Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Horses

Taming, Riding and Breeding horses 

Horses have been part of Minecraft since 2013. Donkeys and mules are also managed as horses in Minecraft. In addition, there are undead horses with special properties. You can tame horses, ride them, and breed them. We’ve summarized what you should know about nature’s motorcycles in Minecraft.

Horses fit perfectly into open-world games. They shorten travel times in a realistic way, are suitable for storing items, and are also companions for the player. Horses came to Minecraft in 2013 with version 1.6. If you encounter wild horses, you can tame them, ride them, and also breed more horses.

How to tame a horse in Minecraft

So how do you get a horse in Minecraft? To tame a horse, you need to right-click on it with empty hands. Your character will now try to mount the horse but will be thrown off again shortly after. Now, you just have to repeat this process until the horse lets you stay on its back. This is then considered a tamed Minecraft horse. It is a simple process, but it won’t take very long after all. Additionally, you don’t need any extra items to get a Minecraft horse tamed.

How to ride a horse in Minecraft

To ride a horse, you need a saddle. Unfortunately, these can’t be crafted. However, there are many ways to get a saddle: First, ravagers and striders drop saddles, and second, they can be found in many places in the world, such as Villages, Nether fortresses, Jungle temples, Dungeons, and end cities. You can also acquire them by trading with villagers (tanners). If you are very lucky, you can even find them while fishing!

How to saddle a horse in Minecraft

First of all, only a tamed horse can be saddled! If you now own a saddle, you can saddle your horse by right-clicking on it while holding the saddle in your hand. Then you can mount it. You control your horse with the direction keys, as usual. Yee-Haw!

How to breed horses in Minecraft

Horses and donkeys can mate and reproduce. You can breed more horses, donkeys or even mules. To do this, you must first attract two tamed horses by holding food in your hand. Then you have to feed both animals to activate love mode. You can use:

  • golden carrots
  • golden apples 

The horses turn to each other and after a short time a foal appears. Congratulations, you have just bred your first horse! Keep in mind, however, that the foal is not tame and will not be fully grown until the next day. Then can you tame your new horse.

Types of horses in Minecraft

Different species with different characteristics fall under the category of horses in Minecraft:


The standard type, available in 35 different colors. You can equip them with a saddle and horse armor.


Significantly smaller and slower than normal horses. On the other hand, they can carry chests and are therefore suitable for transporting objects.


Formed when horses mate with donkeys. They are faster and larger than donkeys, but can also carry a chest, making them excellent transport animals.

Skeleton Horses

Undead horses that cannot be tamed or reproduced. If you defeat a skeleton rider, you can take away his already tame skeleton horse. This is one of the fastest horses in Minecraft. In addition, they can be ridden underwater.

Zombie Horses

Another undead horse breed, but one that doesn’t occur naturally in the game. They have similar characteristics to skeleton horses but can only be spawned using the “/summon zombie_horse” command. If you want a tame zombie horse, you must append “~ ~ {Tame:true}” to the command. Unlike their bony relatives, you can’t ride zombie horses underwater.

Conclusion Minecraft horses

Now you should know all the essentials about horses in Minecraft. If ordinary horses are too boring for you or gravity is not your thing, the Minecraft Pegasus mod can help you. If you get bored roaming the steppes alone, you can join other horse lovers on a server.

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