Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Trial Chamber

With the latest update ‘Tricky Trials,’ a never-before-seen structure has entered the world of Minecraft: trial chambers (or trial chamber, the game is currently a bit inconsistent with the terms.) But what are trial chambers in Minecraft? In short, Minecraft trial chambers are structures that spawn multiple waves of mobs and offer rewards for players that can defeat all of those mobs. This is, of course, a rather superficial look at the mechanic and we will take a closer look at this topic in this article.

Overview Minecraft Trial Chambers:

  • new feature of 1.21
  • offer hard challenges & valuable rewards
  • introduce a new mob
  • can be completed alone or in multiplayer

How to Find Minecraft Trial Chambers

Before we look at the Minecraft trial chambers themselves, we should discuss how you can find them in the first place. Trial chambers usually spawn between y-Level -40 and -20 of the overworld but tend to spawn a bit closer to the surface. For the generation of the chambers, the world is divided into regions of 32×32 chunks and each region is given 1x Minecraft trial chamber. Note that these regions do not have to align with biomes.

As these regions are rather big, measuring 512×512 blocks, searching for a Minecraft trial chamber manually is tedious. To find them in a more convenient manner, a trial explorer map is a handy tool. They are sold by journeyman-level cartographers in exchange for 1x compass and 12 emeralds. Check out our emerald guide if you struggle to find enough of the green gems to pay the villager.

Facing the MC Trial Chambers

Once you have found a Minecraft trial chamber, the next task will be to conquer it. Be advised that Minecraft trial chambers are completely combat-focussed, so bringing your best armor, potions and weapons is mandatory. As all randomly generated structures, Minecraft trial chambers can consist of a sheer infinite number of possible configurations. There are 6 main building blocks the game used to construct its trial chambers:

  • atrium: Multi-floored room that connects the entrance to the first corridor. Features a fountain as well as mysterious reliefs showing mobs like spiders, bogged or breezes. Contains an ominous vault at the top layer.
  • chamber: Contains trial spawners, vaults and chests. There are several palettes of chambers, each of which is randomly selected.
  • corridor: Have a chance to contain trial spawners but mostly only connect different chambers.
  • entrance: The intended welcoming room for trial chambers. They already contain some chests with loot and a tree or plant of some sort.
  • hallway: Essentially smaller variants of the corridors. May contain a chest.
  • intersection: Connects 2 corridors with a chamber. Intersections usually feature an area with beds that allow players to reset their spawn point in case they die while fighting in the Minecraft trial chambers.

Minecraft trial chambers are mostly built on bricks made of tuff and copper, giving them a unique and ominous coloring.

Trial Spawner

In the description above, you might’ve noticed some terms like ‘trial spawner’ and ‘vault’. If you want to enter a Minecraft trial chamber, you should know what these are and how they work, beginning with the trial spawner.

During world generation, every chamber is outfitted with a trial spawner, a variant of the regular spawner. Every spawner is assigned a mob that they spawn, taking them from the following categories:

Although each spanner can only spawn 1 type of mob, Minecraft trial chambers often contain more than 1 spawner, leading to a high number of possible mob encounters. In addition to these, there is also the breeze (a variant of the blaze), though it has its own category. Once you enter a Minecraft trial chamber, the trial spawner activates, spawning mobs every 20 game ticks. In single player, the spawner spawns 6 mobs total but only ever allows 2 mobs to be present at the same time. In multiplayer, the maximum is increased by 2 and the simultaneous mob count is increased by 1. For example:

  • 1 player = 6 mobs total; up to 2 mobs at the same time 
  • 3 players = 10 mobs total; up to 4 mobs at the same time
  • 5 players = 14 mobs total, up to 6 mobs at the same time

There are 2 major exceptions to this rule, however: breeze spawners and baby zombie spawners. They both add 1 more simultaneous mobs for every 2 players instead of every 1 player. To visualize, these are the values for the baby zombie spawner:

  • 1 player = 6 mobs total; up to 2 mobs at the same time 
  • 3 players = 10 mobs total; up to 3 mobs at the same time
  • 5 players = 14 mobs total, up to 4 mobs at the same time

Furthermore, breeze spawners only start with a maximum of 2 mobs and 1 simultaneous mob:

  • 1 player = 2 mobs total; up to 1 mob at the same time 
  • 3 players = 4 mobs total; up to 3 mobs at the same time
  • 5 players = 6 mobs total, up to 4 mobs at the same time

The combat trial ends once all mobs are defeated. At that point, the spawner awards you with loot and starts its cooldown which lasts 30 minutes. After that time has passed, you can challenge the spawner once more.

