Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Aether

There are mods that add a little fun to the game and there are mods that change the gameplay completely. This is in no way something bad. In fact, the Minecraft Aether is a fantastic place to roam in the game. The only ‘problem’? It is a mod you have to install. Otherwise, there is no way to find this dimension in the vanilla version of the game. Luckily, there has been some development lately. Now, the mod is also available for newer game versions making it even worthier talking about than it already was.

Minecraft Aether Overview

  • mod that offers a new dimension in the sky
  • floating islands 
  • accessible through a portal
  • many new plants, blocks, weapons, mobs & items
  • 3 types of dungeons
  • successor: Aether II

What Is the Minecraft Aether Mod?

The Minecraft Aether mod is a game modification created by a group of developers. It adds the Aether dimension to the game which is supposed to be a bit of the opposite of the Nether with some similarities to the End dimension. The dimension, which you could also call the Aether biome, consists of floating islands similar to the End. Still, it is more colorful and offers many more visual similarities to the overworld. The basic gameplay is also more like in the vanilla Minecraft overworld. You start crafting your first tools and progress by crafting more and more items, finding new resources and defeating mobs. While the Minecraft Aether stays true to Minecraft’s survival gameplay, you have to be careful not to fall off the islands. This might cause you to die from fall damage – unless you use the Minecraft bucket trick to avoid it. If you’re lucky, you will just fall back to the Aether portal. Minecraft, as you see, can be extended in many curious ways. The Minecraft Aether, however, offers more than just the basic idea of a new dimension. With it come many new blocks, items, plants, mobs and dangers to test you.

The Aether Portal: Minecraft’s Interdimensional Travelling

Luckily, the developers kept it quite simple to enter the Minecraft Aether once the mod is installed. All you need is a portal to go through. This is similar to the portals you need to enter the Nether or the End, except that this one is easier to build. All you need is glowstone and water. You build a square with glowstone and then fill it with water from a water bucket via right clicking. There is your Minecraft Aether portal:

glowstone square + water = Aether portal

It is entirely up to you how big you want to make the portal. We recommend a 4×5 square since you won’t need a lot of glowstone to build it and it is done faster. In the end, all you want to do is walk into it to enter the Minecraft Aether.

Basic Aether Mod Resources

The immense creativity of this mod can be seen the moment you enter it: while on the surface it looks similar to the overworld you just left, with grass, dirt, trees and animals it is somehow all different. In the Aether mod, you will find new building material. Just like usual, it is also a kind of wood and stone, but not the usual types. Instead you will soon craft amazing things with:

  • skyroot 
  • golden oak 
  • holystone
  • icestone
  • aerogel

Taking a closer look at these names, it is clear that they all hint to the Minecraft Aether dimension to be a sky realm. You reside above the clouds, as some gods in mythology and everywhere around you is air. Perhaps this is a way to restore Steve’s and Alex’ power, as hinted at in the lore? However it is meant, it truly adds a fantastic element to the ambience.

Further Minecraft Aether Items & Food

Of course there are also ‘normal’ blocks in the Aether mod, like dirt, grass and leaf blocks. Still, they all look a bit different. In general, you can craft many well known items and structures, such as:

  • slabs
  • stairs
  • doors
  • fences
  • planks
  • pressure plates
  • trapdoors

Funnily, you can even mine aerclouds in three different versions. Additionally there are two types of flowers, certain materials you find in dungeons, blocks you can combine with redstone and three new ores unique for the Minecraft Aether dimension:

  • ambrosium
  • gravitite
  • zanite

Those are pretty useful for further usage that will be explained later in this article. Lastly, there are also new food items in the Aether mod. They may either restore hunger points, cause certain status effects or clear them. Not all of them sound like food, but they are all consumable:

  • ambrosium shard
  • blue berry
  • candy cane
  • enchanted berry
  • healing stone
  • blue gummy swet
  • white apple

This, of course, isn’t a complete list of all the new items, blocks and materials. In fact, it is pretty difficult to list every single item. There is a huge variety that makes the Minecraft Aether unique and amazing.

Awesome Minecraft Aether Mobs

What mobs are there to expect in the skylands of the Minecraft Aether? Well, probably flying ones considering floating islands. In fact, there are both certain mobs from vanilla Minecraft that got modified and some that are new and unique to the Aether mod. You will also encounter every kind of mentality among these mobs, from allied to hostile. And of course there are bosses, just as it should be if you encounter a new dimension.

cloud sentryaerbunnychest mimicaechor plantslider
aerwhalevalkyriecockatricesun spirit
flying cowsentryvalkyrie queen

While it sounds strange that there are supposedly flying whales, it also adds to the mythical and fantastic atmosphere of the Minecraft Aether mod. Also, the list shows that there are indeed some flying animals and some of them are rideable, like the flying cow or the phyg which is effectively a flying pig. Some Minecraft Aether mobs will shoot snowballs or poisonous arrows. That is why you should always make sure whether what you’re about to encounter is a moa or a cockatrice. The latter is the more colorful version of the moa but it will attack you. If you last long enough in the Minecraft Aether realm, you might get a chance to meet a cloud sentry. You can only meet them after surviving in the Aether mod dimension für at least 5 Minecraft days. They are rare because they are pretty useful and give you some precious items. So it is worth the wait!

