Amazing: Minecraft Recovery Compass Background

Amazing: Minecraft Recovery Compass

February 1, 2024
3 minutes to read

We need to talk! Have you heard about the Minecraft recovery compass yet?

The Magical Minecraft Recovery Compass

We need to talk! Have you heard about the Minecraft recovery compass yet? How did this little item miss the spotlight when it was introduced to Minecraft in the 1.19 ‘The Wild’ update? To be honest, we don’t know. But it is a shame! The Minecraft recovery compass is an item so many players have probably hoped for since the game's beginning. It is perfect for players who tend to get lost and tragically die with their pockets full of useful stuff. And we’ll tell you exactly why!

Recovery Compass – Minecraft’s Way to Lost Treasures

Don’t worry if you feel a little bit lost (pun intended) about the Minecraft recovery compass now. In just a few minutes, you’ll be an expert on this little magical item. Well, it isn’t really fuelled by magic. But it is awesome. So, here is what you have to do first: craft a normal, boring, maybe useful compass. Step 2? That is the difficult part. To craft a Minecraft recovery compass, you’ll need a compass and 8 echo shards. Did that ring a bell? Let’s connect the dots here: Minecraft recovery compass – echo shards – ancient citieswarden – inevitable death. If you’re lucky or really skilled you may be able to skip the last part. We hope so! However, if you manage to gather all the materials and make it out of the deep dark alive, here is what you have to do:


Put the compass in the middle of your crafting window and fill all the remaining slots with the echo shards. There you go! Now, what exactly does this ‘fancy’ compass do? The Minecraft recovery compass leads you to the place where you died last. And yes, that means you will be able to recover all your lost stuff that dropped out of your inventory during the last second of your former life. So, we hope you are used to following a compass around, looking for specific coordinates. After all, the Minecraft recovery compass works just like a regular Minecraft compass.

Some Ideas for Using the Minecraft Recovery Compass

Sure, the obvious thing to do is to look for your lost stuff. But guess what? You can also make it a mini game, a duel, a race. However you want to name it, here’s the deal: You need a game master, two players and two fancy items. Each player has a special item in their inventory. They start at their houses. These are at best quite far from each other. Then the players close their eyes while the admin uses a useful command to teleport them to a place equally apart from both houses. Then, as mean as it sounds, they have to be killed. TNT, a summoned mob, a command, whatever method you prefer. They have to have their items dropped when dying. Well, they respawn at their houses. There, they each have a Minecraft recovery compass. Now it’s their task to race to the spot they died in. Whoever gets there first, gets the items. And if they arrive at the same time, they might as well start a PvP situation. Whatever the outcome, the admin will have fun watching.

Nothing’s Perfect, Not Even the Minecraft Recovery Compass

Now to the sad things: the Minecraft recovery compass isn’t perfect. Yes, we have to face the truth. It has its limits. Here is a list of things to consider when using the MC recovery compass:


  1. It can’t locate items with the curse of vanishing on them. They are lost forever. Get over it. However, you can apply the curse to the compass itself. We don’t know why you would do that but you can.
  2. When you die on your way to find your lost inventory, you’ll lose the Minecraft recovery compass as well. Well, it drops as an item but it won’t help you find itself again. So don’t take it with you when you start a new adventure! Keep it safe at home!
  3. Keep it especially safe considering how hard it was to find the materials and craft it! Just saying.
  4. The Minecraft recovery compass will only tell you coordinates on a horizontal axis. When it starts to act weird, it’s on you to find out whether you have to climb or dig to get to the right y-level.
  5. It only works in the same dimension you died in. That’s it. You died in the Nether. Don’t start looking for your stuff in the End. It’s useless there. It really is that simple.

Let’s be real, it is not that hard to remember to put your Minecraft recovery compass in a chest instead of carrying it around all the time. And once you find your precious netherite sword again, there is no doubt that the compass is worth the search for materials.

If you made the same mistake as we did, you missed the amazing opportunity to re-collect your stuff after a tragic confrontation with some illagers in their outpost. Well, that is going to change now that you have all the important information. Let the Minecraft recovery compass shine bright! Let it enjoy its spotlight! And let it always be helpful and never be misguided on your journey. No, just kidding, as long as you’re in the right dimension, the Minecraft recovery compasses will find your deathbed, even on a Minecraft server from G-Portal. So, why not test it immediately? Have fun, brave adventurers!