Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Mineshafts

As the name suggests, the Minecraft world is full of characters that love to mine – namely you. However, as the Minecraft lore suggests, there have been other people that created large tunnel systems before you. In Minecraft, abandoned mineshafts are not rare at all. You can find them underground in basically any overworld biome, meaning no mineshafts in the Nether or the End. The treasures they hold are nothing to scoff at. In this article, we tell you how to find mineshafts in Minecraft, which materials they hold and how to navigate these dangerous tunnels.

Overview Minecraft Mineshaft:

  • regularly generated building
  • is found in all overworld biomes except the deep dark
  • has some very useful loot
  • can be used to find gold easily

What is a Minecraft Mineshaft?

Whenever a new Minecraft world is generated, the game does it in chunks that are formed with 16×16 blocks. In any one of these chunks, the game can randomly put in a mineshaft. These tunnels often appear side by side and can form gigantic tunnel systems that go deep into the earth. Because Minecraft mineshafts are generated before ore is distributed, they sometimes cut through large ore veins, canyons and caves as well as underground rivers – be they magma or water. If the Minecraft mineshaft spans over a canyon or crevice, the game automatically puts a few bridges there to prevent you from falling to your death. Additionally, Minecraft mineshafts can be created underwater. Therefore, mining in a Minecraft mineshaft always carries some risk of drowning with it. Be ready to close these holes as soon as they pop up, or keep some potions of underwater breathing with you!

 The Minecraft Mineshaft Loot

But why should you take all of these risks? Well, while the Minecraft mineshaft is dangerous, it also contains a lot of different loot that helps you craft and advance in your Minecraft journey. That includes, but is not limited to:

As you can see, some of these materials are quite rare, so going through an MC mineshaft can be extremely rewarding. And that is not even counting the loot you get from the cave spiders that wait inside to attack you. In fact, the Minecraft mineshaft is the only structure in the game that contains a cave spider spawner. These 8-legged mobs can be quite aggravating, as they not only attack you but also leave cobwebs everywhere that slow you down immensely. Some can even spawn as spider jockeys, carrying a skeleton on their back. However, since Minecraft mineshafts do not spawn in the deep dark biome, you don’t risk running into a warden in these narrow caves. So, while you should definitely prepare some good tools and weapons for an expedition into a Minecraft abandoned tunnel, you also get some value in form of ressources and XP out of it.

MC Mineshafts in the Badlands

While mineshafts can spawn basically anywhere in the overworld, there is a biome that turns them into literal goldmines. Within the badlands biome, Minecraft mineshafts have a few different properties. Any wood becomes dark oak wood, while the entire structure is much closer to the surface than it is in any other biome. This means that the entire Minecraft mineshaft spawns in the exact height that gold spawns in, making the badlands mineshaft a pristine opportunity to harvest the shiny metal. Once you have it, making swords, armor and tools by using it as a crafting ingredient is as easy as baking a pie. 

How to find Mineshafts in Minecraft

Now that you know what a Minecraft mineshaft has in store for you, you might wonder how you can find one. Of course, simply exploring and digging in random corners of the world can result in you finding one. However, there is a much simpler method. By using the website chunkbase.com and its mineshaft finder, you can immediately see any Minecraft mineshaft that has been generated in your world. All you need is the seed of the generated world on your Minecraft server.

Conclusion: Minecraft Mineshaft

An abandoned mineshaft may not seem that worthwhile at first. But as it turns out, these tunnels do not only add a lot of flavor to the overworld, but also contain a lot of valuable resources that make your life in Minecraft easier. Whether you want some ore, want to quench your thirst for adventure or simply want to beat up some cave spiders: The Minecraft Mineshaft has something for everyone. So don’t hesitate and check out these damp tunnels today. If you want to relive the glorious days of mining, a Minecraft server from G-Portal is the ideal way to go about it. Just hop on a minecart and become an explorer of these forlorn caves!

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