🌸 The Minecraft Cherry Blossom Biome Background

🌸 The Minecraft Cherry Blossom Biome

August 30, 2023
4 minutes to read

Today it's all about the most beautiful biome in Minecraft.

The Minecraft Cherry Blossom

With the ‘Trails & Tales’ update, Minecraft has gotten a ton of new features. Sniffers, archeology and bamboo are just a few new or updated aspects of the game. In Minecraft 1.20, new biomes were also added to the game. One of the new features players can experience is the Minecraft cherry blossom biome. Here, the newly introduced Minecraft cherry blossom tree grows in high numbers and gives the biome a unique atmosphere. With this plant, also known as the sakura tree, Minecraft adds a Japanese-inspired atmosphere to the game. Within the Minecraft cherry tree grove, you can calm yourself and rest, knowing that nothing can go wrong.


What can Go Wrong in the Minecraft Cherry Blossom Biome?

Even in something as peaceful as the Minecraft cherry blossom biome, there is no real way to avoid trouble. The following aggressive mobs can spawn here:

  1. enderman
  2. creeper
  3. skeleton
  4. slime
  5. spider
  6. zombie (& zombie villager)
  7. witch

Additionally, peaceful mobs like rabbits and sheep also spawn here. If there is a lake, squids spawn in there, too. So, while you marvel at the fantastic new environment these Minecraft cherry tree groves create, keep your sword close. It might help you survive these encounters.

How to: Find Minecraft Cherry Blossom Biome

Now that the cherry blossom biome also calls to you, finding it has probably become your number 1 priority. For starters, try looking for the bright pink petals that make this biome so unique. For a faster option, you can also just use commands. Type in the /locate command into the command bar and find the nearest Minecraft cherry blossom biome coordinates in a few moments. For the true explorers out there, this option won’t feel very satisfying, though. Once you find one, be sure to remember its place in your map, since the biome is pretty rare to spawn.


The Things you can do with the Minecraft Cherry Blossom Biome

Of course, the atmosphere inside this biome is nice and all, but you may wonder what you can do. Well, we came up with something that makes the minecraft cherry blossom biome truly your home: Your very own Minecraft cherry blossom biome village!

The way to make one is very easy. With a sakura tree, Minecraft gives its players the opportunity to plant an identical tree within your village. From that tree, you can collect seeds and expand your forest of cherry blossom trees. For a unique touch to your houses, you can use the wood you gather from these cherry trees and create homes that blend in perfectly with the Japanese flavor the Minecraft cherry blossom provides.

Growing Minecraft Cherry Blossom Quick & Easy

If you want to grow cherry trees quickly, you have to plant their saplings first. These soils can be used to grow your Minecraft cherry blossom tree:

  1. dirt
  2. grass Block
  3. coarse Dirt
  4. podzol
  5. mycelium
  6. rooted dirt
  7. moss block
  8. farmland
  9. mud
  10. muddy mangrove roots


Also, keep the area around the sapling free so that it can grow unobstructed. For an enhanced atmosphere, use some bone meal on grass blocks to create gras with blossoms on it. Since bees like to build their nests within the trees, you can also gather honey quickly when building a Minecraft cherry blossom biome village.

If you too want to experience the amazing feeling of standing in a village surrounded by Minecraft cherry blossoms, try using a Minecraft server from G-Portal. But more importantly than anything: Have fun!