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Onset Server rental

  • 10 - 300 Slots
  • Administration possible through our web interface
  • Rent via: Paypal, Paysafecard, Sofortüberweisung, Credit Card
  • Support through Telephone, Forum and our Ticketsystem
  • Gameswitching anytime with our Gamecloud
  • DDoS-Protection from Corero
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Your own Onset Server

Discover unlimited possibilities in Onset

Onset is an open-world game and was implemented in the Unreal Engine 4. The support of the script language LUA opens completely new worlds in creativity. In no time at all you can create an RP server where you can easily define jobs and activities.

Multiplayer redefined

The map of Onset is 20 square kilometers and offers a lot of sights. Up to 300 players can simultaneously explore the world, race or create their own game modes on a single server. In the Sandbox World of Onset there are over 400 LUA functions to design the world according to your own ideas.

Customizable like the GPORTAL Gamecloud

Scripts are executed in Onset on the server or client side. The user interface can also be completely reworked with HTML/CSS/JS and changed according to your own ideas. With the latest and most powerful hardware, the best performance is always provided for your server and you enjoy a gaming experience at the highest level. With our Gamecloud you can choose between all the games we offer. How about testing a modpack with your friends in Minecraft to get some new ideas for your onset world?


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583 reviews