Minecraft: 'Bad Omen' Explained Background

Minecraft: 'Bad Omen' Explained

August 31, 2023
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The world of Minecraft truly has some strange features sometimes ...

The Bad Omen: Minecraft Battles for the Ages

Say, you decide to go for a little walk around the village you’ve made your home. You wave goodbye to the many villagers that provide you with goods and services. Soon, you can’t see your own house anymore and all that is left around you are majestic mountains, lovely flowers, the animals of the woods… and a scary gray face staring at you. The day that so many fear has come as you have encountered - the illagers! And with them may come a little something called the Minecraft bad omen.

How to Get ‘Bad Omen’ Quickly

Once you are face to face with the gray menace, there aren’t many choices left: fight or flight. If you’ve encountered a pillager outpost and want to fight, our wiki article shows you several ways to go about it. However, an illager patrol is a different story. These patrols spawn in any biome outside your village and attack anything that gets into their range - including merchants, iron golems and even villagers themselves. Oh, and the player, of course.

Still, with only around 5 mobs, even inexperienced players stand a good chance at confronting these strangers. Whether you confront a patrol around your village or claim a pillager outpost for yourself, the important thing happens once you kill the illager captain (the one with the big flag on its bag), an imposing figure even for the standards of Minecraft. “How to get ‘bad omen’” is a question with only one answer: killing the captain. Once you or your tamed wolf gets them, you are forever (100 minutes) cursed!

The bad omen Minecraft command comes to the rescue. If you don’t want to go through the entire hassle of crossing swords with the illagers, just use a command to apply the Minecraft bad omen effect on yourself. Enable cheats in your world, insert the command and get cursed immediately. However, we would advise to use the traditional method as it is more honorable and teaches you how to deal with the illagers.

The Minecraft Bad Omen Effect & Your Enemies

Once you’ve acquired the bad omen, Minecraft decides to throw even more woes at you. Entering a village with this Minecraft bad omen effect calls the hoard, triggering a pillager raid. Standing too close to a bed a villager used also does the trick. This raid will test your skills as a warrior by throwing wave after wave of illagers and their friends at you. Some of them will be familiar if you visited a mansion before. The enemies you will encounter include:

  1. Pillager: Raids never happen without this ground trooper. They shoot you with crossbows and can be dangerous in numbers, though they can’t take much damage.
  2. Vindicator: The melee version of the pillager. Comes with a guaranteed axe made of iron in every packet!
  3. Evoker: Not your average stage magician. They summon snapping fangs and vexes to… well, vex you.
  4. Vex: The allay’s mean cousin. Equipped with a sword and ready to attack from the air.
  5. Witch: This mean lady throws potions at you during a raid. When a patrol picks up a witch, she copies the patrol’s behavior.
  6. Ravager: This absolute unit is a true machine of destruction. They rampage through your village like there’s no tomorrow and should be encountered with caution.

The number of waves depends on your level of bad omen. Minecraft allows you to raise it by killing several illager captains before triggering the raid. The higher the level, the more waves there are and the more mob weapons are equipped with enchantments during the raid. In Minecraft, not visiting your village is already punishing, so make sure to be well equipped with armor before setting out.

Why even Get the Minecraft Bad Omen?

With all of that, you might wonder why people would want to get their hands on the Minecraft bad omen. You might get a lot of XP and some achievements during the Minecraft illager raid, but there is a lot of risk. You might lose some villagers you spent a lot of time training or the buildings you constructed. Those concerns are reasonable, so you should always keep some milk with you. Why milk, you ask? Well, because it removes the effect, of course. Yes, milk. Don't ask us why, the Minecraft lore is already confusing enough. It’s like it could be on a poster: “Minecraft: Get rid of bad omen! Drink milk!” At least it could maybe help your in-game bone structure, right? No? Well.

However, if you want to prove yourself, or just forgot to drink your milk, there is a good reason to trigger a raid. And its name is ‘hero of the village’. Oh, and if you put your stuff into a chest, it is safe from the raiders.

Hero of the Village

Hero of the village is an effect you get after killing the final illager raid captain in the last wave. With this effect, you get two things from your villagers: discounts and love! Specifically, love in the form of presents. Depending on their profession, the villagers will shower you with items they sell, while babies and unemployed villagers drop poppies and seeds. For example, a fletcher will throw arrows at you that don’t even hurt you. Also, everything you buy from them becomes a lot cheaper. And of course, the admiration of the masses for vanquishing the evil Minecraft raid lasts for eternity - more or less. But 40 minutes is still close to eternity, right? Right?

Well, 40 minutes of fame are not that long. But the solution to that problem is simple: Just play the raid again. If you’ve struggled to do it, maybe gather some friends and try surviving the raid and the minecraft bad omen in multiplayer this time. And to top this experience off, why not use a Minecraft server from G-Portal? Stand proud against the horde and defend your village!