Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Biomes o’ Plenty

If you want more biomes than the classical few, there is a mod that will bring more than you could hope for: The Biomes o’ Plenty mod. With this modification, your Minecraft world becomes a lot more diverse, making it even more exciting to travel. In this article, you will learn all there is to know about Biomes o’ Plenty and what new biomes you should look out for.

What Is the Biomes o’ Plenty Mod?

The Biomes o’ Plenty mod is developed by Glitchfiend. Glichtfiend is not one single person, but a group of passionate developers that created and now maintain Biomes o’ Plenty. Once Biomes o’ Plenty is installed, the mod adds almost 60 new biomes to your world. These biomes are more diverse than ever, ranging from snowy mountains over lush forests to burning hot deserts. 

About the Biomes o’ Plenty Mod

The Minecraft mod Biomes o’ Plenty has a wide variety of different biomes you can visit. However, you won’t find all of them right away. Since the distribution of biomes is random, you might have to create a few new Minecraft worlds before you experience all of these new sights. Use your Minecraft map if you want to see which ones you can still explore.

The Biomes o’ Plenty Mod’s Rarities

Not all biomes are distributed equally, however. Some of them, especially the exotic variations, can be quite rare. To symbolize this, the community has assigned labels of rarity to these biomes. The rarities (with a few examples) are:

  • Common
    • bog
    • highland
    • rainforest
  • Uncommon
    • cold desert
    • lavender forest
    • wasteland
  • Rare
    • bamboo grove
    • jade cliffs
    • volcanic plains
  • Very Rare
    • auroral garden
    • origin valley
    • tropics

The names already indicate what kind of biome awaits you. Some of them even come with environmental dangers, so you should stack up on some potions to counteract them. 

New Additions

Besides the new biomes, the Biomes o’ Plenty mod also adds new wildlife for those biomes. While there are no new animals added, as coding an AI for them would likely be too much for the developers, the mods bring a lot of new plantlife into the world. However, regular mobs still spawn within the new biomes. Counting all of the new textures the mod provides would be too much for this article, but here is a small selection of new plants and types of wood:

  • Flowering Oak
  • Orange Autumn
  • Redwood
  • Mahagony
  • Palm
  • Willow
  • Umbran
  • Hellbark
  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Pink Daffodil
  • Burning Blossom
  • Icy Iris
  • Glowflower

If you want to know how to install Biomes o’ Plenty, our mod install tutorial shows you all you need to know! You can also install other mods to give yourself more dragons to fight or get even more new landscapes.

Interesting Biomes

Just as there are too many new plants in the Biomes o’ Plenty mod to count, there are too many interesting new biomes we could list. But since that would take a lot of time, we selected a few very curious ones you might want to check out.

On the Overworld

Within the Overworld, most biomes focus on adding lush life and fascinating landscapes to your regular Minecraft gameplay. These range from deep swamps, over scorching hot deserts to snow-covered mountains. However, two of the many overworld biomes you should definitely check out are the following. 

Origin Valley

If you want to experience the Minecraft of the first hour, maybe even remembering Minecraft Classic, the origin valley is exactly your cup of tea. Even if this biome is very rare, you won’t regret searching for it once you find it. This island biome looks and feels like the landscapes of early Minecraft, boasting roses (which were removed in the 1.7 update) and origin trees. Even the sky, grass and the foliage have the same color they used to have in the Minecraft Alpha Version. The blocks this biome consists of are known as origin grass blocks. If you want a nostalgic trip down memory lane or just want to know how things in Minecraft used to be, the origin valley should be your first priority.  


The volcano is an extremely hot area made of smooth basalt. The hellish landscape will surely impress anyone, and it offers magma blocks to be mined aplenty. If you want to climb this dangerous mountain, if you want a supervillain-style hideout or if you just feel the need for some basalt or some magma, you should head to your nearest volcano right now. 

In the Nether

Minecraft’s underworld offers a few additional options for interesting biomes. Rather than just pretty, the biomes added here are mysterious and scary. The nether is the perfect biome for fitting these types of regions.

Crystalline Chasm

While there isn’t that much to say about the crystalline chasm, its looks more than make up for it. The red rose quartz blocks that are so prevalent in this biome create fascinating forms and extremely pretty environments. Check out the crystalline chasm if you want to know whether or not the nether can also look nice if it wants to.

Withered Abyss

The withered abyss embodies all the scary aspects of the nether. Withered skeletons, endermen, and a lot of blackstone make this biome dark and dangerous. The withered abyss can be quite the challenge, as it combines low to no light with some of the hardest mobs in the game. Go here only if you are ready and seek a challenge.

Conclusion: Minecraft Biomes o’ Plenty Mod

The Biomes o’ Plenty mod offers a lot of new regions to explore, exclusive plants and interesting landscapes. If you think that Minecraft has nothing more to offer, you should definitely check out this mod and let the new sights change your mind. If you want to explore this new world with friends, a Minecraft server from G-Portal will help you out. Load in and explore all of the new biomes. Have fun!

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