A Recap: That was the Minecraft 15th anniversary! Background

A Recap: That was the Minecraft 15th anniversary!

June 7, 2024
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Do you remember what you did 15 years ago? Well, some of us were eager to get home from school to play a cool little game on their computers.

Let’s Celebrate 15 Years of Minecraft!

And now, look at that: Minecraft isn’t such a little game anymore! It’s nearly grown up yet, you could say. In its tricky teenage years; the time of your life that can be complicated. You know, when everything’s changing. Like with a new update, that we’re still waiting for.


Minecraft: 15th Anniversary on G-Portal

As you can probably guess, we’ve also been busy playing Minecraft. Of course we have! We love the game and wouldn’t miss its birthday for anything. And we’ve noticed that we are not alone with that, are we? So, there have been all kinds of celebrations around the world; Mojang made special offers and so did we. Did you get all the goodies and tried them on your Minecraft server from G-Portal? We sure hope so!

15 Days for 15 Years of Minecraft

Sadly, the best part of the celebration is over. But it was amazing! Mojang really thought things through and delivered something new every day. Let’s have a short recap of what we got during the Minecraft 15th anniversary, shall we?

Character Creator Items

Each day during the Minecraft 15th anniversary, players got the chance to get an item in the character creator for free. These were always in some way connected to a cool milestone of the game. They included:

  1. the llama hat
  2. the bee boots
  3. the nether pants
  4. the allay bandana
  5. the cherry shawl

You can see it, right? The connections to several updates that we loved and still appreciate today. It may not be life-changing, but customizing your character a bit more and being given this opportunity is definitely a great idea.

Real Life Events for the Minecraft 15th Anniversary

Minecraft is a completely digital game, we know that. However, the Minecraft 15th anniversary celebrations weren’t limited to cyberspace. In some places, such as Tokyo, New York or Paris, you could see huge public displays of the celebrations. And if these shiny reminders weren’t enough, take a look at London where a huge cube was placed. People could put little square-shaped magnets on it like a ‘draw by color’. The result was a beautiful picture of creepers building a part of the city or cookies around a soccer stadium.


Source: Minecraft-Wiki

The Minecraft 15th Anniversary Cape

There had to be a cape, right? No one really seems to know where this obsession with capes among the Minecraft players came from but we do love a good cape. And it kind of became something to speculate about whenever there is a special occasion like the Minecraft 15th anniversary. It is a bit classic, with the creeper design and we love that. It’s a shame you can’t see a cape when flying. Although, we’re sure it’s possible with the right mod.


Source: Minecraft-Wiki

A Minecraft Anniversary Map or Two

Even though everyone conquers their own world in Minecraft, Mojang decided to give us a common ground here. They published the ‘15 Years Journey’-map on which players could basically rediscover the biggest milestones of Minecraft history in a museum-like environment. It was also full of mini games in the different rooms. And well, 15 years of Minecraft is a long time to make in-game history. Did you check it out? Well, sadly it was only available for the Bedrock Edition, but even if you didn’t enter it, it looked pretty cool, right?

Now, to the important things: a second Minecraft anniversary map. At least you could call it that. It is a map similar to a national park and was designed in cooperation with several national park organizations. Let’s raise some awareness, shall we? Even Mojang donated a good amount of money to those causes. And isn’t that great? No one’s losing here. Oh! And there is a pretty cool monument challenge to enter until the end of June, so don’t wait too long and start creating your own building!

Announcements during ‘15 Years of Minecraft’

Lastly, there are good news.

The next Minecraft Championship was announced!

It will be held in mid 2024 and is hosted by Mojang. So, this is definitely something to look forward to! Just like the new update, which now has the name ‘Tricky Trials’ and will be released on June 13.

Many players even hoped it would be released during the Minecraft 15th anniversary. That would have been something indeed. Now, we still have to wait a bit longer. But we’ll manage that, right? Until then we still have many things to do! On a Minecraft server from G-Portal, there are caves to discover; biomes to explore; animals to tame and breed and many, many items to craft. So, we won’t run out of ideas until the update comes. However, that’s an official wrap of the Minecraft 15th anniversary. Here's to another 15 years of Minecraft!

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