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Genre: Open-World-Survival
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Minecraft Animal Taming

What is known as ‘Minecraft animal taming’ is a popular aspect of the game. It offers unique benefits and adds an element of companionship to your Minecraft adventures. However, not all animals can be tamed. In this guide, we’ll tell you what you can and can’t do. Also, we’ll explain how to tame the animal mobs that allow it. Note that this guide refers to animal mobs only and doesn’t include hostile mobs like creepers, zombies or other mobs like the allay even though it is somewhat tameable. Let’s have a look at Minecraft animal taming.

Overview Minecraft Animal Taming:

  • not every animal can be tamed
  • can result in positive side effects
  • requires either specific food or actions

How to Tame Animals in Minecraft

Similar to breeding, Minecraft animal taming might be a bit more complicated than you think. Not every mob can be tamed. If a mob is part of the ‘Minecraft animal taming: yes’ category, what you need to do mainly depends on the animal itself. Here’s a breakdown of the most important aspects of taming different animals in Minecraft, focusing on the universal similarities:

  • approach with caution: For most tamable animals, the player needs to approach them cautiously to avoid scaring them away.
  • feeding: Using food is a common method for taming. Different animals prefer different types of food.
  • patience: Taming usually requires patience, as some animals might not be tamed on the first try.
  • benefits: Tamed animals often provide companionship, can be ridden or help in combat.

Minecraft Animal Taming: Which ones are possible?

In Minecraft, the list of tamable and non-tamable animals is quite distinct, each offering different interactions and experiences. The tamable animals often provide functional benefits like transportation, storage or combat assistance, while the non-tamable animals are primarily resources for materials or add ambiance to the game environment.

polar bears

Many of the non-tamable animals are passive mobs you encounter on a daily basis in the game. For example, sheep, cows or chickens are friendly and will peacefully live next to you. There is no need to tame them in any way. That is the difference between tamable and non-tamable animals. Minecraft animal taming is useful only if the mob can be a profit to your gaming experience but won’t behave like that without any help. 

Animal Taming – Minecraft’s Guide to Friendly Companions

Now that we have established the similarities between the tameable animals and sorted out which mobs can be tamed and which can’t, let’s have a look at the differences. We’ll tell you how to tame each tameable animal and what you need to do so. So, have a look at this Minecraft animal taming guide to friendly companions.

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

Cats spawn in villages with more than four beds. They are definitely one of the animals to be seen most often. Still, they run away from players. To avoid this, you will have to tame them. All you need is:

  • raw fish

Hold the fish in your hand and try to move slowly or not at all. You’ll need patience when questioning how to tame a cat in Minecraft. In the end, it is worth it. Every once in a while a cat will bring you an item. Unless you click on it, it will follow you around. And the best part about it: creepers and phantoms avoid cats and therefore you as well.

How to Tame a Donkey in Minecraft

Donkeys may not sound like the perfect mob companion but they can be an immense upgrade to your gaming experience. Still, they will need patience too. You have to try to ride a donkey several times until it stops throwing you off of its back. Click on the donkey and try riding it. That is how to tame a donkey in Minecraft. Once it is done, you will have a companion for long distance journeys that can also carry chests with 15 slots. This means your new best mob friend increases your inventory on an adventure.

How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

Foxes in Minecraft can’t be tamed in a classical way. They will run away from players. However, if you manage to breed two of them it results in a baby fox that trusts a player. Therefore, you will need:

  • sweet berries

Once you meet a fox, you will notice that it is pretty hard to make two foxes breed without them running away. If you need any help, check out our article on the Minecraft fox. You’ll most definitely need a lot of patience to achieve the goal, even now that you found out how to tame a fox in Minecraft.

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

The answer to ‘how to tame a horse in Minecraft’ is pretty much the same as it was for a donkey. Both animal mobs are there to ride them. So, again, all you need is patience. As with the donkey, you try to ride it as often as necessary until it will let you sit on it. Sadly, you can’t put chests on a horse. Nevertheless, a horse is a great way to travel in Minecraft and with a little patience, taming one is not that hard.

