Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Mansion

The Minecraft mansion is the most popular adventure destination for many players. Due to its location, it is often referred to as the Minecraft woodland mansion. Since its introduction into gameplay with the ‘Exploration’ update in 2016, it is the rarest structure to spawn naturally. It offers players challenges and rewards of different kinds at the same time.

Minecraft Mansion Overview:

  • rarest generated structure in the game
  • can be found through cards, seeds or commands
  • extensive loot (e.g. items, armor, food)
  • you meet several enemy mobs 
  • finding the totem of undying (dropped by evokers)
  • possible to find allays there

How to Recognize the Minecraft Woodland Mansion

If you come across the Minecraft woodland mansion, you will recognize it immediately. The Minecraft structure represents a huge mansion in the game. This makes it easy to distinguish from other already existing buildings. From the outside, it is a large building with three floors. It is made of wood and stone, includes windows and also certain prefabricated structures. Although all Minecraft woodland mansions are similar in these respects, they often vary among themselves in the internal structure and their decor.

The Rooms in a Minecraft Woodland Mansion

A comparison with other structures, such as the villagers‘ houses, clearly shows that the biggest difference can be found in the number and designs of the rooms. The Minecraft mansion consists of wide corridors, at the sides and ends of which there are quite a few rooms. These are developed differently and deal with a certain theme. If you look at all the rooms in the different mansions, you’ll find about 52 different types of rooms, such as the spider room, the mushroom farm, or even the lava room. In no Minecraft mansion are all rooms available, so it always remains open which rooms and dangers you will encounter during an adventure. In addition, you have the chance to find secret rooms that have no entrance, but are hidden between other structures.

How to find Woodland Mansions

As the name suggests, the Minecraft woodland mansion is located in a biome that is equipped with dense forest. Still, thanks to the rarity of the structure, this doesn’t mean that you’ll find a mansion in the nearest woodlands. Most of the time, it is located at some distance from the spawn point. In total, there are four ways to find a Minecraft Mansion.

Searching for a Minecraft Mansion

You set out on a quest with a few tools and weapons and roam the world. You’ll have to rely on luck and patience. Still, there’s very little chance of finding a woodland mansion.

The Woodland Explorer Maps Lead to the Minecraft mansion

In villages that host a cartographer, you can level him up to journeyman status by trading. This allows you to buy the woodland explorer map from him. It shows an unknown building structure. If you follow the map, you can easily find the Minecraft mansion.

The Command for the Minecraft Mansion Structure

A quick and easy way is the slash command. Here you immediately get the coordinates you need and can approach them with the help of the debug window. Or you can avoid obstacles and long paths by putting the coordinates into a teleport command and teleporting directly to the destination.

/locate <structure> <minecraft:mansion>

A Seed Makes the Minecraft Mansion More Likely to be Found

With a quick search on the internet, you can quickly find the appropriate seed for anything you need. You enter it in the game and you will find yourself in the exact version of the map where the desired destination is located. Therefore, the mansion is there for sure and you just have to find it.

What You Find When Looting the Minecraft Woodland Mansion

Whether an adventure was successful in a game like Minecraft can often be measured by the captured items. After all, the game principle follows the creation and use of items. Also in a Minecraft mansion, players have the opportunity to obtain many different items that are otherwise rarely found in the game. Most of these items are distributed in chests in the mansion, similar to bastion remnants or villages. In addition to items, the experience in XP that you gain through battles can also be considered loot. Apart from these two familiar types of loot acquisition, you can basically take anything you can mine in the woodland mansion. This variety ranges from decorative items like carpets to structures like walls.

The Most Useful Items in a Minecraft Mansion

The number of items you can collect is large. Nevertheless, not every item is equally useful for players. You can often find wheat, bread or even rotten flesh. Nevertheless, items that prove useful to many players are also found with relatively high probability. The most sought-after items and their chances of being obtained in the Java version are summarized here:

Loot ItemChance
Bones~ 58%
Diamond armor~ 8%
Enchanted book~ 15%
Enchanted golden apple~ 3%
Gold ingot~ 10%
Golden apple~ 22%
Gunpowder~ 58%
Iron ingot~ 19%
Music disc~ 22%
Name tag~ 28%
String~ 58%

The Mobs to Expect in a Woodland Mansion

n the Minecraft woodland mansion, the player can expect not only rewards in chests, but also obstacles in the form of enemy mobs. These must be defeated if you want to return from the mansion unharmed. Although melee combat is quite possible, weapons for ranged combat, such as bows and arrows, prove to be extremely effective. It is often the case that several enemies are waiting in a small space, which can make close combat more difficult when you explore the woodland mansion alone. All in all, you can’t avoid a fight against evil creatures if you explore the mansion extensively. Therefore, it is recommended to equip yourself with weapons, enchantments and armor beforehand.

The mobs that players encounter can be divided into three groups: the illagers, the other mobs from the overworld and the allays. The differences lie in their spawning behavior. Moreover, not all additional mobs from the overworld are hostile.

Illagers in the Minecraft Mansion

These hostile mobs, which resemble the villagers in appearance, are waiting in the various rooms of the Minecraft mansion. The important thing to note here is that these mobs are generated along with the Minecraft woodland mansion and do not re-spawn when defeated. The most common mobs players will encounter here are:

  • the evoker —> source of the totem of undying
  • vindicators

While the vindicators can be attacked directly, the evoker complicates the fight by summoning his three vexes. These mobs take the form of flying fairy-like creatures, but attack the player and defend the evoker. Once you make it past them and defeat the evoker, he drops the coveted totem of undying, which is hard to get in the game.

Other Mobs from the Overworld

Due to the low light level in the Minecraft woodland mansion, it is possible for other enemy mobs from the overworld to spawn in the corridors and rooms. If you defeat them, they can spawn again at any time, unlike the illagers, as long as the woodland mansion is not equipped with more light sources. Especially often you will encounter:

  • Creeper
  • Skeletons
  • Zombies

Allays in the Woodland Mansion

This mob is not hostile, so it can be considered more of a reward. You just have a chance to find allays, the ghost-like helper spirits, in a wooden cage in the Minecraft mansion, but you can never be sure if they will be generated. So if you find several of these blue fairy-like creatures in a cage, you’ll be lucky and can free them to help you in the game in the future.

Conclusion: Minecraft Mansion

The Minecraft woodland mansion offers numerous possibilities for players who like to go on scavenging or exploring sprees. Besides gaining experience fighting enemies, you can find rare items while enjoying the element of surprise, because you can never be sure what to expect. If the Minecraft mansion is your next goal in multiplayer mode, a Minecraft server from G-Portal is the best choice!

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