Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Cobblestone and Cobblestone Generator

Probably the oldest resource besides earth is cobblestone. This solid block of stone can be found almost everywhere and dates back to the very beginning of Minecraft. We’ll introduce you to it in more detail.

Minecraft Cobblestone short introduction

  • one of the oldest and most available resources in Minecraft
  • can be easily mined with pickaxe
  • basic material for building and as raw material for other substances
  • very explosion resistant (great for creeper defense!)
  • can be extracted from the meeting of lava and water 
  • Caution with silverfish infestation

What is Cobblestone actually good for?

Cobblestone is mostly found underground. Furthermore, you can find cobblestone in mountains, underwater, in temples, villages – it is scattered pretty much everywhere in the Minecraft world.

Quarry stone is great to mine with a normal pickaxe. Due to its high resistance it takes longer to mine it, but it is much more explosion resistant. So if you have a lot of creepers around, you should build the foundation of your house out of quarry stone. This brings us to the next topic: the use of Cobblestone.

Cobblestone is used for a variety of things. Usually in the construction of houses and buildings, as supports, but also as a base for any other construction.

Over the years, cobblestone has changed very little and remains a central building block and raw material when playing Minecraft.

The Cobblestone Generator

Especially for large buildings, a large supply of quarry stone is necessary. But let’s be honest: most people don’t want to dig a mine for every construction phase or search endless caves to mine quarry stone.

There is a simple and very effective way: the Cobblestone Generator. You can build it in different ways. We will show you a simple variant:

This is what you need for the quarry stone generator

  • Blocks 
  • Water bucket 
  • Lava bucket

How to build the Cobblestone Generator – Basic Version

Dig 4 holes in the ground in a row (1 block each). Dig the second hole from the left in the row one block deeper. Add water to the two left holes in the row, and lava to the two right holes. Important: add the water first and then the lava, otherwise the lava will spread before it is extinguished with the water. The lava and the water meet in the middle and the coveted quarry stone is created.

This can now be easily quarried without risk of being hurt by the lava, because it immediately hits water again and creates new Cobblestone.

Professionals can of course also build hoppers under the quarry stone spawn point and drop the quarry stone into boxes from time to time.

Towers can be built with cobblestone

The use of Cobblestone

Cobblestone is an excellent building material. As already described, it is suitable as a foundation for walls or stairs and exudes a rustic stone charm. Depending on the arrangement in the workbench, you can construct wall, staircase and wall parts from cobblestone.

In addition, the paving stone is also very popular as a raw material for further production. Here are a few examples: 

If cobblestone is fired in a kiln, for example, normal stone is produced.

From quarry stone and Nether Quartz you get Diorite: Droit = 2 cobblestone + 2 Nether Quartz

From diorite you can make andesite: Andesite = 1 Driot + 1 cobblestone. 

8 cobblestone squared make a kiln.

Likewise, the classic tools, depending on the arrangement, can be created with stone. These include:

  • Stone sword = 2 cobblestone + 1 stick 
  • Stone axe = 3 cobblestone + 2 stick  
  • Stone hoe = 2 cobblestone + 2 stick 
  • Stone pick = 3 cobblestone + 2 stick
  • Stone shovel = 1 cobblestone + 2 sticks
  • Lever = 1 cobblestone + 1 stick  

For advanced building, you can create a dropper with redstone/redstone dust and rubble stone, or a piston with wood planks and iron ingots mixed together.

The silverfish problem in cobblestone 

Silverfish are small mobs that can infest a stone block like the Cobblestone. The active animals can quickly degenerate into a whole silverfish plague and become dangerous for you. If a stone is infested, you can’t see it. Learn more in our article “Minecraft Silverfish” and find out how you can fight the silverfish.

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