Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Eye of Ender

Unveiling the Mysteries of the ‘Ender Eye’ in Minecraft

In the blocky realms of Minecraft, the eye of ender (or ender eye) is a pivotal item that seasoned adventurers and newcomers alike seek out for its crucial role in exploring the game’s endgame content. This guide delves into everything you need to know about it, from its purpose and how to get the eye of ender in Minecraft, to tips on how to utilize it.

Overview Minecraft Eye of Ender:

  • must be crafted using ender pearls and blaze powder
  • can teleport you closer to a fortress
  • used to enter the end dimension
  • can be used for end crystals and ender chests

What is the Eye of Ender?

The eye of ender is an iconic item in Minecraft used primarily to locate and activate the end portals, gateways to the End dimension where players face off against the ender dragon, the game’s final boss. Beyond its primary use, the MC eye of ender serves as a crafting ingredient for creating ender chests, offering a unique storage solution that spans dimensions.

Besides the ways you can use the eye of ender, the design itself is also iconic. The black pupil combined with an iris and a sclera of green coloration invokes the look of a demonic entity that stares at the player, much like the endermen mobs the needed ender pearls are taken from.

How to Get Eye of Ender in Minecraft

Generally, combining an ender pearl with blaze powder in your crafting interface yields the eye of ender:

1x ender pearl + 1x blaze powder = 1x eye of ender

Crafting recipe for the eye of ender

To obtain the eye of ender, you must embark on a two-step process that tests your survival and combat skills. First, you need to gather ender pearls, dropped by endermen, the tall, teleporting mobs that inhabit the overworld and the Nether. Endermen are more commonly found in the Nether’s warped forest biome or the overworld’s deserts and grasslands during nighttime. This process underlines the survival aspect of Minecraft and the fact that you have all of your wit, skills and creativity to take down these boss-like mobs proves that you are ready to take on the biggest challenge there is in Minecraft.

How to Get Ender Eyes from Endermen

Endermen tend to be the scary mob that you better stay away from, but if you want to craft an eye of ender, you need their eyes. To effectively kill endermen in Minecraft, preparation and strategy are key. Endermen are neutral mobs that become hostile when provoked, either by looking directly at them or attacking them. Firstly, equip yourself with a strong weapon, preferably an enchanted sword or an axe for higher damage output. Armor with protection enchantments can also mitigate damage taken during combat.

When engaging endermen, it’s advantageous to stand in a 2-block high space or under a low ceiling, as endermen are three blocks tall and cannot follow you into such spaces, making it easier to hit them without them being able to strike back. Water is also an effective deterrent; endermen are damaged by water, so placing water at your feet can provide a protective barrier. Lastly, always keep your health up and have food or potions at the ready to ensure you can outlast the enderman in combat and collect the ender pearl to craft an ender eye..

Keep in mind that endermen are completely immune to ranged attacks like arrows and thrown tridents, which only cause them to teleport without doing any damage. The endermen’s attacks are very telegraphed, as they give off signature sounds before damaging the player. Alternatively, you can use the endermen’s natural enemy, the endermite. Although endermites are not very strong on their own, a swarm of them can easily kill a single enderman, sometimes even several. The only downside is that endermites require an ender pearl to be summoned.

How to battle Blazes in Minecraft

The second ingredient for en ender eye is blaze powder, obtained through blaze rods, which are dropped by blazes in the Nether fortress. Blazes, floating hostile mobs encased in smoke and fire, are challenging opponents, making the acquisition of blaze rods a perilous task.

Successfully battling blazes requires a mix of caution, precision and the right gear. Blazes shoot fireballs that can set players on fire, so wearing armor enchanted with fire protection significantly reduces the damage taken from these attacks. Since blazes are airborne, using a bow or a crossbow can be more effective than melee weapons, allowing you to maintain a safe distance while attacking. Enchanting your bow with power or infinity ensures you can deal substantial damage or have an unending supply of arrows, respectively.

When engaging blazes, try to confine the fight to enclosed spaces within the Nether fortress to limit their movement and make it easier to dodge fireballs. If you’re fighting them in open areas, constantly move to avoid being a stationary target. Shields can block the fireballs, providing a momentary respite as you plan your next move or close the distance for a melee attack. It’s also beneficial to bring potions of fire resistance, allowing you to focus on the attack without worrying about burning. Lastly, keep a steady supply of food to regenerate health and consider bringing a bucket of water (though it evaporates in the Nether, its quick use in certain conditions can extinguish flames) or use splash potions of healing or regeneration to stay in the fight longer. With these strategies, you can effectively take down blazes and collect blaze rods, a crucial component for brewing and crafting the eye of ender. By splitting a blaze rod into two blaze powders, you get the second necessary ingredient for an eye of ender. 

