The Minecraft Jungle Pyramid Background

The Minecraft Jungle Pyramid

January 3, 2024
3 minutes to read

Can you hear the wilderness call to you? Are you craving an adventure, cutting through the thick, dangerous jungle and finding a long lost treasure?

The Elusive Minecraft Jungle Temple

Then put on your best hat, swing that whip and get ready to follow in the footsteps of Indiana Jones. Because today, we are going to the jungle. The Minecraft jungle, to be precise. And what would we find there but the mysterious Minecraft jungle temple?


Plans on Plans on Plans for Finding the MC Jungle Temple

Of course, before we can actually go and find that darn Minecraft jungle temple, we have to do some planning first. Part of that is getting your gear ready. So, make sure your tools are sharp, your sword is enchanted and your armor is upgraded with smithing templates. What, did you think you could just go blindly into the wilderness and search for the MC jungle temple until you find it?
That’s how amateurs get lost in the green hell. But we are professionals, aren’t we?

So, once that’s done, you need to actually find the Minecraft jungle temple. And to be fair, there isn’t really anything you can do but to walk into a Minecraft jungle biome or bamboo jungle biome. Don’t bother with sparse jungles, only the really dense ones can actually spawn a temple. If possible, try to find a Minecraft jungle village and build a base there. A safe place to fall back to is never bad to have.

This might be considered cheating, but the command /locate structure jungle_pyramid locates the temple right away. But don’t tell anyone we told you that, okay champ?

How to find the MC Jungle Temple: Plan B

After the long and arduous hours you spent searching the jungle pyramid, Minecraft might become a bit frustrating when you still come out empty-handed. In that case, we recommend fire. In-game of course, as that fire has the potential to burn away the foliage of the jungle in order to free the sightlines. Be careful not to burn away the jungle though. We wouldn’t want to turn that Minecraft jungle pyramid into one of those boring pyramids without any jungle now, would we?

Enter the Minecraft Jungle Temple

With the pyramid now found, it is time to enter that fortress. But beware: Wherever you go in this maze, traps and mobs await! The lore cannot explain who exactly built this Minecraft jungle fortress but they were nothing if not inventive and secretive. Tripwires, puzzles and a few monsters for good measure, these temples have it all!


Make sure you light up everything with torches. And we mean everything! There cannot be too much light in that Minecraft jungle temple. Once all of the initial traps and mobs are dealt with, you can enter the scariest place ever invented: the basement. Here, you will find the final test that will determine whether or not you have what it takes to call yourself a true adventurer. First, there is a puzzle. What did you think? What is needed here isn’t brawn, but brains first and foremost. Solving it reveals the first chest, containing boring and borderline useless things like diamonds, gold or armor for your horse but also highly sought after items such as bones, rotten flesh and the rarest item of all: bamboo! That stuff is really worth the risk.


Once that is done, the other treasure chest hidden inside the pyramid is just out of reach. However, there are still some traps left, so be careful when approaching. To stay true to the whole cursed Minecraft jungle temple theme, the next few traps are tripwires that shoot arrows at you. How creative, right? Anyway, unless you want to take over the role of a quiver, you should bring some shears with you. Cut the wire and sneak in, you little burglar.

A Temple Raided… but what Remains?

Both chests randomly select items from the same pool, so you can expect to find similar things in both of them. But once you find the second chest, what do you do with that Minecraft jungle pyramid? Do you just… leave it? Let it become overrun by mobs again and inevitably be forgotten? Or do you use it? Just imagine: An even more elaborate Minecraft jungle pyramid that hides treasures from any unworthy hands, with more traps and harder puzzles. Here are our top three ideas for a pyramid you no longer need:

  1. Hide your own treasures: Got your hand on an eye of ender or some elytra? Then a simple village is not enough to protect these treasures, even with some iron golems running around. A pyramid in the middle of the jungle with a ton of traps and mobs surrounding it is way better, trust us.
  2. Hide your own treasures… with a twist: If you play in multiplayer, you can hide some of your treasure in a Minecraft jungle temple and then leave it there for your friends to find. This way, you can ensure that only those worthy enough can lay hands on your valuables.
  3. Build your base: After cleaning the place up a bit, you can use the hidden nature of the Minecraft jungle temple to ensure that no one disturbs you. And let's be real, having a secret fortress in the jungle is just cool as all get-out.


So, is the Minecraft jungle calling to you? Follow its allure and find out what secrets the Minecraft jungle pyramid holds for you! But while you pierce through the danger in-game, you should be as safe as possible out of game. To ensure that, use a Minecraft server from G-Portal and explore these hidden edges of the Minecraft world. Go get ‘em, tiger!