Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Flying

The Basics & Beyond

Minecraft offers a unique exploration experience, allowing you to traverse its expansive worlds in various ways. One of the most exhilarating modes of travel is flying, which, while not inherently available in all game modes, can be accessed through several methods. This guide will delve into how to fly in Minecraft, covering everything from built-in game mechanics to modifications and Minecraft server settings that enable flight. Whether you’re looking to glide over the biomes in creative mode or seeking the thrill of flight in survival mode, this article has all the tips and tricks you need, along with essential information on how to enable fly in Minecraft, and Minecraft flying controls.

Overview Minecraft Flying:

  • makes traversing the world very easy
  • done by commands, cheats or with items
  • several mods make flying more complex

How do you fly in Minecraft?

Enabling the ability to fly in Minecraft can significantly enhance your gameplay experience, allowing for unrestricted exploration and creative expression. While flying is inherently available in creative mode, enabling this feature in other modes requires a few simple steps. Here’s a detailed guide on how to enable fly in Minecraft across various game modes and server settings:

  1. Activating cheats for single player: To unlock flying in single-player modes other than creative, you’ll need to enable cheats.
  2. Adjusting server settings for multiplayer: For those who ask themselves how to allow flying on a Minecraft multiplayer server or how to allow flight in Minecraft server settings, the process is straightforward.  

Both of these methods will be discussed in more detail below. This comprehensive approach to enabling flight in Minecraft, whether in single-player or on a server, ensures that you can enjoy the full extent of what the game has to offer from an aerial perspective. Mastering these settings not only opens up new avenues for exploration and building but also allows you to experience Minecraft’s vast worlds from an entirely different viewpoint.

Enable Minecraft Flying with Cheats

To unlock the ability to fly in modes outside of creative mode, you’ll need to enable cheats. This can be done by pausing the game, selecting ‘Open to LAN,’ then toggling ‘Allow Cheats’ to ON before starting a LAN world. With cheats activated, the command `/fly` grants you the power of flight, adding a new dimension to your Minecraft adventures.

Server Settings: How to Allow Flying on Minecraft Server

For multiplayer enjoyment, ensuring your Minecraft server allows flight is crucial. Navigate to the server’s configuration files, locate the ‘server settings,’ and find the ‘Allow flying’ option. Changing this setting to allow and restarting the server will enable all you to soar through the skies, enhancing the gameplay experience for everyone involved. This adjustment is key for those wondering how to allow flight on minecraft server, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable flying experience for all you.

Flying in Minecraft

For the most part, you explore the world in Minecraft on foot, on a horse or in a boat. Theoretically, you can also travel by minecart, though this requires you to craft and place a lot of rails. Airspace is not as  accessible, except with a few tricks. Generally, flying is extremely fast in comparison to normal walking. And of course, there are generally very few hindrances in your way when you fly. 

Mastering Minecraft Flying Control

Probably one of the most important things to know before setting for the sky: flying in Minecraft isn’t just about taking off; it’s also about mastering control in the air. In creative mode and with mods, you can adjust your altitude, speed, and direction with ease. The key to smooth flying is practice and familiarization with the game’s controls. Whether you’re navigating through narrow caverns or gliding across vast landscapes, effective minecraft flying control is essential for making the most of your aerial adventures.

Luckily for you, the flying controls in Minecraft are very easy to understand: 

  • move forward and to the sides: same keys you use on the ground 
  • gain or lose altitude: same keys for jumping or sneaking

If you prefer gliding with an elytra instead of flying, you can use fireworks to give yourself a boost and soar even higher. 

Creative Mode: Your First Time of Minecraft Flying

In creative mode, flying is a fundamental feature that enhances your ability to build and explore different biomes. To switch to creative mode, use the minecraft flying command:

'/gamemode c'

Then, activating flight is straightforward. A quick double-tap of the jump key (typically the spacebar on PC) propels you into the air. This ease of access makes creative mode the go-to for unrestricted aerial movement. 

Minecraft Flying – Gliding into Adventure with Elytra

Elytra, reminiscent of fairy wings, are special items that offer a unique flying experience. These wing-like armors don’t provide true flight but allow for extended gliding, offering a semblance of how to fly in minecraft survival. Elytra wear down over time and are a rare treasure, located in end ships within end cities. They even enable underwater flight, adding a layer of exploration possibilities. Remember, though, their rarity makes them a prized possession in any Minecraft adventurer’s inventory.

Fun Fact

In real life, elytra are not wings. They are the part of a beetle’s carapace that protects their insect wings from harm.

Mods & Jetpacks: Enhanced Minecraft Flying

Many mods introduce flying apparatuses into Minecraft, offering a powered flight experience. These modifications are perfect for you looking to explore how to fly in minecraft survival with more freedom than elytra offer. Installing mods can transform your gameplay, enabling Minecraft flying across your worlds without the restrictions of survival mode. If you are looking for some mods that enhance the flying possibilities, here are some to begin with:

  • Create Jetpack: This mod is as simple as it is clever. It allows you to create and use a jetpack. Even better, if it is combined with a classic elytra, it can give you a boost whenever you want!
  • iFly: Rather than introducing a new item, this mod makes flight more accessible by including an armor trim that can give you wings.
  • Elytra Slot: While this mod keeps the flight mechanics the same, it adds a new slot to your inventory. This makes using the elytra easier, as they do not take up an inventory slot anymore.

Additionally, if you want to enhance your flying experience even further, the Minecraft Aether mod adds a lot of exploring through islands in the sky. And if you also use some mods to bring dragons into the game, the vertical aspects of Minecraft gain a completely new significance.

Conclusion: Minecraft Flying

Flying in Minecraft opens up a world of possibilities, from effortless exploration in creative mode to the thrilling challenge of gliding with elytra in survival mode. By understanding the various methods to enable and control flight, including the Minecraft flying command and server settings, you can fully embrace the aerial dimensions of Minecraft. Whether you’re building, exploring or simply enjoying the view from above, Minecraft flying is an experience that elevates the game to new heights. If you also want to elevate your gaming experience as well, a Minecraft server from G-Portal is the boost you need to fly even higher. Take up your wings and soar into the skies!

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