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Conan Exiles (XBOX One) Server renting

  • ONLY rentable via the GPORTAL-App
  • 10-40 player
  • Immediately online
  • Official Conan Exiles XBOX partner
  • Pay easily via Microsoft
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Rent your own Conan Exiles XBOX-Server

Conan Exiles – The brilliant Survival-Game

Funcom has done a great job with the game. You're an outcast, in the cruel world of Conan, fighting for your survival. You can build a fortress, summon gods or fight against other players.Take care of the basic needs of your character. You have drink regularly, eat and look for protection. Are you going to survive in this world or become a victim of enemies or nature?

Your avatar in Conan Exiles

You can customize your character in Conan Exiles to your liking. Choose from countless combinations of your survivors. In the game you have to defy many dangers. Aggressive NPCs, brutal monsters and nature itself, are your opponents. Strengthen your avatar and prepare well for the fighting. It won't be easy. With the help of your friends, you will surely master the challenge!

The crafting system

To protect yourself in the game you can do handicrafts. You can build powerful armor and strong weapons. You and your friends can even build your own fortress on your GPORTAL server. It takes a lot of work from collecting to planning and construction, but it's worth it. Join your friends today and meet online on your GPORTAL server.

Rent your own Conan Exiles server for the XBOX at GPORTAL

You can choose the number of slots and the rental period (30 days or 90 days), pay your server via Microsoft, rent your own server and start immediately. 100% prepaid, no binding contract, no hidden costs, full flexibility in slots. Activate your server directly and ask your friends to join you on the XBOX in Conan Exiles.


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