The Majestic Lava Strider Background

The Majestic Lava Strider

January 11, 2024
5 minutes to read

After it's freezing cold outside, today's blog is going to be hot as hell.

Minecraft Strider: Nether Menace or Lovable Lava Walker?

As the sun rises above the cubic world of Minecraft, the Nether lies in flaming innocence, its sky ever unchanging. The particular ecology of this realm allows for some of the most unique species found within Minecraft. We could talk at length about creatures like the blaze, a mysterious entity roaming the Nether. Or the piglins, a mischievous people that still trade with outsiders on occasion. In fact, we already have studied these magnificent creatures and told you about them. But today, we will look at another animal found in the hellish dimension: the Minecraft strider.


Lava Strider Behaviour & Appearance

The minecraft strider can be seen trotting along on many of the Nether’s lava fields. Its red skin and golden mane leave a memorable impression on all those who see them. If you have seen one that is purple and shaking, do not panic: These specimens are not sick but cold. For you see, the Minecraft strider is so perfectly adept at surviving in the harsh conditions of the Nether that it has developed a circulatory system in need of high temperatures. In other words: any place except lava feels very cold to a lava strider. Therefore, if you see a strider that is shaking and walks slowly, push them into some lava. They will thank you for it - in their own mysterious ways.

Rewards by striders are not guaranteed. Pushing any organism except striders and aggressive ones into lava is not advised!


Minecraft Nether Strider – Reproduction & Social Behaviour

Since lava striders mostly eat lava (we honestly don’t really know, the lore is a bit scarce when it comes to striders), they tend to stay together in small herds. When spawning in the wild, baby striders appear on top of another strider’s head. While looking cute at first, the baby strider will never leave that spot by itself. It grows up and starts to feel cold its entire life. How does it eat? Why doesn’t the older lava strider just throw its passenger off? The answer to that is… um… well, you see… one thing we should… Anyway, when attacked, Minecraft striders tend to run away, waking sounds that mark their retreat all the way. As this behavior shows, lava striders are passive mobs and will not attack unless they are hurt first.


Minecraft Strider Riding: When Mount and Rider Combine

Being one of the most majestic sights in all of Minecraft, riding a strider is a long-lasting tradition, especially for piglins. However, for some reason all piglins that ride lava striders are zombies. Could they carry a mysterious virus that infects the riders and turns them into zombies?! Probably not, but a bit of interesting lore never hurt anybody, right? So, let's just assume that Steve and Alex are immune to that virus for some reason.

If you wish to mount a majestic lava strider yourself, you need only bring a saddle, a stick and a warped fungus. The fungus can be found in the nether biome, sticks are usually made out of wood, and saddles can be collected from striders a zombie piglin rode on. Or... you know… you could simply ride the MC strider with the saddle… but that’s something you can decide for yourself. Once on the lava strider, the Minecraft strider riding can commence! For steering, just hold the warped fungus on a stick (which you crafted in advance, of course) in the direction you want the strider to go. Say goodbye to your troubles with traversing the Nether: it's stridin’ time!


Fun Fact:
Striders were originally meant to answer the players’ call for a boat that could float on lava. Over time, that concept morphed into the friendly fire horses we know today.

An MC Strider in the Big Wide World

Once you have captured your first MC strider, you probably want to bring it to the overworld. However, inexperienced owners of striders often make mistakes when it comes to keeping their striders happy. So, here are a few tips from the association of Minecraft strider enjoyers:

  1. A roof is the proof (that you love your Minecraft strider): As you know, striders quickly feel cold outside of lava and even take damage when exposed to water. Therefore, building a roof is crucial for keeping every single Minecraft strider alive.
  2. Lava on my feet keeps me happy indeed: To make your striders feel even more comfortable, get yourself some buckets and pour lava into the enclosure. Don’t be shy, they can take it.
  3. Family is the key: Once you have an MC strider on the surface, you should get a second one. With this done, all it takes for them to breed is a warped fungus and some time.

With these tips, you can not only keep your Minecraft strider happy and active, you can also breed more striders and go on fantastic journeys with friends. Ride your MC strider into the unknown of the Nether and conquer the realm of hell. For the best multiplayer experience, gather some of your friends on a Minecraft server from G-Portal. Sattle your striders and ride into the adventure!