How to Tame a Llama in Minecraft

As with the other rideable animal mobs, taming a llama in Minecraft is fairly simple. Hop on its back with your hands empty. It may take several attempts. Once it stops knocking you off and hearts appear above it, it is tamed. Now you can put a chest on it for some additional inventory slots. However, you can’t control the animal when riding it (and you also don’t need a saddle). If you want your inventory to be safe and close to you, put a leash on the llama and it will follow you around.

How to Tame a Mule in Minecraft

You should definitely learn how to tame a mule in Minecraft! As a combination of both a horse and a donkey, it inherits only the best parts, and taming it is therefore also pretty easy. Just like with the horse or the donkey, you need to ride it by hopping on its back with a right click. Once it lets you sit on it and hearts appear, the mule is yours. Now you can ride it with a saddle and put chests on it. To be extra useful, many mules are even faster than minecarts.

How to Tame an Ocelot in Minecraft

Ocelots are rare to find in Minecraft. So, before you try to find one, make sure to have the right food with you for some negotiation. These foods are:

  • raw cod and raw salmon

The most important part when approaching an ocelot is to stand completely still. Hold the bait in your hand and don’t move. Don’t even turn your head too fast or the animal will back away. How to tame an ocelot in Minecraft is the end boss of patience. And don’t forget that you might need several takes until hearts appear. However, once it is done, the ocelot will trust you. Another pretty cool side effect: creepers and phantoms avoid them which means if you put ocelots somewhere near your home, it will be a bit more protected.

How to Tame a Parrot in Minecraft

Parrots do not only look cool but can be quite helpful. Therefore, you should definitely know how to tame a parrot in Minecraft! Taming them is actually not as hard as it is with some of the other animal mobs. First of all, they spawn more often than ocelots for example. Still, you’ll have to look in a jungle biome to find them. Then, all you need are:

  • seeds (beetroot, melon, pumpkin, torchflower, wheat)

Just feed a parrot until it trusts you. Afterwards, you can tell a parrot to sit or stand by clicking on them, similar to cats. It can sit on your shoulder or fly around close to you. The most useful part is that it imitates the sounds of hostile mobs in a radius of 20 blocks. This might be an amazing warning signal.

How to Tame a Wolf in Minecraft

Wolves are interesting. First of all, they are neutral until attacked. So don’t attack them the minute you see them. Due to the pack nature of wolves, it is a good idea to find out how to tame a wolf in Minecraft. You only need one thing:

  • bones

Once the wolf is tamed, it won’t accept any more bones and a red collar appears around its neck. From then on it will follow you. Oh, and additionally it will attack hostile mobs for you.

Minecraft Animal ‘Taming’

The advanced players might be wondering where the axolotl is on this issue. Well, it is a good question. How to tame an axolotl in Minecraft? Technically, it is an animal mob. Still, you can’t really tame it. Axolotls are mostly friendly. You might keep one you brought home from your journey to some caves. All you need is a bucket, really. Here is the warning: don’t put it next to frogs if you want to breed the amphibians. Axolotls will eat tadpoles and ruin your plans. So, if you want to ‘tame’ one, you can only put it on a leash to know exactly that it is close to you.

General Tips & Tricks of Taming Minecraft Animals

Now that you have all the necessary information you need, you could start your journey of taming all tamable animals in the game. Still, there are some tricks to consider when approaching the project ‘Minecraft animal taming’:

  • safety: Ensure the area is safe from hostile mobs when attempting to tame animals.
  • stock up on food: Always have plenty of the required food item for taming in your inventory.
  • habitat consideration: Some animals are found only in specific biomes, so know where to look.
  • breeding: Tamed animals can often be bred to produce offspring, which then inherit the tamed status.

These tips are probably not the most helpful ones if you are an advanced Minecraft player. However, it is not easy to put together an universal list when each Minecraft animal taming attempt will be different.

Conclusion: Minecraft Animal Taming

Taming is not always taming. Minecraft offers a number of animal mobs that you can tame. Some may follow a similar principle, some may not. After all, you will need patience when trying Minecraft animal taming. At least it will be worth it when your new pet companion protects you, warns you or carries you and your stuff like additional weapons and tools for a long journey. Just roam different biomes and find tame them all. You know where Minecraft animal taming is a good thing to do? On a Minecraft server from G-Portal where you can ask your friends to join you on your search for rare ocelots or help you fishing to have enough bait in stock. No matter which animal you are looking for: have patience and good luck!

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