Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Rent a server
Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Flying

How to enable flying in Minecraft?

Flying in Minecraft is a thing of its own. Actually, you can only fly in Creative mode, but there are some other options as well. Read here, to find out about them.

Flying in Minecraft

For the most part, you explore the world in Minecraft on foot or on a horse or in a boat. Theoretically, you can also travel by train (if you want to lay tracks all over the world…). Airspace is less freely accessible, except with a few tricks:

Creative Mode

In Creative mode, flying is an actual feature and easy to do. Here, a quick double-click in a jump (usually spacebar on PC) is enough and you take off. But this is not possible in any other mode.

Creative mode To get into the creative mode, type: “/gamemode c” in the chat.

Elytras – How to fly with elytra

Elytras are comparable to fairy wings. However, they are strapped on as a kind of armor. They allow you to float rather than fly. However, only limited, because after a while they fray and become useless. Also, elytron wings are terribly rare and only found in end settlements (on the end ship, in a frame).

Elytren tips By the way, with Elytras you can also fly under water! In combination with fireworks you can create a turbo flight.

Flying with Mods  

Mods like “Simply Jetpacks 2” or others of this type allow you to use jetpacks, for example, which also allow you to fly.

Modpacks „Simply Jetpacks“ is among others in the following modpacks: FBT Infinity Evolved, FBT Revelation und FTB SkyFactory 3.

Enable flying via cheats

To unlock free flying, you first need to change a game setting, since Minecraft, as mentioned, doesn’t actually allow flying. For this purpose, here is a small tutorial:

  • Press the Esc key
  • Then click on “Open for LAN
  • After that set “Allow cheats” to ON
  • Click on “Start LAN world

Now cheats can be entered to fly (“/fly”).

Change server settings 

If you want to activate the flight properties on your Minecraft server, you have to go to the folder configuration (Config Files) and then to server settings. One of the topmost should be “Allow flying”, which must be changed to “allow”. Then, simply save and restart the server.

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