Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Mushroom

Be it in dark caves, as gigantic variants around the Minecraft world or on the back of some unsuspecting cows, mushrooms seem to be everywhere around the Minecraft world. Mushrooms were introduced in the 0.0.20a update, making them a long-serving part of the Minecraft world. If you want to get the most out of these omnipresent toadstools, this article will help you out. 

Overview Minecraft Mushroom

  • plant/food
  • different versions
  • useful for crafting or cooking (e.g. stew)
  • needed to gain fermented spider eye
  • can be farmed

Where can You Find Mushrooms?

Before using mushrooms for a variety of options, you have to get them first. Just as their real-life counterparts, Minecraft mushrooms love dark damp places. In areas with a light level of 12 or lower, every chunk has a 37.5% chance of generating a mushroom. If caves aren’t your forte, you can also look for mushrooms in the swamp, old growth taiga and mushroom fields biomes as well as in the Nether. Within a swamp area, mushrooms can also be found if you happen to find a witch hut. These houses always have a flower pot with a mushroom inside.

Once you have found a mushroom, getting it out of its block is easy. Minecraft mushrooms break instantly when:

  • mined 
  • by removing the block they are standing
  • by flowing water over them

Breaking them gives you one mushroom in your inventory. Minecraft mushrooms come in two variants, brown and red, with red mushrooms being far rarer than brown ones.

Growing Minecraft Mushrooms for Yourself

Once you have a mushroom in your inventory, you might want to eat it or use it in crafting right away. But if you want more mushrooms, you can also plant them. If you put a mushroom on a block, it sometimes spreads and grows. This happens again and again, until it reaches a 9x9x3 Volume with 5 mushrooms around the original Minecraft mushroom. 

A few factors, such as the block, the light level and the placement of the blocks are important when it comes to planting mushrooms. Minecraft has a light level of 15 for blocks directly under the sky, but Minecraft mushrooms only grow at a light level of 12 or lower. There are ways to grow them out in the daylight however: nylium, podzol and mycelium are three types of blocks that grant the mushroom the ability to withstand sunlight. Where you can find them is a bit different for each block:

  • Nylium: Spawns as either crimson or warped nylium in the Nether. Crimson nylium can be found in the crimson forest biome, while warped nylium is exclusive to the warped forest biome.
  • Podzol: Covers the old growth taiga and the bamboo jungle biomes. 
  • Mycelium: Exclusive to the mushroom field biome. Mining it requires the silk touch enchantment.

Fun Fact:Mycelium is the scientific name for a mushroom’s roots. The small particles the mycelium puts out are a reference to the spores many mushrooms use to reproduce.

The many Types of Minecraft Mushrooms

Beside the two colors Minecraft mushrooms can have, there are a few more differences between the types of mushrooms you can find.

Minecraft Fungus

In the Nether, you can find fungi, which resemble mushrooms in many ways. They appear either as warped fungi or crimson fungi depending on where you are. The warped forest and the crimson forest spawn the warped and crimson variant, respectively. Fungi can be mined instantly, just like Minecraft mushrooms.


Blurring the line between mushroom and animal, the mooshroom carries some Minecraft mushrooms on its back. This friendly mob comes in both brown and red variants and are exclusive to the mushroom field biome. They spawn if the light level is 9 or higher and come in small herds of 4-8 mooshrooms. 100% of the natural spawning mooshrooms are red but you can turn them into brown (and vice versa) by striking them with lighting, either by chance, with a lightning rod or with the trident enchantment channeling.

Giant Mushrooms

Giant mushrooms, sometimes also called huge mushrooms, are normal Minecraft mushrooms scaled up. They are made of mushroom blocks and naturally spawn in mushroom fields and dark forests. If you want to grow a giant mushroom, Minecraft allows you to mix bone meal and regular mushrooms to create giant mushrooms. In the wilds, Giant mushrooms are 50% brown and 50% red, unlike their regular counterparts.

What You can Use Your Minecraft Mushrooms for

The Minecraft mushroom has a few useful applications, ranging from farming to using them as soup ingredients or to advance the composter. With a little creativity, nothing is impossible for a Minecraft mushroom.

Mushroom Farming

Since Minecraft mushrooms have a tendency to spread incredibly fast, they’re easy to use in farming. Just put out a mushroom and it will probably start growing right away. Use the mushrooms’ aggressive expansion and farm it once it grows big enough. With a Minecraft mushroom farm, you never have to worry about having too little mushrooms ever again. If you don’t want to build a farm yourself, mansions sometimes have a mushroom farm inside.

Crafting with Minecraft Mushrooms

With enough mushrooms, it’s time to find your inner cook and prepare some delicious food. In this section, we have prepared some easy and useful Minecraft mushroom recipes. For a mushroom stew, Minecraft doesn’t need that much. A brown mushroom, a red mushroom and a bowl are enough to craft a perfectly fine stew:

1x Brown Mushroom x 1x Red Mushroom + 1x Bowl = 1x Mushroom Stew

Mmh, delicious: Minecraft Mushroom Soup! Crafting recipe

Another delicious Minecraft mushroom meal is the rabbit stew:

1x Cooked Rabbit + 1x Carrot + 1x Baked Potato + 1x Mushroom (Red or Brown) + 1x Bowl = 1x Rabbit Stew

Also delicious: Minecraft rabbit stew

Finally, the suspicious stew has a different effect based on the flower you use. There are 11 flowers you can use and 9 different effects the stew grants you:

1x Red Mushroom + 1x Brown Mushroom + 1x Bowl + 1x Flower = Suspicious Stew

Sounds strange, but tastes good: the strange soup in Minecaft

Minecraft Mushroom: Endless Possibilities

Besides crafting and farming, Minecraft mushrooms and their variants have a few other uses. Mushroom blocks can be used to increase the level of your composter and mooshrooms behave just like cows. In fact, mooshrooms are more versatile than cows, giving you mushroom stew when you use a bowl on them or even suspicious stew when you feed them a flower.

If you have a warped fungus in a pot, you can use it to protect yourself from piglins. Once deployed, the piglins will run away from the fungus for an unknown reason. Additionally, fermented spider eyes require brown mushrooms to craft, so you should stock some if you plan on brewing potions.

Conclusion: The Minecraft Mushroom

Minecraft mushrooms, fungi, mooshrooms and huge mushrooms have their different uses but one thing stays the same for all of them: They bring a lot of color into your inventory and can make your village look like a mysterious place. If you want to answer the call of the mushroom, a Minecraft server from G-Portal is the perfect starting point. Start today and collect some Minecraft mushrooms!

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