Minecraft Totem of Undying Background

Minecraft Totem of Undying

September 8, 2023
3 minutes to read

Ever since humans have roamed the earth, they have dreamt of immortality. Even though people now age for relatively long, with many becoming more than 80 years old, true immortality is still far off for us lowly humans. Unless, of course, you play Minecraft.

Totem of Undying

Undying mobs sound like something out of a horror movie for sure, but what if you could take that power for your own? Could you become the unquestioned ruler of the Minecraft world? Be unkillable while all other entities can still fall? Position yourself as an eternal conqueror?! Well, not exactly. But the Minecraft totem of undying still really cool, we promise!

What even Is the Totem of Undying?

As the name suggests, the totem of undying saves you from death, should you be in danger. You must hold it in your off-hand to activate though, so make sure your inventory is well sorted.


It activates automatically upon your death and immediately revives you with a half heart accompanied by a unique animation and sound. Sounds good, right? But of course, whatever killed you is probably still there and going at it again with such low health isn’t what you would call easy. The totem of undying knows this, however, and gives a few more things after it activates:

  • removal of all other effects on the player
  • regeneration II for 45 seconds
  • fire resistance I for 40 seconds
  • absorption II for 5 seconds


With these effects, surviving the encounter becomes a good deal more likely. Keep in mind, however, that the totem of undying does not work against the /kill -command nor against damage taken from the void, which primarily appears in the End dimension.

How to Get Your Hand on the Minecraft Totem

The totem of undying is a small, but useful item found with evokers. These shamans (spellcasters? sorcerers?) are illagers and usually accompany several pillagers.


Funnily enough, they don’t actually tend to join the fray. Instead they stay in the back and, as their name suggests, summon new enemies for you to fight. These are vexes, somewhat of an evil version of the allay, and jaws that snap at the player. Besides being terribly rude, these attacks can quickly wear you down, especially when they are accompanied by melee weapon fighters.


Upon death though, they always drop exactly one totem of undying, the coveted treasure you so desperately crave. Unfortunately, even if you put enchantments on your gear to increase your chance of finding more than one dropped item, they have no effect on the Minecraft totem of undying. Evokers always just drop one. That’s it.

Where to Find Evokers

Now, you might wonder where you can find these evokers. The good news is, there are actually only two places you have to find where evokers spawn regularly. The bad news is, these are:

  1. mansions
  2. illager raids

Both of these environments are not really that safe, as they have a great number of enemies in them - so basically, they are a fantastic opportunity to use the Minecraft totem you find there! Of course, that raises the question as to why they don’t just use the totem to avoid death themselves…

illagers attack

Minecraft Totem of Undying: Crafting Recipe?

Since the Minecraft totem is so hard to find, your first instinct might be to gather the right ingredients and just craft one for yourself, instead of going through the hassle to collect them one by one. Normally, this would be a good idea, but when it comes to the Minecraft totem of undying, there is a long and a short way to explain why it’s not.

In Short: There is no recipe.

In Long: The totem of undying cannot be crafted, sadly. What you can do to satiate your hunger, is really only one thing: Build an illager farm. Although this includes capturing two villagers, so it’s way too mean to recommend here. Of course, you would never do that and rather get the bad omen effect and do raids, right? You would never make a pit for the illagers to fall into and capture two villagers to lure them in, right? And just give them enough food, water and a bed so that they don’t die. Right?

But whatever you do, remember to have fun. In all fairness, constantly running around with a totem of undying really takes the thrill out of playing, since you’re never in real danger. So, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on such a valuable item: Don’t waste it. And, of course, playing together makes hunting for the Minecraft totem way easier. If you use a Minecraft server from G-Portal, you can always count on a stable connection and a lot of customization. So get out there and become a sometimes-immortal-player!