Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Blast Furnace

With the ‘Village & Pillage’ update in 2019, a multitude of innovations came into the game, which enrich the gaming experience to this day. However, apart from some new mobs and items, the amount of new blocks stood out the most. Among these was the blast furnace. The block, which is an extension of the furnace – the furnace 2.0 so to speak – already proved to be a useful tool for the hardworking miners in the Minecraft community since the update release.

How to Craft a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

The Minecraft blast furnace not only looks quite similar to the normal furnace, but is also based on it. So if you want to craft a blast furnace, there is no way around its “predecessor”, which is just as useful and can’t be replaced.

The Furnace

You’ll have the necessary raw materials for the furnace early in the game. This is a significant advantage, because this block should not be underestimated. To make it, you only need 8x cobblestone. You arrange them in the crafting window so that the middle slot remains free. Now you have a furnace and can move on to the next step.

1 furnace = 8 cobblestone

How to craft a stove

The New Material

Before you can dedicate yourself to the desired Minecraft blast furnace, you have to collect and produce the necessary materials. This time, mining cobblestones is not enough. First of all, you should craft a better tool, a stone pickaxe. You have to mine normal stone and burn it in a furnace to make smooth stone. Likewise, you have to go in search of iron ore and smelt it into iron ingots in the furnace. For fuel, normal wood is best in the first steps of the game if you don’t have charcoal yet.

The Minecraft Blast Furnace

The last step is the easiest one when you have all the necessary components. You open the crafting window and start arranging the individual materials according to the Minecraft blast furnace recipe. The smooth stones fill the bottom row. The normal furnace is placed in the middle slot and the iron ingots fill the remaining five slots, which form kind of an arch above the furnace. Now you can take out the final product, the Minecraft blast furnace, and get started.

1 blast furnace = 1 furnace + 5 iron ingots + 3 smooth stone

How Does the Minecraft Blast Furnace work

The main function of the block is already explained in its name: A blast furnace melts items.  

However, the ordinary furnace is already responsible for this. So, in order to give it a raison d’être, the Minecraft Melting Furnace has been given both advantages and limitations: For example, the melting furnace works twice as fast as the ordinary furnace. This is especially handy when returning to your base after a mine exploration with a whole inventory full of ores.

Another difference is the consumption of fuel by the Blast Furnace. Fuel is consumed twice as fast, but since the furnace also works faster, it consumes the same amount of fuel per resource produced as the normal furnace.

There are two things to consider with the limitations: The material and the XP. The blast furnace cannot melt every material that the normal furnace accepts. However, this fact once again highlights the specificity in the utility of the Minecraft blast furnace. Explicitly, the following items and blocks can be melted in it:

The fusible items are severely limited, which protects the normal furnace from oblivion. This is because the latter also earns less XP. According to the game developers, you only get about half as many experience points for melting processes in the blast furnace.

Useful side effects in Minecraft furnace

Aside from its obvious and primary function as a furnace that melts things, the Minecraft blast furnace has other uses. At first glance, these don’t necessarily stand out or seem important aside from efficient melting. However, you may be able to use the versatility of this block and take advantage of it. Secondarily, the Minecraft blast furnace has three other uses:

  • Light: When active, the blast MC furnace has a light level of 13, which is quite high. So if you’re busy melting your achievements of the day at night, you can conveniently use it as a light source to protect yourself from enemies.
  • Automatic: The furnace is well suited for the construction of automatic furnaces, so that you can quickly get important materials such as iron. This only requires a few small upgrades around the furnace.
  • Villagers: With its introduction into the game, the Minecraft blast furnace also became the job site block of the armorer. It can therefore be found in villages that host this villager. Through this function, you can also use it to deprive villagers of a job, give them a job, or lure them to a certain place.

Mining the Minecraft Blast Furnace

Once you have faced the crafting process and finally have a Minecraft blast furnace in your possession, it would be a shame to accidentally destroy it because you wanted to collect it and used the wrong tool. Only with pickaxes can you mine the blast furnace so that it is dropped as an item. Its contents are dropped as well, so you don’t have any losses. If you try to use other tools, no matter how strong they are, it not only takes a long time, but also destroys the Minecraft blast furnace and its contents. So you only need a pickaxe and – if you want to do it quickly – you can just steal a Minecraft blast furnace from the next village, if there is an armorer living there.

If you want to move the Minecraft blast furnace elsewhere, you can use pistons to do so. In addition, you can build entire facilities around the blast furnace. In fact, as with some other blocks in the game, it is possible to attach chests to the blast furnace with the help of hoppers, so that its products are collected, or new material is always added to it. This makes the process even easier, as long as you always have enough fuel at hand.

Conclusion: Minecraft Blast Furnace

Although not every burning process in the game can be done with the Minecraft blast furnace, it is an important addition to the game. It facilitates the game after an adventure in the mine and shortens waiting times when you are already eagerly awaiting the next adventure, but still need the necessary materials. If you want to get acquainted with the Minecraft blast furnace, a Minecraft server from G-Portal is exactly the right place for you and your friends.

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