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Genre: Open-World-Survival
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Minecraft Smithing Template: The Ultimate Crafting Guide

When you take a deep dive into the world of Minecraft, you’ll stumble upon a myriad of fascinating tools and items. One such tool, vital for veteran crafters and newbies alike, is the smithing template. Minecraft players globally recognize this item as a cornerstone of advanced crafting and in this article, we’ll unveil its many secrets. But how come this item is so famous even though it was only just introduced in the Minecraft 1.20 update? We hope you’re all ready to find out. Welcome to the definitive guide to the Minecraft smithing template!

Overview Minecraft Smithing Templates:

  • added in the 1.20 update
  • 16 different versions
  • function: upgrade to netherite gear & customization

What Is a Minecraft Smithing Template?

The Minecraft smithing template, also called the Minecraft trim, is a unique crafting item in the expansive world of Minecraft. Its primary function? To assist players in upgrading and enhancing their gear, especially when working on armor and its design. When you think of merging and enhancing, the smithing template should be at the forefront of your crafting arsenal. 

No matter the ore your armor is made out of, you can put a Minecraft armor template on it to enhance its looks, be it made of iron or gold. In fact, that is the primary function of the smithing template: To make your armor pieces more customizable. There are 16 different templates scattered throughout the game. 15 of them have purely cosmetic uses, putting a certain pattern on your armor. The other one is the netherite upgrade smithing template, which lets you turn your diamond armor into netherite armor.

How to find Minecraft Smithing Templates

Of course, before you can apply the Minecraft trims, you have to find the respective smithing template first. The places where they are differ greatly between the templates, but all of them can be found in chests at the location. Here is a table to show you in which biome you can find each template:

coast armorshipwreckcobblestone
dune armordesert templesandstone
eye armorstrongholdend stone
host armortrail ruinsterracotta
netherite upgradebastion remnantnetherrack
raiser armortrail ruinsterracotta
rib armornether fortressnetherrack
sentry armorpillager outpostcobblestone
shaper armortrail ruinsterracotta
silence armorancient citycobbled deepslate
snout armorbastion remnantblackstone
spire armorend citypurpur block
vex armormansioncobblestone
ward armorancient citycobbled deepslate
wayfinder armortrail ruinsterracotta
wild armorjungle templemossy cobblestone

It should be noted that the trims found in the trail ruins have to be taken from the suspicious block using a brush. Additionally, the third column in the table shows you which material you need to duplicate the smithing template. This process will be explained in the next part of this article.

Duplicating Minecraft Trims

If you do not want to embark on dangerous journeys every time you find a new template, you can also duplicate them by using a smithing table. Simply combine 7 diamonds with a smithing template and a block of the material shown in the table above. For example:

1x coast armor trim + 1x cobblestone + 7x diamond =  2x coast armor trim

If you wonder how to get so many diamonds, check out our diamond guide to find the precious material!

Note As with all minecraft templates, always ensure you’re working in a safe environment, away from creepers and other mobs. However, as a reward, you also get a few achievements once you successfully apply the Minecraft trims.

Fun Fact If you really want to brag about a certain smithing template, the silence trim is the hardest to get. It is hidden within the deep dark and possibly guarded by the fearsome warden. And to top it all off, none of the chests in the location are guaranteed to have the Minecraft smithing template. So to have the silence trim on your armor really is a sign of prestige.

Crafting & Customization with Minecraft Smithing Templates

To keep this easy: Minecraft trims have two main functions, upgrading armor and tools or armor customization. While an upgrade is pretty useful, the customization function only serves aesthetic purposes. However, there are many possible looks to apply to your armor. 

Upgrading armor/tools:

  • netherite upgrade + diamond armor/tool + netherite ingot = netherite armor/tool

Customizing armor:

  • Minecraft smithing template + armor+ any ingot/crystal = customized armor

Note that these customizations don’t change any other properties of the gear other than looks. It doesn’t affect durability or fire resistance. However, it makes your Steve (also Alex or any of the other skins) appear in more colorful armor than before!

Conclusion: Minecraft Smithing Template

As for the smithing templates, Minecraft, has them stand out as an essential tool for all avid crafters. From creating intricate minecraft trims to upgrading your armor using the minecraft armor template in case of the netherite upgrade, this item promises to elevate your in-game experience. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, understanding and utilizing the smithing template is a surefire way to enhance your gameplay. So, gear up, gather your materials, and let the crafting journey begin, preferably on a Minecraft Server from G-Portal!

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