Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Netherite

Minecraft Netherite, the pinnacle of materials in the blocky world, was introduced with the 1.16 update. Celebrated for its impeccable fire resistance, netherite has quickly become a sought-after element for crafting elite gear. Whether you’re looking for a robust netherite sword or wondering about the ideal netherite mining level, this guide has got you covered. Here, we’ll delve into the realms of the Nether, discover how to find netherite, and explore the steps to forge it.

Overview Minecraft Netherite:

  • forged from ancient debris
  • can only be found in the Nether
  • high resistance to fire and damage
  • likely the best crafting material in the entire game

Securing Netherite: A Miner’s Guide

Scouring the Nether for netherite is no easy feat. Since it’s derived solely from ancient debris, it demands intensive mining efforts. Known as ancient rubble in the Bedrock Edition, this elusive metal has its sanctuary in the bastion remnants in the Nether, which are dangerous even by this dimension’s standards. Of course, you can also find ancient debris throughout the Nether, but it is far more concentrated in these buildings. For the following text, remember that mining it in the wild is not how to find netherite; it is really ancient debris you’re after. 

The ideal netherite mining level is Y level 16, though even there it is difficult to find. A vital tip for miners: only a diamond pickaxe can break through the formidable defenses of the ancient debris. Additionally, due to its blast resistance, using TNT for netherite mining is not viable, as the material cannot be destroyed by these explosions.

From Ancient Debris to Netherite: The Crafting Process 

Once you have gathered as much ancient debris as you need, you can begin the process of turning it into netherite ingots, which in turn are the basis for some of the best gear in the game. Here’s a concise roadmap for creating netherite:

  • ancient debris → netherite scraps → netherite ingots → netherite items

The first step requires smelting the ancient debris. Combine it with any fuel source and take the netherite scraps out of the blast furnace once you’re done:

  • ancient debris + fuel = netherite scrap

These netherite scraps now have to be combined with another rare and valuable material to bring out their actual value: gold. 

  • 4x netherite scraps + 4x gold = 1x netherite ingot

With these ingots, you can now upgrade your diamond armor, weapons and tools to that of netherite status. This massively boosts their utility and their stats.


You can combine 9 netherite ingots into a netherite block and vice versa. This can be very useful when it comes to transporting netherite.

Upgrading to Netherite Gear

Now that you have the Minecraft netherite in hand, you might wonder how to apply it. Unfortunately, this process is cost intensive and difficult, though that appears to be a constant when it comes to netherite. First, you need a smithing template that upgrades diamond gear into netherite gear. You can find them in bastion remnants, just like ancient debris. If you wish to make several upgrades, you can either scour bastion remnants until you find enough of them or duplicate one you already have. To do so, combine the template with 7 diamonds and one netherrack. This template combined with one netherite ingot and one piece of diamond gear allows you to take the netherite gear you always wanted.

Netherite Armor: Unparalleled Defense 

With all of this effort and resources you have to invest into gathering netherite as well as the requirement to put it to good use might have you question its usefulness. After all, you need so much of not one, but two hard to find materials to create one single piece of netherite equipment. And that does not even include the diamond gear you need to upgrade in the first place. 

And yet, the rigorous process of crafting netherite gear is well worth the time and effort. As the undisputed champion material of Minecraft, a full netherite armor stands as an impenetrable fortress against adversaries. To put things into perspective, a maxed-out netherite armor can absorb up to 80% of inflicted damage and possesses 8 defense points. In terms of durability, it can endure up to 592 hits. For context, its iron counterpart can barely manage 240 hits. Thus, investing into netherite is difficult by any means, but you will not regret it once you see how powerful swords, pickaxes and armor forged from this extremely scarce material are.

Fun Fact: 

Netherite is one of the few materials that is fully immune to lava and fire. Should you accidentally drop a netherite item into molten lava, you can be at ease knowing that the lava doesn’t hurt it.

Conclusion: Minecraft Netherite

Whether you’re gearing up for an intense combat scenario, like besieging a pillager outpost or merely seeking robust tools for efficient mining, netherite is the optimal choice. From the mighty netherite sword and pickaxe to the reliable shovel, netherite ensures durability and efficiency. So, if longevity and power are what you seek, turning to minecraft netherite tools and armor is a decision you won’t regret. Still, the long and difficult process of obtaining it might not be up your alley. However, tackling the issue in multiplayer makes it far easier. By using a Minecraft server from G-Portal, you can gather your friends and work together, achieving this massive feat by combining your strength. Have fun and remember: No matter how difficult getting to netherite is, it will be worth it in the end.

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