Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft and Pokemon = Pixelmon

Both Minecraft and Pokémon share something essential: they have existed for a pretty long time by now. While one journey is currently coming to the end of an era and preparing for a new adventure, Minecraft stays with us. Still, there are updates and the game evolves. Each update is kind of like a new region in Pokémon, isn’t it? It is hard to decide between two all-time favorites. That’s why we are lucky to present the solution! This is the Pixelmon Minecraft mod, where you get the once in a lifetime chance to encounter Pokémon in Minecraft.

Overview Minecraft Pixelmon:

  • find Pokémon in Minecraft
  • versions: Generations & Reforged
  • requires: Forge & Java

Welcome to the World of Pixelmon!

The Pixelmon mod for Minecraft has been around since 2012, but it was discontinued in 2017. After that, however, the mods Pixelmon Generations and Pixelmon Reforged appeared, which once again brought the small (and large) creatures back into the Minecraft world. The biggest differences between Generations and Pixelmon Reforged are the number of available Pokémon, the number of items, the battle system, the user interface and the graphics of the mod. While Pixelmon Reforged improved nearly all of these features when it was released in 2018, it lost some of its Pokémon on the way. So, depending on whether you want a better look or a wider range of Pokémon, you can choose one of the two versions. However, Pixelmon Reforged is the most up to date version of Pixelmon and you might find it faster when looking for a download.

Items & Pokémon in Minecraft

Similar to the Pokéworld, the Pokémon live freely in the Minecraft world. Also similar to the other world, they can be captured, raised and trained. Breeding Pokémon in Minecraft is also possible. With Pixelmon, you also get a selection of new:

  • items such as Poké Balls and TMs
  • decorative blocks such as clocks and chairs
  • new resources such as Apricorns and Bauxitherz

Thus, these mods combine the features of the Pokémon game with that of the Minecraft world and its block structure. Pixelmon offers you the best of both worlds. You can roam the amazing biomes of the cubic world while encountering or just watching wild Pokémon in Minecraft. 

Functions & Game Mechanics in Pixelmon

The Pixelmon mod tries to integrate most of the features from Pokémon into the game. For example, the mechanics of the battles are adapted so that they correspond to the 8th generation Pokémon games. However, there are also deviations, such as the breeding behavior of the Pokémon. In Minecraft, Pokémon need a suitable environment to grow up. 

Unlike what you are used to in the Pokéworld, you won’t meet the unique creatures randomly in caves or in tall grass. They will spawn naturally in the Pixelmon Overworld. As usual, however, players are able to face the Pokémon in combat. Many items will help you catch and train these mobs in Pixelmon. By the way, the spawning of other well-known mobs from Minecraft is disabled by default. 

How to Install Pixelmon Reforged

As explained in this article, Pixelmon Reforged is one of the two mods to bring Pokémon into Minecraft. Since it is the newer version with improved mechanics, it is the one players are more likely to use. To download the mod, you need to follow a few steps to make sure you fulfill all the requirements. 

These are the Pixelmon requirements:

  • Forge (recommended: Forge 1.12.2-
  • Java

If you aren’t familiar with Forge, you can check out our article. Also, if you don’t already have Forge installed, you will find it as a download directly below the mod download. Now, this is how you find and install Pixelmon itself:

  1. Go to the Reforged page: https://reforged.gg/
  2. Download the mod.
  3. Open the Minecraft Launcher & go to ‘Installations’.
  4. Click on “New” and then on “1.12.2.” for versions to create it.
  5. “unnamed installation” should appear & can now be opened.
  6. Close it directly after opening it.
  7. When Forge is installed, open Minecraft again, then go to the “unknown installation” icon at the bottom left and click on the small arrow icon.
  8. Click on “Forge” and “play” & close it again.
  9. Go to your search bar, type “%appdata%” and open the folder.
  10. Click on the folder “.minecraft” and go to the “mods” folder.
  11. Go back to your desktop (there should be a pixelmon mod there now).
  12. Drag the Pixelmon mod into the “mods” subfolder.

Now, you can play Pixelmon on the Forge client. You will find it under ‘mods’. All that is left to do is to add a server for it. If you don’t know how to do that, we have a full-fledged guide on that topic as well.

Conclusion: Pixelmon

Mods are amazing. They allow us to make Minecraft even more diverse and entertaining than it is by its nature. Pixelmon is such a mod. All you have to do is install the mod and there you go, becoming the first ever cubic Pokémon master Steve! You can still enjoy Minecraft gameplay and at the same time hang out with your favorite Pokémon in Minecraft. If that’s not amazing, what is? Well, if you need a place to combine these two worlds, a Minecraft server from G-Portal is the place to go. All that’s left to say: have fun!

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