanting table)

How do I Find Diamonds: Minecraft’s Depths

Originally, Minecraft diamonds were mostly found deep down. In between level 5 through level 12 to be precise.  With certain updates these level distributions changed over time. So, if you are wondering „How do I find diamonds?“ Minecraft gives you a clear answer: Go deeper! Since the 1.19 update, you might find a Minecraft diamond level between Y14 and Y-63 with the best level to mine diamonds in Minecraft being Y-59.

Next to the option of simply searching for Minecraft diamonds, you may also be lucky enough to find them. As with other items and materials, diamonds can be found in chests that are placed in different locations on your Minecraft map. Such locations include:

  • treasure chests
  • temples
  • end cities
  • forts
  • mineshafts
  • bastion remnants
  • shipwrecks
  • village forges

When you come across a village you have two options: stealing or trading. Since no one really seems to care about their chests, you’re free to take whatever you want out of them, including Minecraft diamonds. The problem with trading will be that you can only give Minecraft diamonds away to some villagers. Still, you might get diamond armor and skip the step of crafting it yourself.

So, how do I find diamonds? Minecraft is a place full of adventures, materials and mobs. It may take some time exploring the world and searching or digging for Minecraft diamonds. However, this is exactly what you have to do to answer the question.

Mining Minecraft Diamonds

Sparkling blocks host Minecraft diamonds

Once you’ve found Minecraft diamonds you need to be careful. You cannot simply mine it with your hands or any tool. Considering how precious and relatively rare these items are, it’s fair to assume you need special tools. You can mine diamonds only with one of the following tools:

  • an iron pickaxe
  • a diamond pickaxe
  • a netherite pickaxe

Although they aren’t quite ‘special’ in general it is clear that you probably won’t be able to mine diamonds on your first day in the game. Unless you stumble across some iron, of course. Once you got it, nothing holds you back from getting those Minecraft diamonds.  So, if you go diamond hunting, you should at least have one iron pickaxe in your inventory!

Equipped for any situation with the diamond pickaxe!

What to Use Minecraft Diamonds for?

In it’s natural form, diamonds can be used either as:

  • a trade resource 
  • a raw material for crafting

You can exchange diamonds with some villagers for emeralds, which are the actual trade currency in Minecraft. If you have quite too many diamonds this might be an option. It also helps your villagers to level up! Of course, you can also just combine diamonds into blocks of diamond, but this requires 9 diamonds each block. It serves as an aesthetic block, since you most certainly don’t necessarily need it for anything. It may also be a way to store your Minecraft diamonds since you may reverse crafting anytime resulting in 9 diamonds again.

Villagers – Inconspicuous Minecraft diamond fans

Diamonds are also needed for beacons, by the way! Turntables, jukeboxes and using diamonds in the firework star are also popular uses. However, most players use diamonds for armor, swords or pickaxes. Since Minecraft is a game full of hostile mobs, it is helpful to craft yourself armor, weapons or tools using the best material you have. Quite often this could be diamond. For example, the diamond pickaxe has already achieved something like cult status as a symbol of Minecraft and is certainly the most useful item to craft out of the rare resource.

Minecraft Diamonds Trivia

Minecraft Diamonds Trivia

  • Mining diamonds unlocks the achievement “Diamonds!”. 
  • Building a diamond armor (or part of an armor such as a helmet) unlocks the achievement “Cover me with diamonds!”.
  • Before the ender pearl, endermen dropped diamonds.
  • Diamonds are colloquially called “Dias” among Minecraft players.

Now you should know how to get diamonds and what all you can do with them. On a Minecraft server from G-Portal you can present your magnificent diamond armor to your friends or go diamond hunting together.

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