Eye of Ender Uses in Minecraft

Once you have the eye of ender, it’s time to embark on the quest to find the end portal. To do so, simply throw the eye of ender into the air, and it will float towards the nearest end portal frame, located within a fortress. Follow the direction in which the eye travels and keep throwing eyes of ender periodically to ensure you’re on the right path. 

It’s important to note that an eye of ender has a chance of shattering upon use, so it’s wise to carry several to avoid running out before locating the fortress. Fortresses are underground structures found throughout the world, often filled with valuable loot and dangerous mobs.

The Beginning of the End with the Ender Eye

Using the eye of ender to enter the End dimension is a thrilling culmination of your Minecraft adventure, marking the transition to the game’s final challenge. Once you’ve amassed enough eyes of ender, their primary use is to locate and activate the hidden End portal within a fortress. Once you have found a fortress, navigate its maze-like corridors to find the End portal room, which contains the inactive portal surrounded by a frame of twelve blocks. Each block requires an eye of ender to activate.

Carefully place an eye of ender into each of these frames. Once all twelve are filled, the portal activates, revealing a starry, black gateway. Stepping into this portal transports you to the End dimension, a unique and alien landscape where the ender dragon resides. This moment is a significant achievement, representing your readiness to face the ultimate boss and explore new aspects of Minecraft’s expansive universe.

Tip: Sometimes, the portals into the Nether or the End do not work properly. This is easy to fix, however, if you follow the advice given in this article.

The Eye of Ender as a Crafting Material

Besides pointing the way to fortresses, an MC eye of ender can also be used as a highly valuable crafting ingredient. Firstly, an ender eye can be combined with obsidian to create an ender chest:

1x eye of ender + 8x obsidian = 1x ender chest

Crafting an ender chest

The ender chest is essentially the best chest in the game. This might not be apparent right off the bat, but if multiple ender chests are in use, they allow you to access a single inventory through different chests. This makes them invaluable, especially in multiplayer, since you can use them to share rare items even over long distances, although it makes chest sorting a bit challenging.

If combined with some glass blocks and a ghast tear instead, the result changes into an end crystal:

1x eye of ender + 1x ghast tear + 7x glas block = 1x end crystal

Crafting an end crystal

While both of these items are highly valuable, they fulfill very different purposes. The end crystal is not used in any dimension other than the End itself, where it is used to re-awaken the ender dragon. You can use this mechanic to essentially farm the ender dragon for XP, as it gives you a massive amount once beaten. This means that beating the ender dragon becomes easier the second time, as you can use the XP you gain to craft better gear and use the enchanting table to give that gear better enchantments. The only thing that stays the same is the egg of the ender dragon, which can only be obtained once.

Tips for Using the Eye of Ender

Even though the use of the ender eye is quite easy to understand, it could always be easier. For this purpose, here are some tips and tricks for using the ender eye:

  • stock up: Before setting out to find a fortress, gather plenty of eyes of ender to compensate for any that break during your search. This means that you have to take on many blazes and endermen, but if you run out of eyes of ender, you will have to do that anyway.
  • nighttime use: Using the eye of ender at night can make it easier to see where it goes. Since the particles the eye creates are brightly purple, they contrats very well with the night around you. Be wary of hostile mobs, however.
  • prepare for the journey: Ensure you’re well-equipped with armor, weapons and supplies. Finding a fortress can be a lengthy expedition.
  • mark your path: Use torches, blocks or another marker to keep track of your route as you follow the eyes of ender. This can help prevent getting lost or mark the path towards the fortress in case your supply of eyes of ender runs out.

These are mostly tips that are not hard to follow. And if you enjoy fighting mobs, even the first tip might not be that annoying after all.

Conclusion: Minecraft Eye of Ender

In Minecraft, eye of ender is more than just an item; it’s a symbol of the adventure and challenge that lies at the heart of the game. Understanding how to get the eye of ender in Minecraft and how to use it to its full potential are essential skills for any player looking to explore everything the game has to offer. With the knowledge and tips provided here, you’re now well-equipped to embark on your quest to the End and beyond. But what if you don’t want to do it on a server anyone has access to? Then, G-Portal is the service for you! If you rent a Minecraft server from G-Portal, only you and your friends are allowed to join in your adventures. So don’t miss this opportunity and enjoy our service today. Happy adventuring!

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