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Blackwake Server hosting

  • Official Blackwake server hoster
  • 16-54 players
  • incl. mods
  • Instantly online and 100% prepaid
  • DDoS protection by Corero
  • Full RCON-, FTP- and Web interface access
  • Gamecloud - inclusive Gameswitching
  • Live Support via Telephone, Ticket, Forum and E-Mail
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Blackwake server hosting

Blackwake - immediately online, pre-installed and 100% prepaid!

Sailors on deck! With Blackwake, a highly innovative game concept on the high seas reveals that every inveterate landowner is attracted to the high seas. On a blackwake server, pirates fight with the Royal Navy on the open sea, at a time when the shipping industry was still a real challenge. The focus is on the team play, because everyone has a scheduled tasks, and if they are not carried out correctly, the battle has already been lost.

Blackwake, Pirates of the Caribbean was yesterday

The game concept of Blackwake is certainly unique in this form because it transports the protagonist into the role of a crew member, a part of a whole team. Not only fighting is in the foreground, but also sailing, and the observation of weather conditions. Blackwake reminds you of the old Battlefield "Pirates Mod" or Pirate Ship Wars from Garrys Mod, which is packed with the chic Unity Engine and an ingenious gameplay.

Blackwake Server hosting - in the Gamecloud!

The Blackwake Server has 3 playable mods, each with 16, 24 and 54 players. You can rent Blackwake servers from 16 slots. Blackwake server, instantly online and payable via Paypal, Paysafecard, Instant Transfer or Credit Card. For users from the Netherlands or Poland, we also offer Blackwake Server affordable via the online services iDeal and przelewy24. So no subscription contract, no long waiting times, just immediately online and at any time switchable between the various games of Gamecloud. For example, if you do not want to play Blackwake, you can use the slots for a Conan Exiles Server or ARK Server. Full flexibility and instant online, that are the Blackwake Server at in the Gamecloud.


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