Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
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Minecraft Lapis Lazuli

All about Minecraft Lapis Lazuli

Minecraft lapis lazuli is a crucial resource in the game, known for its vibrant blue color and versatility in crafting, enchanting and trading. Its history is long but its list of uses is quite short (though there are some really useful things for this small blue item). This guide offers a comprehensive overview of everything players need to know about Minecraft lapis, as it is often called, from mining and obtaining it to its uses in enchanting and crafting. We’ll cover it all to make you a true Minecraft lapis expert!

Overview Minecraft Lapis:

  • rare ore
  • found: y-level between -64 and 64
  • to mine: stone pickaxe or better
  • uses: dye & enchanting

The Basics of Minecraft Lapis

Minecraft lapis was introduced in the Beta 1.2 update in 2011 and has grown in importance, transitioning from a mere decorative dye to a pivotal component in Minecraft’s enchanting system. Through the years, Minecraft lapis was included in nearly all bigger updates; although this only meant it got the ability to dye another item blue. It also became an item to be found in chests, e.g. in villages, or an item to be traded in exchange for emeralds by villagers. In its basics, the ore is still the same and its uses didn’t change much over time. Still, its value lies not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in its functionality, enhancing players’ experiences through enchantments, not just through decoration.

Where to Find Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft

In Minecraft, lapis lazuli can be found deep within the underground layers of the game’s vast, blocky landscapes. Specifically, Minecraft lapis lazuli ore spawns between the y-levels -64 and 64, with the highest concentrations found somewhere around y-level 0. To uncover this valuable resource, players often venture into cave systems, ravines and canyons, where Minecraft lapis can be found exposed among the stone blocks. Additionally, it can occasionally be found in chests within generated structures like villages, temples and mineshafts, offering an alternative to mining. The ore itself presents as a deep blue color speckled in stone, making it distinct and relatively easy to spot in the dimly lit depths.

How to Mine Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft

To mine Minecraft lapis, players need a pickaxe made of stone or a better material, with iron, diamond or netherite pickaxes being preferred for their efficiency. Enchantments also play a significant role in maximizing your Minecraft lapis lazuli yield. The two best enchantments to consider are:

  • fortune: Increases the drop rate, making it possible to gather more lapis lazuli from a single block of ore.
  • silk touch: Allows the mining of the ore block itself, preserving it for later use or decoration.

So, which enchantment you use depends on the wanted output. Using silk touch is also a good idea if you want much Minecraft lapis but don’t have the fortune enchantment at the moment of mining. This way, you can later mine lapis from the Minecraft lapis lazuli ore blocks you gained using silk touch. Keep in mind that you cannot enchant any tool with silk touch and fortune at the same time.

The 3 Forms of Minecraft Lapis

Minecraft lapis lazuli is only one of the 3 forms we would consider important. It is the item form you need for most things connected to the resource. However, let’s quickly dive into all forms of minecraft lapis.

1. Minecraft lapis lazuli ore

Minecraft lapis lazuli ore is the natural, unprocessed form of Minecraft lapis found within the game’s world. This ore block sports a stone background punctuated with deep blue specks, signaling its precious content. It requires at least a stone pickaxe to mine. When mined without a silk touch enchantment, it drops 4 to 9 Minecraft lapis items, making it a sought-after resource for players.

2. Minecraft lapis lazuli

The Minecraft lapis lazuli item is the product of mining Minecraft lapis lazuli ore or trading with villagers. It appears as a small, deep blue gem that glints with potential. This item is pivotal in the game’s enchanting system, as it is required alongside experience points to enchant weapons, tools, armor and books. Beyond enchanting, Minecraft lapis lazuli serves as a dye, offering players the ability to color wool, terracotta, glass and other dyeable blocks a rich blue. 

3. Minecraft lapis lazuli block

Crafted from 9 lapis lazuli, the Minecraft lapis lazuli block is a solid, vibrant blue block used primarily for storage and decorative purposes:

9x Minecraft lapis lazuli = 1x lapis lazuli block

Its bright, eye-catching color makes it a favorite among players for ornamental designs, adding a splash of blue to buildings, sculptures, and landscapes. Additionally, the Minecraft lapis lazuli block serves as an efficient means of storing Minecraft lapis in a compact form, optimizing inventory and chest space. The block can be converted back into 9 Minecraft lapis lazuli items, ensuring that players can easily access the resource for enchanting and crafting needs.

Minecraft Lapis Uses

Minecraft lapis’ primary crafting use is as a blue dye, but it can also be crafted into a block form for storage or decoration. Its role in crafting extends to various blue-colored items, enhancing Minecraft’s creative possibilities. The recipe for blue dye is very easy since it only includes either a blue flower or Minecraft lapis:

1x Minecraft lapis lazuli = 1x blue dye

However, most of these items are dyed using the dye, not the Minecraft lapis lazuli itself. After all, its more important use is the enchanting process.

Attention!Minecraft lapis is in fact used for several crafting recipes in the Bedrock Edition and the Minecraft Education Edition!

Enchanting with Minecraft Lapis 

The enchanting system in Minecraft requires lapis lazuli along with experience levels to enchant:

Enchanting tables, surrounded by bookshelves, utilize Minecraft lapis to apply a range of powerful effects to items, from increased durability to specialized abilities like underwater breathing.

Basic Requirements for Minecraft Lapis Enchantments

Enchanting requires several things first. In detail, these things come in a group of three:

  • an enchanting table
  • experience levels
  • Minecraft lapis

The process involves placing the item and Minecraft lapis in the enchanting table, choosing from randomly generated enchantment options and then applying the selected enchantment to the item. In a separate article we explain the enchanting table in more detail, if you’d like to know more.


The enchantment options can be enhanced by strategically placing bookshelves around the enchanting table. The enchantments themselves are subject to the game’s mechanics, with certain enchantments being mutually exclusive or combinable through the use of an anvil.

Conclusion: Minecraft Lapis Lazuli

Minecraft lapis is more than just a beautiful blue gem in Minecraft; it’s a multifaceted resource that lies at the heart of enchanting, crafting and decorating. Whether you’re looking to enhance your gear, trade with villagers or add a splash of color to your Minecraft world, Minecraft lapis lazuli is indispensable. Understanding how to efficiently mine, collect and utilize Minecraft lapis can significantly impact the gaming experience on your Minecraft server from G-Portal, no matter if it’s in survival mode or a creative endeavor. Have fun turning your world blue!

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