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  • Online instantly

    Your server is online in just a few minutes

  • Storage space

    50GB backup for saved games & configs

  • Hardware

    Latest hardware and NVMe SSD hard drives.

  • Support

    Live support via telephone, tickets, forum, wiki and e-mail

  • DDoS protection

    DDoS protection through cutting-edge technology thanks to our partner Corero

  • Gamecloud – including game switching

    Switch to another game quickly and flexibly

  • Server management via the web interface

    Web interface and log access: Easy server management

  • Remnants Slots

    10 - 30 Slots

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Hyborian Age
Hyborian Age5-stars

I had a consistent problem with my Conan Exiles (PS4) Server where it was crashing randomly for weeks and required me to back up from a previous save point in order for i...

Fever Villar Molina
Fever Villar Molina5-stars

Excelent service in support. Agent AnthonyW was of a big help on the case.

Maywen R.
Maywen R.5-stars

Took for ARK Survival revolved and never had any problem ! Fast, easy to setup, fast to reboot and so MANY MODS. The customer service and technical support is fast to ...

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Survival Action RPG: Remnants

The urge to survive

Your fight to survive starts from the very beginning, your stomach growls with hunger, and your mouth dry – the land is sparse and you need to search far and wide to satisfy your needs. You think you have it bad now? The sky rumbles and grows grey, intoxicating rain is on it’s way, you need to find shelter, but not all shelters are safe. Can you smell the poison as it flows into your lungs?


In the world of Remnants everything wants a piece of you in this harsh environment, it gets harder still as other players hunt you down. The only way to survive is to make friends and join forces, only then will you have a chance to fight those that oppose you; be it infested opponents or murderous enemies.

The player possibilities

Hunt, capture and cook your dinner, explore this contaminated environment, building safe shelters and learning new skills. With up to 30 players, you can go wild in this gloomy world, robbing each other of scarce food or defeating the contaminated creatures together. It is entirely up to you how you shape your adventure.

Remnants server rental in the high-end prepaid solution from GPORTAL

You can rent your own Remnants server right away. Prepaid and in the Gamecloud. That means you don’t have a contract and can switch between the different games in our Gamecloud at any time. You don’t feel like playing Remnants right now? Then use your slots for another game and if you want to experience the Survival experience again the next weekend, then simply switch back to Remnants. Full flexibility and immediately online, that’s the GPORTAL Gamecloud.