Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Bedrock Skins

Since the game’s release, skins are by far the element that has undergone the most changes. Over 10 years ago, multiplayer servers were overrun with the well-known character Steve. At some point this skin got company and players from all over the world gave free rein to their creativity in designing their own skins. Thanks to this development and some little extras, there are skins of different looks everywhere you look in Minecraft Bedrock.

Overview Minecraft Bedrock Skins

  • Individually customizable via the character creator
  • Import of own skins possible
  • Skin packs available as addons

Default Skins for Minecraft Bedrock

If you start the Minecraft Bedrock edition you don’t have much choice at first: Steve or Alex. The two default skins from the Java full versions are of course also available to players of the Bedrock Edition and thus form the standard skins in Minecraft Bedrock. The player also has the choice between the normal or the “slim” variant. This skin is narrower at the shoulders and arms. 

With the update to Bedrock beta version 1.19.50, players also get access to seven more default skins:

  • Ari
  • Efe
  • Kai
  • Makena
  • Noor
  • Sunny
  • Zuri

Since the end of 2022 these skins are part of the game. Thus, nine default skins are also available to players not playing via PC. 

Individual Bedrock Skins with the Character Creator

A significant extra in the Bedrock Edition is the character creator. When you open the game, you’ll find it in the character profile. The feature, which is not available in the Java Edition, allows the player to customize the Minecraft Bedrock skin. Individual features in the design can be freely available. Others can be purchased with so-called minecoins, an in-game currency that can be obtained through purchases with real money. 

How To Import Minecraft Bedrock Custom Skins

If you are not satisfied with the possibilities of the character creator, you can also easily import custom skins in Bedrock. To import Minecraft Bedrock skins from outside there are two ways: the individual import or downloading addons.

Import Minecraft Bedrock Skins Individually

If the skin change refers to a one-time change, it makes sense to import the skin individually. Online, there are special sites that provide free skin templates. For example, if you want to adapt your character to the season in winter and wear a Christmas skin, it works as follows:

  1. Design your skin with a skin editor or search for the appropriate skin online on a provider site.
  2. Start the game.
  3. Go to your character profile.
  4. Select “Classic Skin”, then „Owned”.
  5. Click Import and select the skin file.

So basically it’s very easy to customize your skin or change it whenever you want a new look. This also creates diversity on multiplayer servers, where now not only Steve and Alex run around, defeat mobs and and diligently craft.

Import Minecraft Bedrock Skin Packs

The option to change your skin in-game via a skin changer mod does not exist in Bedrock, as the edition does not support mods. Instead, there is the alternative via addons. These work similar to mods in the Java edition. Among other things, they can be used to integrate entire skin packs into the game, which then provide a variety of new Minecraft Bedrock skins. Addons come in two varieties:

  • Official paid addons: their accessibility depends on the console you play on.
  • Player-created addons: similar to mods, they can be downloaded for free from provider sites like curseforge.com.

The number and versatility of packs with Minecraft Bedrock skins is enormous. The theme-specific addons range in inspiration from popular movie franchises to other video games and smaller themes like biomes.

Conclusion: Minecraft Bedrock Skins

Bedrock skins are versatile. Without having to leave the game, they can be customized and in addition, this game edition also allows you to import foreign skins. So if you want to prove yourself as a master of transformations, you can let your creativity run wild in the skin editor and present your results on a Minecraft Bedrock server from G-Portal.

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