The Sainted Minecraft Obsidian Background

The Sainted Minecraft Obsidian

November 2, 2023
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It is one of the superstars of Minecraft blocks.

Minecraft Obsidian

Incredibly sturdy and exceptionally fashionable (you can always wear black, it just fits) and quite rare to boot. Born from a mixture of natural forces, it is one of, if not the most sought-after blocks in the entirety of Minecraft: obsidian.

MC Obsidian – The Child of Fire and Water

As such an incredible block, it only stands to reason that its origin is similarly noble. Minecraft Obsidian is born from a mixture of nature’s extremes: the deep and cool water that permeates throughout the cubic world and the sizzling hot lava that stretches below it. Once these two opposite forces meet, the true magic happens. The lava hardens and becomes the almost invincible block we all know and love. In fact, MC obsidian is somewhat of an otherworldly material, as you can find it not only in the Nether but also in the End dimension, the most dangerous realm in all of Minecraft. Also, you should be careful when you want to mine Minecraft obsidian. Due to its strength, a pickaxe made of diamonds or even harder material has to be used.

A Minecraft Obsidian Farm: For All Your Obsidian-Needs

To touch this divine material would of course be enough of a reward already, but perhaps you wish to ascend even higher. In that case, you should watch out for lava that flows close to the surface. Once you have found a sufficient lava source (or took some with a bucket), you should look for a source of water, like a river or an underground stream. Then, simply break the barrier and let the Minecraft obsidian-filled fun times begin!

Of course, there are always other ways to get your hands on the pitch-black block. Here are some for your consideration:

  1. bastion remnants
  2. ruined portals
  3. Nether fortresses
  4. blacksmith chests in a village
  5. piglins if given a gold ingot
  6. mansions

Of course, simply combining lava and water makes for the easiest type of obsidian farm. Minecraft truly blessed us with its many ways to obtain this most holy of materials, however, so seek the bliss of the MC obsidian in whatever way you wish.

The Heavenly Minecraft Obsidian Use

As a blessed material, Minecraft obsidian has a myriad of good uses. The most impactful of which is definitely its use when building a base. With the resistance against fire damage MC obsidian is so famed for, anything constructed with it is safe from the heretical flames and explosions from mobs. There is only one exception to this rule: the cursed Wither! This abomination ignores obsidian and can destroy it with ease, marking it as the true malevolent power in Minecraft. Not even the legendary Minecraft obsidian is strong enough to fend off this fiend’s devastating attacks.

Once you have proven your devotion to the MC obsidian by collecting enough of it from Minecraft mansions, you can use it to construct a Nether portal, bringing you ever closer to the source of this material. So go, seek the obsidian block Minecraft has hidden from you and ignite the frame with fire. Only then will you be able to walk into the Nether and face your true destiny.

Some Delightful Minecraft Obsidian Recipes

There are three recipes ones must keep in mind when trying to use MC obsidian. The first is the enchantment table. As the old texts state:

Combineth thee thy ingredients three:
A book of one
Two of a diamond
And of obsidian four
Channel thy magic and open thy door


As the name suggests, the enchantment table can be used to put enchantments on weapons, armor and tools. Though the ingredients are rare, it does pay off to have a magic table in the shed, as many wise wizards will confirm.

The second recipe is that of an ender chest:

Thy belongings kept in safety
Only one can provide
Obsidian eight
and of Ender an Eye


As the text states, anything you put in there is safe forever.

The final item is the beacon:

Of iron and gold the base
Of emerald and diamond and netherite
There standeth thy beacon
With glass and obsidian made
And a star of the Nether
to guide thy way.
Its light pierceth the heavens
The faithful servants of obsidian:
Seeketh its radiance!


So speak the ancient texts! And lest you forget, here is the final note written:

Lovers of obsidian
and Minecraft alike
Only the Minecraft server from G-Portal
provdeth thee with service and comfort
Worthy of thy nature.

So, yeah, what else is there to say except: have fun! Go and find this holy Minecraft obsidian!