Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

The Minecraft Fish

Even though most actions in Minecraft happen on the surface or in the bowels of the earth, there is an abundance of life located entirely in the watery depths covering the landscape. These oceans offer a diverse world of aquatic life, including several types of Minecraft fish. These fish not only add to the game’s biodiversity but also serve various purposes for the player. In this article, we will show you the many different types of Minecraft fish, as well as their utility, found in the vast cubic world of Minecraft.

Overview Minecraft Fish:

  • aquatic mob
  • 4 types: cod, salmon, tropical, pufferfish
  • usage: food, pet, decoration
  • caught with fishing rod

Minecraft Fish Types

Although we talked about aquatic life in general earlier, this article will only talk about Minecraft fish. There are other mobs that merrily swim the waters of the Minecraft world, such as squids, frogs, axolotls, turtles and dolphins. We talk about the last two in a more detailed manner in our article about in-game animals. They share their habitat with the guardian, an aggressive mob that defends the sunken temples located on the ocean ground.
Keep in mind that, despite their name, silverfish are not actually part of the Minecraft fish population.

For all Minecraft fish, there is a difference between the two most common Minecraft editions. While any Minecraft fish can yield additional bone meal in the Java Edition with a 5% chance, the Bedrock Edition offers a 25% chance for a bone with every fish. Of course, every Minecraft fish gives you the raw version of itself when you catch it. If you want to be more efficient in hunting Minecraft fish, a trident with the impaling enchantment is best suited for the job.

Minecraft Cod

Minecraft cod is the most common fish in the Minecraft oceans. It spawns in groups in cold, normal and lukewarm ocean biomes. Cods have a simplistic, elongated body shape and are usually greyish-green in color, blending seamlessly with their aquatic environment. When caught and cooked, a Minecraft cod restores a significant amount of hunger points, making it a reliable food source.

Minecraft Salmon

Minecraft salmon is larger and more nutritious than Minecraft cod. Besides spawning in cold and frozen oceans, it can also be found in rivers. If you play in the Bedrock Edition, salmon is the most widespread type of fish, being found even in normal and lukewarm oceans. Its distinct pink-orange texture makes it easily recognizable. It drops raw salmon, which can be cooked for a substantial hunger restoration. Additionally, Minecraft salmon’s larger size makes it a more visible and attractive catch.

Minecraft Tropical Fish

Minecraft tropical fish are unique, even among the other aquatic mobs. It can spawn with 1 of 22 present combinations of size, color and pattern. In rare cases though, it can have a random combination of these elements, leading to a high number of variants. Beside the usual ocean biomes, Minecraft tropical fish also has a chance of spawning inside lush caves at any y-level. 

Minecraft tropical fish is the most diverse type, boasting over 3,000 possible color and pattern combinations. Beside their habitat in lush caves, this vibrant fish is exclusive to warm ocean biomes. It’s smaller in size and isn’t particularly nourishing. Nevertheless, it is sought after for its aesthetic value, ideal for creating lively aquariums or for collection enthusiasts. An aquarium or pond in your garden is guaranteed to make your house more lively. If you want to do some good for your community, you can even install a body of water in the middle of your village. Especially villages found in the cherry blossom biome can gain a lot of style if you put some Minecraft tropical fish in your pond.

Minecraft Pufferfish

The Minecraft pufferfish stands out due to its unique defensive mechanism. When approached, it inflates, harming and inflicting poison on nearby players or mobs. It is found in lukewarm and warm ocean biomes and is essential for brewing potions, particularly the potion of water breathing. The Minecraft pufferfish’s appearance is distinct with a round body and spiky texture when inflated.

If you want to hunt these Minecraft fish, you should take some items that counteract the poison with you. These include milk and honey.

The Minecraft Fish Table

Now that all Minecraft fish are described individually, it is time to take a look at them in comparison. The following table gives you information about the different spawning points, health points, color variants and group sizes of all Minecraft fish.

Fish TypeOcean Biome
(including deep ocean biomes)
HealthColorSpawn Group Size
Minecraft cod– normal
– lukewarm
– cold
– frozen (Bedrock Edition)
Minecraft salmon– lukewarm (Bedrock Edition)
– normal (Bedrock Edition)
– cold
– frozen
– river & frozen river
Minecraft tropical fish– warm
– lukewarm
3black, blue, brown, cyan, gray, green, light blue, light, gray, lime, magenta, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow1-8
Minecraft pufferfish– warm
– lukewarm (Java Edition)

This overview might help you identify which aquatic mob you are about to encounter when you just see shadows swimming in the water. Well, and you’ll know which Minecraft fish types you just don’t need to expect in certain biomes. 

Catching Minecraft Fish

To catch these Minecraft fish, you need a fishing rod. This tool can be crafted with sticks and string. Then, it can be used in any body of water:

3x stick + 2x string = 1x fishing rod

Minecraft fishing rod
fishing rod

By casting the line and waiting for a bite, you can catch any of the Minecraft fish types mentioned above. The luck of the sea enchantment on fishing rods increases the chances of catching valuable items, including rare Minecraft fish. If you want to know more about how to fish, our fishing guide gives you a lot more information.

If you want to catch a fish alive, you need to utilize a bucket. By using one on any type of Minecraft fish, you can then transport them alive. Especially if you wish to create an aquarium yourself, using a bucket is essential. 

Utilizing Caught Minecraft Fish

Once caught, Minecraft fish can be used in several ways. Some of these include:

  • food source: Most Minecraft fish can be cooked and eaten to restore health and hunger points.
  • brewing ingredient: Specifically, the Minecraft pufferfish is used in brewing potions.
  • trading: Fish can be traded with villagers for emeralds or other items.
  • pets or decoration: Minecarft tropical fish and their variants can be used in aquariums for decoration or kept as pets.

The possibilities are endless, as it seems. Minecraft fish offer options for every kind of player: the type who needs food in survival mode, the one who tries to catch them all and wants to display them or the one who just enjoys fishing calmly, because that wouldn’t be possible without Minecraft fish at all.

Conclusion: Minecraft Fish

In summary, the cubic world offers a variety of Minecraft fish, each with its own unique characteristics and uses. From the common Minecraft salmon and cod to the exotic tropical fish and the dangerous pufferfish, all Minecraft fish contribute to the rich and immersive experience of the game. Whether for sustenance, trade, brewing or decoration, these Minecraft fish mobs play an integral role in the game’s ecosystem. If you want to experience the wide variety of Minecraft fish, a Minecraft server from G-Portal is the best place to do so. So, try to catch as many of the Minecraft fish types and their variants as possible and don’t forget to have fun!

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