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The Minecraft Bed

It may seem simple to experienced players, but the Minecraft bed is an essential part of the game. Although it wasn’t present at the time of the game’s release, it followed just two years later. With the Beta 1.3 variant, the bed was added in 2011. Its importance is especially evident in the fact that it is always recommended for new players to get a bed in Minecraft on the very first day. It gets players through the first few nights safely when you don’t yet have the necessary equipment to face the hostile mobs. Still, the Minecraft bed has more to offer than just its all-too-familiar sleeping function.

Minecraft Bed Overview:

  • craft: 3x wool + 3x wooden planks
  • lets players skip the night
  • can only be used at night or during thunderstorms
  • acts as spawning point
  • weapon in the Nether & End: explodes because you can’t use it there
  • heals zombie villagers faster
  • 16 colors possible

How to Craft a Minecraft Bed

You can add a Minecraft bed to your inventory in two ways: crafting or finding. Both variants can be implemented quickly at the beginning of the game. Therefore, if you follow the game’s principle, you only need to collect two materials, and you can build your own bed step by step. By mining wood from trees, you can then turn it into wooden planks in your inventory. From this you get a crafting table and you can craft the Minecraft bed. For the bed itself you need three wooden planks. It doesn’t matter which wood you use. It is placed in the middle row of the crafting window. In the upper row you have to put three blocks of wool. You get these by killing or shearing sheep. 

1x bed = 3x wool (of one color) + 3x wooden planks

Wool can have different colors in Minecraft. To be able to craft a Minecraft bed, you have to use three blocks of the same color. The bed will then have the color of the wool. Therefore, the default bed has the color white, because white sheep spawn most often in the game. 

Finding a Minecraft Bed

It is possible to save yourself the trouble of having to craft a Minecraft bed. To do this, you just need to find the nearest village. In the houses of villagers are beds, which you can easily dismantle and take with you. Depending on the biome, the beds also come in some other colors, not just white. Thus, even for new players, the chance of getting a bed in a different color increases, if you are not yet able to design the Minecraft bed in the desired color.

16 Minecraft Bed Colors

The 1.12 update ‘World of Colors’ allowed the player to change the color of a Minecraft bed for the first time, according to the update’s title. A total of 16 colors are now available to the player. To color a bed, you need dyes. These can be made from different materials. Then you have to put the ordinary bed and the dye in the crafting window and get the corresponding colored bed.

  • 1x colored bed (e.g. blue) = 1x bed + 1x (blue) dye 

The special feature of this process is that it can be repeated and overwritten as often as desired. Therefore, if you want to own an already dyed Minecraft bed in a different color without building a new bed, you can dye it again.

  • 1x new colored bed (e.g. green) = 1x colored bed (e.g. blue) + 1x (green) dye

Alternatively, you can use color codes for dyeing if you don’t want to search for materials for dyes. 

The Functions of the Minecraft Bed

Apart from the well-known function of sleeping, which can also be attributed to a bed in the game, the Minecraft bed has another main function: it is the spawn point. Both functions together make the item indispensable, especially in survival mode. Another advantage of the Minecraft bed is that you can dismantle them with any tool or even entirely without, with your bare hand. So you don’t have to fear destroying the item because you’re using the wrong equipment.

How to Place a Minecraft Bed

You can place a Minecraft bed quickly. It needs at least two blocks of space in front of the player. The bed is placed with a right click. The bottom end is near the player. The top end is in the direction opposite to the player. If you want to place the Minecraft bed not directly in front of you that means at least one block must be free behind it to work. Overall, the bed is only half a block high, so it has the height of slabs.

Minecraft Bed: Sleep & Skip Time

The most helpful task of a bed in survival mode is that it lets the player skip the night. This avoids fights with evil creatures. However, in multiplayer, this requires all players who are on the map to sleep at the same time. To use the function of sleeping in Minecraft, right-click on the bed. However, Minecraft has specified that it has to be night or thunderstorm. If you try to sleep during the day or in other weather conditions, you get this message:

  • “You can only sleep at night and during thunder storms.” (Java)
  • “You can only sleep at night.” (Bedrock)

If it is night, you must be within range of the bed. If the player is still too far away and tries to lie down in the Minecraft bed, there will also be a hint: 

  • “You may not rest now, the bed is too far away.” (Java)
  • “Bed is too far away.” (Bedrock)

It may also happen that you cannot use the Minecraft bed because hostile mobs are too close to the player, that is, they enter a certain radius where enemies are not allowed to be. The display then says the following:

  • “You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby.”

If you are in a village, you can use any Minecraft bed. If there is already a villager lying in it, you can wake him up with a right click and then go to sleep yourself if you are fast enough.

The Minecraft Bed as a Spawning Point

Even during the day, the Minecraft bed is by no means useless. Especially in survival mode, you should stop by a bed in your base before an adventure and right-click on it. You can’t sleep and get just this message, but at the same time a message is displayed in the chat:

  • “Respawn point set”

The bed is now the new spawning point of the player should he die. This also happens if you have slept in a bed. The new re-spawn point is always the last Minecraft bed you slept in or marked as that place. In the multiplayer of the Java version, multiple players can use the same bed as a spawning point. In the Bedrock version, this only applies to the player who last slept in it. If the marked bed is destroyed, you re-spawn back at the original spawning point of the game. 

Fun Facts about the Minecraft Bed

There is more information about the bed than just the obvious sleeping function. Some of the lesser known facts or side effects, are these:

  • You can’t sleep in the End and Nether.  Minecraft beds explode at level 5 when you try to sleep in them. Therefore, many players use beds in the fight against the ender dragon and in the speedrun.
  • Villagers can sleep in the other dimensions when it is nighttime in the overworld.
  • Baby villagers can bounce on beds during the day.
  • You can push villagers onto beds because they are only half a block high.
  • It is not possible to build steps directly on a bed despite height of half a block.
  • Cats can sit on beds and block the sleeping function.
  • If you fall on a bed, you suffer half the fall damage.
  • A Minecraft bed near zombie villagers increase the healing process.
  • It became the target of the multiplayer challenge ‘bedwars’ in recent years.

Conclusion: Minecraft Bed

If you want to survive the first night in Minecraft or make sure you re-spawn in your village when you die, a Minecraft bed is indispensable. Besides its useful functions, it also beautifies any base. So on your next adventure with friends, it’s worth crafting several beds to bring the rainbow into your home. The best way to realize such a project is on a Minecraft server from G-Portal.

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