Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Bamboo

Minecraft bamboo is a plant block that first appeared in the 1.14 update, also known as the ‘Village & Pillage’ update. As part of the bamboo jungle biome, bamboo in Minecraft has quickly become a favorite among players due to its numerous uses, quick growth, and aesthetic appeal. Its distinctive characteristics and extensive applications in crafting make it an important part of the Minecraft ecosystem.

Overview Minecraft Bamboo:

  • available early on in the game
  • can be planted
  • grows very quickly
  • can be used as building material

Characteristics of Minecraft Bamboo

Minecraft bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the game. After being planted, it will grow one block every few seconds until reaching its maximum height of 12-16 blocks. However, the height can be limited by placing a block directly above the bamboo. As a versatile and widely usable plant, it can be planted on:

  • moss
  • grass
  • dirt
  • coarse dirt
  • rooted dirt
  • gravel
  • mycelium
  • podzol
  • sand
  • red sand
  • suspicious sand
  • suspicious gravel
  • mud
  • bamboo shoot
  • bamboo

Since you can even plant bamboo onto other bamboo, harvesting only a few bamboo seeds can provide you with a near-indefinite supply of the plant.

The Minecraft Bamboo Farm

Creating a bamboo farm in Minecraft is a practical way of supplying yourself indefinitely with this resource. Bamboo can be grown on any block with a light level of 9 or higher. To cultivate Minecraft bamboo, players can plant it on a plot of dirt or grass and leave it to grow, or accelerate the growth with bone meal. Automated bamboo farms can also be constructed using pistons and observers to harvest the bamboo once it reaches a certain height.

Uses of Bamboo in Minecraft

Minecraft Bamboo has numerous applications. It can be used as fuel in a furnace, where a single piece of bamboo will smelt 0.25 blocks, or crafted into sticks, making it a renewable source of building materials. Players can create a bamboo ladder or said bamboo sticks, further expanding their crafting possibilities. It also has decorative uses, adding a unique aesthetic when used in building gardens, forests, or houses

Finally, you can use Minecraft bamboo to attract one particular animal: the Minecraft panda. Just like in real life, pandas in Minecraft love eating bamboo. If you want to have more pandas, you have to put additional Minecraft bamboo in the direct vicinity of the pandas. Only then will they breed and give you baby pandas.

Crafting: Minecraft Bamboo Recipes

The bamboo crafting options in Minecraft include several useful items. Minecraft Bamboo can be crafted into sticks, or into scaffolding, a versatile block that allows players to climb and descend structures quickly.

1x String + 6x bamboo sticks = 6x scaffolding

It’s also possible to craft a ‘bamboo ladder’ with the help of bamboo sticks, though it is not an official item in the Minecraft game but often seen in modded versions or custom maps.

Beside the regular items you can make out of bamboo, there is another option that was just added with the 1.20 update: Minecraft bamboo blocks. To craft a Minecraft bamboo block, simply combine 9 bamboo:

9x bamboo = 1x bamboo block

Note that you cannot reverse this, so once you put the bamboo into block form, it stays so forever. Minecraft bamboo blocks are not very stable, have little blast resistance and burn easily. However, even with these flaws, the Minecraft bamboo block has one thing going for it: It is cheap and easy to craft. The question ‘What can you craft with bamboo in Minecraft?’ is no longer answered with ‘Nothing useful’, it is now ‘Minecraft bamboo blocks, of course!’. Thanks to the latest update, this little block has many applications similar to wood.

Based on the bamboo block, and the stripped bamboo block which you can obtain by using an axe on a regular bamboo block, some other useful Minecraft bamboo recipes include:

Bamboo hanging signs:

2x chain + 6x blocks of stripped bamboo = 6x bamboo hanging signs


1x block of bamboo / stripped bamboo = 2x bamboo planks

Minecraft: Golden Bamboo

As of the knowledge cutoff in September 2021, golden bamboo is not an official item or block in the base game of Minecraft. It may be a part of a mod or a custom Minecraft experience created by players. For a similar expansion of assets, check out the Biomes o’Plenty mod.

Finding Bamboo in Minecraft

Minecraft bamboo can be found naturally in the bamboo jungle and bamboo jungle hills biomes. It can also be found in the chests of shipwrecks and jungle temples or obtained by fishing in jungle biomes as a form of junk loot. If you don’t want to search and mine Minecraft bamboo, the only other option is to kill pandas, as they are the only mob that can drop bamboo when killed.

Although these options seem limited, bamboo usually comes in extremely large quantities. So even if you find only one place to mine Minecraft bamboo, you will probably be set for a while. 

Conclusion: Minecraft Bamboo

Whether you’re looking to build an efficient farm, craft useful items like scaffolding or simply add a touch of natural beauty to your base in Minecraft, bamboo is an invaluable resource. Its rapid growth rate and varied uses make it a favorite among players. With the continual updates and enhancements, the world of Minecraft keeps expanding and bamboo is just one of the exciting additions that have enriched the game. So don’t wait for too long and get a Minecraft server from G-Portal, so you and your friends can experience the many different applications of Minecraft bamboo yourself.

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