The Rarest Things in Minecraft Background

The Rarest Things in Minecraft

July 3, 2024
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Today we're talking about real treasures, the rarest objects in Minecraft.

Minecraft: Rarest Items in the Game

Have you ever wondered what the rarest block in Minecraft is? Or the rarest armor in Minecraft? What about the rarest ore in Minecraft? Fret not dear reader, for we will answer these questions in this very text. Or at least the most pressing ones. After all, you could probably make these categories more and more specific and none of us really has time for that.

What Are the Rarest Items in Minecraft?

Before we start though, what is rarity, really? In short, the harder something is to obtain, the rarer that is. In our lists, you will see both objects that either require a lot of preparation to get or that simply have a very low drop chance. For example, the nether star is an item that has a 100% drop chance, so it should be pretty common, right? Wrong. Very wrong. You see, you need to go into the Nether and defeat the warden, the boss of the deep dark biome, to get a nether star. And a warden is pretty much one of the hardest mobs in the game, making the nether star hard to get regardless of its drop chance.

On the other end of the spectrum, we find items like the trident. This marvelous weapon is extremely rare, although you need only kill drowned, the mucky, watery version of zombies. Still, with a drop chance of only 0.5%, tridents are rather rare, regardless of their accessibility.

To be clear: Each category will be filled with 3 places, going from most common (though still rare as a whole) to most rare. Now that we have established our little rule set, we should begin with…

Minecraft: Rarest Items

  1. Elytra: These fancy bug wings are pretty easy to find, actually… if you know where to look. Which is in end cities and boy are they hard to find. Do you want to soar through the sky? Then you better buckle up and get ready to find some tall guys with violet eyes.
    Our tip: wear a pumpkin helmet because apparently these mysterious mobs have the mental fortitude of a 3-year old.


  1. Enchanted Golden Apples: How do you like them apples? A lot probably, though sinking your digital teeth into this blinged out magic fruit requires a lot of open chests beforehand.
    Our tip: Trial chamber chests have a relatively high chance to contain one of these golden delicious apples, so… Get ready for the update!


  1. Dragon Egg: Does this placement really come to anyone’s surprise? In the world of Minecraft, rarest items have the hardest route to get to them and the ender dragon egg is no exception. After all, the giant lizard’s baby rock is guarded by (you know it, you love it) none other than the ender dragon. And on top of that, the egg doesn’t really do anything. So why throw yourself against an overgrown gecko just to claim a useless egg? Because of prestige, that’s why of course! Or just to beat your friend’s speed run record.
    Our tip: Bring everything you have and then some more!


The Rarest Minecraft Block

  1. Sponges: Nature’s mop really doesn’t come easy in Minecraft. Rare things are often only rare because the biome they spawn in is so difficult to find and the ocean monument structure does not do the sponge any favors. Only found in the deep ocean biome, the sponge can either grow in a building deep under water or be found on a dead guardian, so pick your poison.
    Our tip: Build a conduit. It really makes breathing under water easier.


  1. End Portal Frame: The portal to nowhere… or somewhere? In any case, finding a completed end portal frame is bordering on the impossible, with an average chance of 10-11%. In other words: It is extremely unlikely. So be grateful for every eye of ender that you do find in an end portal. And where to find end portals? Oh, only in the Nether aka hell, specifically in bastion remnants.
    Our tip: Bring some heat resistant armor. You’re going to need it, trust us.


  1. Beacon: Did you ever want to have a shiny sky laser? No? Well, now you do. Because the beacon not only marks its position with a cool RGB light show, it also empowers you and your friends (if you play multiplayer). But what makes the beacon so rare? You see, that is because you need the nether star we mentioned above. And some of the rarest ore in Minecraft. So no problem, right?
    Our tip: … Nothing in particular, you just kind of have to get good with Minecraft.


The Rarest Ore in Minecraft

  1. Lapis Lazuli Ore: A blue rock in the earth is better than one in your hands, right? Not really because why would you prefer not to have lapis lazuli? After all, it’s blue and looks nice. What more could you want? Also the name sounds funny.
    Our tip: Don’t get lost looking at all that lapis lazuli.


  1. Ancient Debris: It is debris and it is ancient. What else is there to say? A lot, actually. But you can read all about it in this handy little article we already made, so we’re not going to bother much here. Just know that ancient debris is a) very rare and b) very good at insulating you from explosions.
    Our tip: Bring a diamond pickaxe. For the blinged out look if for nothing else. And also because you need one to obtain ancient debris in the first place.


  1. Emerald Ore: Is it just lapis lazuli ore but green this time? Yes and no. Yes because it is also hidden deep within the earth and is pretty to look at. No because you might also call this one money rock as villagers sell you their wares for emeralds and emeralds only. Why do they not accept lapis lazuli? Who knows. Maybe the lore is that they don’t like the color blue?
    Our tip: Spend it all in one place. Or don’t. We can’t tell you what to do.


The Rarest Armor in Minecraft

  1. Turtle Shell Helmet: To be perfectly honest, none of these armors are that rare, it’s just that most armor types are pretty easy to get. But starting with the turtle shell helmet, there are some armor types you might have trouble getting your character in. This little reptile hat can only be crafted by combining 5 turtle scutes, which you can only obtain by breeding baby turtles.
    Our tip: Don’t just breed turtles for the helmet. They are cute enough on their own. Also, you can use the helmet for brewing if you don’t need it. Remember to recycle!


  1. Chainmail Armor: You want a noisy clunky suit or armor? You do now! And how can you find this armor? As with any treasure, this one is hidden. So you will have to fight your way through woodland mansions of search endless miles of beach to get your hand on a single piece of chainmail armor. Because, well, you can’t craft it yourself.
    Our tip: Appreciate your chainmail armor and never forget the labor you had to endure to get it.


  1. Netherite Armor: Of all types of armor, this one would deserves the title as the rarest thing in Minecraft. Or at least one of the rarest armor, because the hoops you have to jump through to get this one could probably fill all of the Olympic games flags in existence twice over. In other words: It is pretty difficult. The list of things you need to make a full set include smithing templates, netherrack, gold and a whole bunch of diamonds. We’re talking an amount of bling that could make a disco ball jealous.
    Our tip: Get ready to sink a lot of time into this!


And with that, we conclude our lists. But what have we learned today? Is it that there are many difficulties obtaining things in this game, not all of which justify their rarity? Perhaps. Is it that you should always follow your goals, no matter how hard it seems to reach them because just having scaled the mountain of challenges to get to them is worth it? Of course. But most importantly, we have learned that you should definitely try to get all of these items and more on a Minecraft server from G-Portal. Because where can you let your problem solving skills run wild if not there?

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