Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Pillager Outpost

A Minecraft pillager outpost is a large structure and a hotspot for hostile mobs, called the pillagers, to spawn. It is a place of fighting and looting, so in short: It is a place of pillaging. The Minecraft outpost doesn’t generate everywhere. However, we will tell you exactly where and how you can find it, what you have to look out for and how to survive a little pillaging adventure in Minecraft.

Overview Pillager Outpost:

  • can generate in biomes where villages can generate
  • protected by pillagers
  • possible to get the bad omen effect there
  • place to find allays

What does a Pillager Outpost Look like?

A pillager outpost in Minecraft is a fort-like structure made primarily out of dark oak wood and cobblestone. Basically, it is a multi-level tower with balconies and a roof. It is typically surrounded by various smaller structures like tents, log piles, and wooden cages. It may look like a village at first until you notice the main tower that looks different from other village buildings. It has a spiral staircase that leads to multiple floors, usually with a chest on the top floor containing a variety of loot. 

Mobs in a Pillager Outpost

Essentially, there are 4 types of mobs you can find in a Minecraft outpost. Of course, you will encounter pillagers. They protect their Minecraft pillager tower from any attacks or takeovers. Among them may be a pillager captain. Unlike his companions, who wear crossbows, you will notice him because of the banner he carries around. However, they not only protect their Minecraft outpost but may keep prisoners there as well. These include iron golems and possibly allays. You won’t meet villagers or many other animals around the pillager outpost but dealing with the present mobs will be enough to take on.

Finding Allays in a Minecraft Pillager Outpost

The allay was introduced in the 1.19 ‘The Wild update in 2022. The small blue fairy-like ghost helps you collect anything you give him as a sample. Before he starts following you around, however, you need to find one. One of the two structures where you can find allays is the pillager outpost. The other one is the mansion which generates pretty rarely in the world of Minecraft. So, chances are higher for finding one to three allays in a pillager outpost. They generate in cages in tandem with an iron golem. You have to free them while being attacked by pillagers unless you got rid of them beforehand. Be ready to hand the allays an item of your choice or they may just fly away.

The Pillager Outpost Finder & Other Ways

A Minecraft pillager outpost can be found in all types of biomes where villages can spawn. Therefore, you actually have quite good chances to find a pillager outpost by simply roaming for example one of the following biomes: 

  • plains
  • desert
  • savanna
  • taiga
  • snowy tundra

Additionally, a pillager outpost is often located near villages. Still, it can be quite some distance away and sometimes spawns independently of villages. It can also appear in flat areas, making it relatively easy to spot from a distance due to its height.

There’s no specific strategy for finding a pillager outpost as they generate randomly, but exploring the biomes where villages spawn will increase your chances of finding one. You can also make use of maps obtained from cartographers. They sometimes direct you towards an outpost. If you are familiar with chunkbase.com, you will find a Minecraft outpost within seconds. The app has a specific setting to find structures like a pillager outpost. This way, you get the coordinates you need really fast. Another way without roaming and hoping for luck is to use a sort of pillager outpost finder command:

/locate structure <minecraft:pillager_outpost>

You will get the coordinates for the nearest Minecraft outpost. Then, you can type them in the chat window and choose to be teleported there. This way, finding a pillager outpost is not only easy but fast.

Pillaging a Pillager Outpost

When encountering a pillager outpost, there are certain things to be aware of. First of all, there are hostile mobs which will attack you. Secondly, there is some loot to find and possibly even some awesome buddies to free. Getting there is still quite difficult. You won’t survive just walking into the pillager outpost happily and taking things out of chests. Instead, you will have to fight against pillagers that spawn around the Minecraft pillager tower.

Fighting for the Minecraft Outpost

Fighting pillagers in Minecraft, especially at a pillager outpost, can be quite challenging due to their ranged attacks and the number of pillagers that spawn. Keep in mind that pillagers use crossbows to shoot arrows at you. They can come from every corner. Before we explain some strategies to consider, we have to mention how important preparation is. Ensure you’re well-equipped. You’ll need strong armor (preferably diamond or netherite), a shield to block the pillagers’ arrows, a good melee weapon (like a sword or axe) and a bow or crossbow for ranged attacks. For even more security, try enchanting your weapons. Also, stock up on food for health regeneration. Don’t go in there alone if you’re not a master of fighting in Minecraft. Even better: Ask your friends to join in on a multiplayer raid adventure.

Let’s talk about the three main strategies. If possible, approach the Minecraft outpost quietly and try to take out any lone pillagers you see. We call this the ‘sneak approach’. This is more feasible at night when some pillagers are inside the outpost. Then there is the ‘high ground approach’. If the terrain allows it, try to take a position above the Minecraft outpost and use a bow or crossbow to snipe the pillagers. This reduces the risk of being overrun by a group. Lastly, this may be the most risky one: the hit-and-run tactic. Rush into the outpost, kill a few pillagers and then retreat to recover. This approach can help manage the number of pillagers you’re fighting one at a time when you’re alone. It will also help you keep track of how many there might be left in the pillager outpost since you can always look around a bit.

Here are some last tips to consider when going into combat:

  • Be cautious when dealing with the pillager captain, identifiable by the ominous banner on their head. Killing them triggers the bad omen effect, which can initiate a raid on a village. If you want to avoid this, use a milk bucket to remove the effect after killing the captain.
  • If you have the resources, crafting an iron golem to fight alongside you can be helpful. They have a high amount of health and deal a good amount of damage.

Remember, pillager outposts can be very dangerous, and it may take several attempts to completely secure one. Patience and strategic thinking can be your best tools.

Loot to Find in a Pillager Outpost

Pillager outposts in Minecraft typically contain a chest with loot on the top floor of the main tower. The loot you find in these chests can vary, but here’s a general list of items that may be available:

  • arrows
  • bottle o’ enchanting
  • carrots
  • crossbow
  • dark oak logs
  • potatoes
  • string
  • tripwire hooks
  • iron Ingots
  • wheat

Keep in mind that the contents of the chest are randomized, so you might not find every one of these items in a single outpost. Still, pillaging a pillager outpost is a way to get certain items. After all, some of them are good for fighting, others for farming and breeding. Lastly, tripwire hooks might be useful for some redstone circuits and it’s better to have them in stock.

Conclusion: Minecraft Pillager Outpost

Facing the dangers of a pillager outpost is a challenge only the bravest might come out of as winners. Whether alone or in multiplayer, searching for, raiding and looting a Minecraft outpost can be a fun adventure though. You never know where arrows may come from, how many pillagers there are left, whether or not there are allays and if you will be affected by a certain bad omen effect. It is a mystery ’til the end. And the best way to take on this quest is on a Minecraft Server from G-Portal. Test your luck and have fun!

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