Minecraft Aether Dungeons

The dangers mentioned above refer to the dungeons. Although some mobs are also dangerously hostile, the places you should be most careful around are dungeons. The Minecraft Aether has a total of three different types:

  • the bronze dungeon (boss: slider)
  • the silver dungeon (boss: valkyrie queen)
  • the gold dungeon (boss: sun spirit)

In every Minecraft Aether dungeon you have the chance to find precious loot, fight off mean mobs or even challenge mob bosses. Here are the most important things to know. You have to wake up the slider by hitting it with a pickaxe. It won’t take damage from swords, so you have to use other tools that can deal damage, like a pickaxe or shovel. In the Minecraft Aether silver dungeon, you will meet valkyries. If you attack them, they attack you. They are strong, so be prepared! Once you kill one, you will get a victory medal. You need ten of those to challenge the valkyrie queen. As for the last one: the Minecraft Aether gold dungeon is the hardest one. As soon as you enter it, you will go into battle. There is no roaming around and pillaging first. At least the loot is great and there is even new building material to be found, which again adds to the whole mystical skylands theme:

  • carved stone
  • angelic stone
  • hellfire stone

Just hearing these names makes it more exciting to venture from normal to angelic and finally hellish Minecraft Aether encounters. Those materials can also be found in different forms like slabs, stairs and many more.

Armor in the Minecraft Aether

Thanks to new ores, there are also new possibilities to protect yourself using armor. In the Minecraft Aether, you can craft the usual pieces of armor and gloves. You can craft them with two of the new ores:

  • gravitite armor: you can jump higher and take no fall damage with a complete set of armor
  • zanite armor: gets stronger when it is hit

Additionally, there are some types of armor you can only find, not craft. So, looting after a fight in a dungeon is important if you want some of these pieces:

  • neptune armor: found in silver dungeons; swim faster on the surface and underwater
  • obsidian armor: found in dungeons or when phoenix armor meets water; less damage when hit
  • phoenix armor: found in gold dungeons; no fire or lava damage
  • valkyrie armor: drops (valkyrie bosses); flying, slow fall, fall damage immunity, protects you against valkyries

Once you have these amazing Minecraft Aether armor sets, you will be unstoppable. And it will most definitely make surviving in this high above-the-ground realm, the Minecraft Aether, easier.

Minecraft Aether Tools

Similar to armor, there are new possibilities for tools and weapons as well. It is pretty simple: there are tools, ‘weapons’ (like axes) and accessories (chains and rings). Here is what they do:

skyrootget twice the amount of drops when mining
holystonehigher chance of ambrosium shards being dropped
gravititeright clicking: lets blocks hover in the air
zaniteget stronger when hit

As to Minecraft Aether chains: made of zanite, they improve your mining speed for a limited time frame. Ice chains may even let you freeze water. However, this only works if you wear all ice rings. That is where Minecraft Aether rings become important. Zanite rings work just like zanite chains. By freezing rings, they become ice rings.

Minecraft Aether II: Genesis of the Void

In June 2013, about three years after the Minecraft Aether mod was released it got a ‘sequel’. This led to the Aether mod often being called Minecraft Aether I to indicate that there is a successor. In this mod, many things are similar to the original mod. However, some items or features didn’t make the mod. Some of them are for example the silver and gold dungeons and their respective mobs. At the same time, many blocks, items and mobs got changed in texture or abilities. There were also new items and blocks introduced. When the original Minecraft Aether mod got an update for some newer game versions in 2020, the Minecraft Aether II mod didn’t and is therefore only available for game version 1.12.2.

Minecraft Aether Mod Download

When downloading and installing the Minecraft Aether mod, you need a modloader like Forge. Your Forge version and the version of the mod must be identical for the download to work. Here is how to download the Minecraft Aether mod:

  1. Search on a provider site like curseforge.com for the right mod download.
  2. Download the mod.
  3. Open the launcher and the game with the corresponding Forge Version.
  4. Open the „Mod Folder“ via „Mods“ and insert the file.
  5. Click „Done“.
  6. Quit and restart the Minecraft launcher.

Do you play on a Minecraft server from G-Portal? Check out this video tutorial to get all the settings on the server right.

Conclusion: Minecraft Aether

The Minecraft Aether mod adds an amazing new dimension to the game, filled with mobs, plants and interesting new blocks. If you start your journey up in the sky, you have to be careful not to fall off the floating islands. Still, the adventure is worth the risk. You can easily test the Minecraft Aether on a Minecraft server from G-Portal. Oh, and thanks to the latest updates, you can also roam the sky in multiplayer with your friends. Whatever you do, have fun!

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