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Ylands Server Hosting

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  • Full RCON-, FTP- and Web interface access
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Ylands Server hosting

Ylands - Sandbox Hit from the ARMA creators

Behind Ylands is the company Bohemia Interactive, which among other things is responsible for the ARMA series. Ylands is their first attempt in the classic survival sandbox genre and the game came out pretty successful. Ylands doesn't only looks incredibly good for an early access game, it also runs surprisingly bug free. If you only think about to DayZ after 4 years of "Early Access", that is a pretty impressive progress. Bohemia has really done its homework, Ylands is already surprised us at the Gamescom or E3 and will be released on 06.12.2017.

Minecraft meets ARMA

In Ylands there are various biomes, tropical forests, barren desert landscapes, living oceans or icy mountain peaks. The core content is the essence of the sandbox genre, the barrier-free open world and the free design of game content. There are pirate battles, car racing, castle sieges or classic house building. Ylands is based on the Unity Engine and gets a comic look, it doesn't seem childish, but mature and well thought out. The world on the Ylands server is brought to life by a lush fauna and wildlife, and not every living thing is friendly after classical survival rules. Ylands looks very mature, you can spend hundreds of hours on the Ylands server, you really won't have boredom.

Ylands Server Hosting in the High-End Prepaid Cloud by GPORTAL

You can rent your own Ylands server and start the fantasy journey with your own Ylands server. Prepaid and in the Gamecloud, immediately online and payable via Paypal, Paysafecard, Sofortüberweisung or credit card. For customers from the Netherlands or Poland, we also offer Ylands Server via iDeal and przelewy24. No contract binding, no waiting time, easy to use and anytime switchable between the various GPORTAL Gamecloud games. Don't want to play Ylands anymore? Then use the slots for a Rust or ARK server and if you want to host again Ylands Server, then switch at any time. Full flexibility and immediately online, these are Ylands servers at GPORTAL in the Gamecloud.


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