Minecraft Trial Chambers Loot

Once you have completed the trial, you have a chance to find different items. For the regular Minecraft trial chamber, you can find the following items:

  • trial key: 50%
  • cooked chicken: 15%
  • bread: 15% (between 1-3)
  • baked potato: 10% (between 1-3)
  • potion of swiftness: 5%
  • potion of regeneration: 5%

Trial keys in turn can open vaults, which contain far more valuable loot. Vaults spawn throughout the Minecraft trial chamber. The pool of loot these vaults contain is big, but some of the most sought-after items are:

Keep in mind that each vault can only be unlocked once per player, although each player can open every vault once. Thus, playing with as many players as possible not only makes the combat easier but also increases your chances at getting the items you need. 

Ominous Trials

Ominous trials are an even harder version of the Minecraft trial chambers we have looked at so far. If you want to take on the challenge, you need to get the bad omen effect on at least one player. You can do so by drinking an ominous bottle, which you can get from the vaults or by defeating an illager raid captain

If a player that is affected by the bad omen comes into the sightlines of a trial spawner, the effect changes into the trial omen. At the same time, the spawner that spotted the player becomes an ominous trial spawner, producing stronger mobs. All mobs that can carry equipment in their inventory have a chance to spawn with:

  • enchanted armor (chainmail, iron or diamond)
  • a sword (iron which can have sharpness or knockback, diamond)
  • for ranged mobs: bow (with nor enchantment, power or punch)

Additionally, while a player is in the activation range of the ominous trial spawner, it spawns ominous item spawners above their heads as well as the heads of every mob it has spawned every 8 seconds. These item spawners throw 2 projectiles: a lingering potion and a second projectile. The potion can have the following effects:

  • infested
  • oozing
  • slow falling
  • speed
  • strength
  • weaving
  • wind charged

The second projectile can be one of the following:

As you can see, the combat you have to endure within these chambers can be extremely tough, especially when you are not prepared well. However, completing these challenges awards you with an ominous trial key.

The Ominous Vault

Once you have defeated all of the empowered mobs, the ominous spawner shoots out loot, just like the regular spawner. However, the loot you can obtain here is generally better than the one you gain from regular trial spawners:

  • ominous trial key: 30%
  • steak: 21%
  • baked potato: 21% (between 2-4)
  • golden carrot: 14% (between 1-2)
  • potion of strength: 7%
  • potion of regeneration: 7%

Unlike the ominous versions of the trial spawner, ominous vaults are already present within regular Minecraft trial chambers. They are hidden inside altar-like constructs. The Minecraft trial chambers loot offered by ominous vaults far outshines that of the regular variant, with some of the most interesting objects being:

  • enchanted golden apple: 22.5%
  • heavy core: 7.5%
  • block of diamond: 2.8%
  • enchanted book: 5.5%

The ominous vault also contains many of the regular vault’s most valuable items (or variants), though the chance of obtaining them is higher.

Minecraft Trial Chambers

As we have thoroughly explored, Minecraft trial chambers offer something for all but the most inexperienced Minecraft player. While stumbling into a Minecraft trial chamber as a rookie player would certainly spell your demise, more experienced players are the ideal target group. For the veterans that have already done their fair share of butting heads with the ender dragon, withers and wardens, the ominous trials offer a hard but satisfying challenge. So, if you want to challenge yourself, there is no better place to do that than the Minecraft trial chambers. Hop on a Minecraft server by G-Portal today and start conquering these brand-new chambers that will definitely give you something to chew on for a while.

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