How to Make Glass in Minecraft & What to Do with It Background

How to Make Glass in Minecraft & What to Do with It

June 4, 2024
5 minutes to read

So, you've entered the blocky world of Minecraft and now you're looking to add a bit of transparency to your life.

How to Make Glass in Minecraft!

Or maybe you just want to build a giant fish tank. Either way, you're in luck! Today, we're diving into the wondrous world of Minecraft glass. From crafting your very first block to dreaming up outrageous builds, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!

Crafting Minecraft Glass: Turning Sand into See-Through Magic

First things first, let’s get down to the basics: how to make glass in Minecraft. It's simpler than you think!

furnace: 1x sand → 1x glass


To craft Minecraft glass, all you need is some sand and a furnace. Sand is easily found near water bodies like rivers, oceans and beaches. Once you have enough sand, toss it into a furnace with some fuel (charcoal, wood or even old tools if you're desperate). Wait a bit, and voilà! You've got yourself some Minecraft glass blocks. It’s like baking cookies, but way less tasty.

The 1:1 conversion makes it easy to calculate how much sand you need to gather for your glass-related projects.

But What Is Minecraft Glass?

Okay, yes, we skipped that part. Guess why? Minecraft glass is pretty similar to real life glass. And we thought it was more important to know how to make glass in Minecraft, anyway. Introduced in the game way back in the early days of Minecraft, glass is a versatile and aesthetically pleasing block that adds a touch of modernity to any build. Visually, glass blocks are completely transparent, allowing players to see through them with perfect clarity. This transparency makes them ideal for creating windows, skylights and other structures where visibility is key. Additionally, glass blocks allow light to pass through, making them useful for naturally illuminating interiors.

Despite its beauty, Minecraft glass is fragile and will shatter if broken without a silk touch-enchanted tool, yielding no resources. Its non-flammable and mob-proof properties further enhance its utility, making glass an indispensable material for creative and practical constructions alike.

What to Do with Glass in Minecraft?

Now that you’re rolling in glass blocks, what’s next? Here’s where things get fun. Glass is not just for windows (although they’re great for that too). It is also part of some other crafting recipes, of course. However, let’s look at the creative part or Minecraft glass ideas. Check out these ideas of what we’d call ‘glass art’. Minecraft makes your artistic dreams come true.

  1. Windows & Skylights
    The classic use for Minecraft glass is creating windows. Pop some glass blocks into your walls to enjoy the view without letting in any unwanted guests. Skylights are another great option, adding natural light to your houses, bases and castles and making them feel open and airy.

  2. Greenhouses
    Build a greenhouse for your crops. Not only does it look cool, but it also keeps your plants safe from pesky mobs and gives them plenty of sunlight. Your carrots and potatoes will thank you!


  1. Aquariums
    Create a stunning underwater world by building an aquarium. Use Minecraft glass blocks to construct a tank, fill it with water and add some fish and sea lanterns for ambiance. It’s like having your own private ocean.

  2. Observation Towers & Underwater Bases
    Construct a towering Minecraft glass structure to get a 360-degree view of your surroundings. It’s great for spotting creepers before they spot you. Alternatively, build an entire base underwater with glass walls. It’s like living in your own personal Atlantis, minus the constant threat of drowning if you have a conduit at hand. Because, you know, breathing is important.

  3. Glass Bridges & Mazes
    Connect different parts of your base with sleek glass bridges. It feels like you’re walking on air! Or, for a bit of fun, create mazes and parkour challenges using Minecraft glass blocks. It’s tricky to navigate when you can see right through the walls, making it a challenging and exciting adventure.

  4. Crazy Building Idea: The Glass Dome
    Feeling ambitious? How about constructing a gigantic glass dome? Minecraft is the perfect place to do so. It’s the ultimate statement piece for your world. Imagine a shimmering, transparent structure housing a tropical jungle, an oasis or even a small village. The possibilities are endless!

The Outlook: What’s Next for Your Minecraft Glass?

You’ve mastered the basics and even dabbled in some wild creations. But what else can you do with Minecraft glass? There has to be more. And there is! Here is the follow-up on Minecraft glass:

Stained Glass

Dye your Minecraft glass blocks with various colors to create beautiful patterns and designs. Perfect for adding a touch of artistry to your builds. Just imagine a grand cathedral with intricate stained glass windows, casting colorful light across the floor.


Tinted Glass

Somehow, tinted glass is a funny thing. It is as transparent as Minecraft glass but doesn’t let light shine through; blocking it instead. To be honest, you can craft some spooky things this way if you put glowstones in it.


Glass Panes

For a more refined look, craft 6x Minecraft glass blocks into glass panes. They’re thinner and look great in windows and decorative structures. At this point it is really about the details. It also maximizes your amount of possible windows.


In Minecraft, the only limit is your imagination (and maybe the number of sand blocks you can carry). So go ahead, jump on your Minecraft server from G-Portal, get crafty and let your creativity shine through your very own Minecraft glass masterpieces!

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