The Minecraft Torch Background

The Minecraft Torch

September 20, 2023
3 minutes to read

Torches in Minecraft are indispensable in so many situations and at the same time just look great.

The Minecraft Torch

Let the light of the Minecraft torch shine upon you! This marvelous little piece of technology gives you ample chance to reveal the many secrets the Minecraft world holds for you. Simply put it wherever you want and see more than you ever have before. There are so many sights to behold, so many areas to be discovered that one single Minecraft torch might not even be enough. But do not fret, as we will enlighten not only your path but also the mystery as to how you can craft this magnificent tool yourself.

The Minecraft Torch Recipe

It all starts with a stick. Not even a special stick, just any stick you can get your hands on. Now, a torch is of course made by sticking something flammable to the end of it. For this to work, you need either coal or charcoal, both of which burn nicely. So, the super simplistic but also very secret Minecraft torch recipe is as follows:

1x stick + 1x coal / 1x charcoal = 4x torch


Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong! Because this is actually just the tip of the iceberg. This is because one of the most important aspects of video games is the holy grail of player friendliness: customization!

The many Faces of the Minecraft Torch

Since it is so simple to craft torches, Minecraft has more than just one type of torch in store. For instance, mixing some soul sand or soul soil into the process creates a so-called soul torch, a Minecraft torch with a light-blue flame. Use it to give your spooky castle a bit more flair. Because of course you have a spooky castle. Who doesn’t?


On the note of a scary castle, combining a torch with a carved pumpkin creates a jack-o’lantern, which further plays into the Halloween-theme you can make with the soul torch. Minecraft fans can also create an item you could consider an evolution of the torch: the lantern.

Finally, for users of the Education Edition and the Bedrock Edition, there are a few additional possibilities when it comes to coloring your torch flames. Using different elements, the flame can be red, green or even blue:

  1. Red Torch: Minecraft lets you combine a torch and mercuric chloride to make this crimson wonder.
  2. Purple Torch: Combine a torch with potassium chloride.
  3. Green Torch: Here, tungsten chloride does the trick.
  4. Blue Torch: Minecraft has other blue-flame torches, but for this one, cerium chloride is required.
  5. Underwater Torch: Minecraft Education Edition also has magnesium as one of its elements, which can burn even while underwater.
  6. Minecraft Redstone Torch: By replacing the coal/charcoal of the regular torch with redstone dust, you get a redstone torch which cannot only create a redstone signal but also some light on its own.

As you can see, there are many different types of Minecraft torches to choose from, and we would never tell which one you should use (it’s definitely the soul torch).

Other Ways to Secure Your Minecraft Torch

If, for some reason, you don’t want to craft your own torch, there are other ways to get your hands on one. You can find wild torches in the following locales:

  1. mineshafts
  2. villages
  3. strongholds
  4. mansions
  5. pillager outposts
  6. ancient cities

So, what are you waiting for? There is a whole cubic world waiting for you to pillage buildings and terrorize other mobs on your quest for one more minecraft torch.

What to do with Your New Minecraft Torch

Now that you have any type of Minecraft torch, you might wonder why you got one in the first place. Of course, just being in the presence of such an incredible piece of craftsmanship should be enough for you. But just in case, here are some uses for your Minecraft torch.

The most pressing issue you fix with a torch is of course the lighting of your room or house. With a light level of 14, the Minecraft torch enlightens even the darkest areas and can melt snow if you are in the right biome. Also, as mentioned previously, some Minecraft torches in the right space can elevate your village both in terms of style and function. Additionally, the soul torch keeps piglins from coming too close, so you can use it when traversing the Nether. Why does it do that, you ask? Well… we can’t really tell either but it is useful, so why not use it?

When all is said and done, the Minecraft torch is really something to behold. In the simplest of terms possible, it lights our way within the Minecraft world and sets our hearts ablaze. If you wish to become a true adventurer of the Minecraft world, you simply must attain a Minecraft torch and claim the cubic realm for yourself. And what better place to do that than a Minecraft Server from G-Portal? Just hop on with your friends and take the Minecraft world by storm! And Minecraft torches. For the right feeling of being an angry mob, bring some pitchforks as well!