Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Creative Mode

Right from the start, Minecraft was supposed to be a very creative game. When you play, you are free to build and craft whatever you can imagine. However, hostile mobs, dangerous cliffs or poisonous food may make it difficult to actually finish your project, especially when a creeper blows up the whole base that took 10 hours to build (experience fictitious!). A trip down an abandoned mineshaft might end deadly. To really guarantee a creative gaming experience, the game developers offered the opportunity to play in the Minecraft creative mode.

Overview Minecraft Creative Mode:

  • shortly: Minecraft Creative
  • 1 of 4 main game modes
  • no mining necessary to get resources
  • accessible with settings and commands
  • infinite inventory

What is Minecraft Creative?

Minecraft creative is one out of 4 main game modes in Minecraft. It is the ultimate mode to play in if you need a break from action and danger. Minecraft creative mode offers many advantages  in comparison to the regular game play. Some of them include:

  • the ability to fly
  • no hunger or need to eat
  • all mobs are passive
  • in multiplayer, individual players can play in different modes

You don’t need elytra to fly. All you have to do is press the respective jumping button twice. Also, you don’t have to eat but it doesn’t mean that you can’t. It is possible, but kind of useless in Minecraft creative. You won’t get hungry if you don’t fight off evil mobs. They all become passive. Some of them may stare at you, but they won’t attack you. However, they could attack your friends. Your group operator in multiplayer may set single players’ game mode to Minecraft creative while others still play in survival on the same map.

Playing in Minecraft Creative Mode

As already explained, playing in Minecraft creative comes with many advantages. They make life in the cubic world easier. However, the first step if you want to enjoy this experience is to set your game to Minecraft creative mode. In general, there are two ways to get there. Both are easy and won’t take very long until you can start playing in creative mode on your Minecraft server.

Minecraft Creative via Settings

Option A is entering Minecraft creative by changing the settings before starting to generate the world. If you start a new game, just scroll through the settings until you find ‘game mode’. There, you select creative mode. Now, you can start your game and generate your Minecraft creative world.

  • Create World Game Mode Creative

Minecraft Creative via Commands

Option B becomes relevant when you are already playing Minecraft. Creative mode is still accessible, at least if your settings allow cheats. If so, all you need is a command to switch to creative mode. Minecraft follows some simple rules when it comes to commands. And this one is pretty simple too.

  • /gamemode <creative>

Important: This only works if your cheats are turned on. If not, you might probably save the game, leave it and start a new world in Minecraft creative aka option A.

The Minecraft Creative Mode Inventory

One of the most interesting features in creative is the Minecraft creative mode inventory. Actually, it is safe to say that the inventory is the main reason for many players to switch to creative mode. Minecraft is based on the idea that you mine resources and use them for crafting all necessary items. The Minecraft creative mode inventory offers you nearly any item you need. Actually, it does not look like the regular inventory, but is an item selection. These items are sorted by certain characteristics. For example, there is a slide in the inventory screen where you can find all blocks and building items made out of wood. This makes building your dream castle way easier and faster since you don’t have to mine and craft everything yourself. 

How to Craft in Creative Mode

This is the tricky part: You don’t really have to craft at all. Do you need wooden planks? In your inventory. Do you need doors, weapons, buckets or plants? It’s all in your Minecraft creative inventory! Of course, if you like crafting, you can still do it. But it is not necessary. In the end, you can decide whether or not you want to craft. That is how creative Minecraft creative is.

Conclusion: Minecraft Creative Mode

Now, you should know everything important about the Minecraft creative mode. It may make the game easier and more peaceful. However, if you are done with it, switching back to survival or adventure is as easy as switching to creative. As long as you turn on cheats, you can try it yourself on a Minecraft server from G-Portal. And for the serious excitement? Ask your friends in multiplayer to randomly switch modes. You’ll see, after a while you will really miss Minecraft creative mode.

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