Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Book

The Very Useful Minecraft Book

A Minecraft book is not considered a rare item due to the relatively easy access to its crafting ingredients. Moreover, it is also found as loot in some generated structures. It is a renewable and accessible item for players throughout their Minecraft adventure. Therefore, the value of a Minecraft book can be considered higher in the context of enchanting and crafting specific items, which are essential for enhancing gear. So, while the Minecraft book might not look like much, it is a very important and very useful part of the game. And in this article we’ll tell you the most important things to know about the Minecraft book.

Overview Minecraft Book:

  • craft: wooden planks & leather
  • stackable to up to 64 books
  • use: for crafting, trading, enchanting

How to Craft a Book in Minecraft

Crafting books in Minecraft is easy. In short, all you need is paper and leather, arrange it in the crafting window and there you have a Minecraft book:

3x paper + 1x leather = 1x book

Crafting an book

You need 3 pieces of paper to craft a Minecraft book. Paper is crafted from sugar cane, a plant found growing near water in most biomes. You’ll need 3x sugar cane to make 3 pieces of paper. Also, one piece of leather is required for each book. Leather is obtained by killing cows, mooshrooms, horses, donkeys, mules, llamas or hoglins.

If you want to try crafting books in Minecraft, you simply have to open the crafting table to access the 3×3 crafting grid. Place the 3 pieces of paper in the middle column. Add 1 piece of leather to the crafting grid along with the paper as it is shown in the picture above. Once placed correctly, a book icon will appear as the craftable product. Click or drag the book icon into your inventory to complete the crafting process.

A Minecraft book crafted this way can be used for various purposes, including making bookshelves, enchantment tables or book and quills for writing. The ease of crafting books in Minecraft makes it a fundamental task for players looking to delve into enchanting or decorate their in-game spaces.

Recipes that Need a Minecraft Book

The Minecraft book item is an essential component in several crafting recipes, playing a crucial role in the creation of items related to enchanting, decoration and utility. Here are the key recipes that require books:

1. The bookshelf:

6x wooden planks + 3x books = 1x bookshelf

Crafting recipe of the Minecraft bookshelf

You need 6x wooden planks and 3x books to craft a bookshelf. They are crucial for setting up an enchanting area, as they increase the enchantment level available at the enchantment table when placed around it. They are also used for decorative purposes.

2. The enchantment table:

4x obsidian blocks + 2x diamonds + 1x book = 1x enchantment table

Crafting an entchantment table

Combine 4x obsidian blocks with 2x diamonds and a single Minecraft book and there you have it. The enchantment table is where players enchant their tools, weapons, armor and possibly another Minecraft book. The table itself is a pivotal block for players looking to enhance their gear.

3. The lectern:

4x wooden slabs + 1x bookshelf = 1x lectern

Crafting an lectern

This is a follow-up recipe to the bookshelf. You add it to the grid together with 4x wooden slabs to get a lectern. Since the lectern recipe involves a bookshelf (which in turn requires books), it’s indirectly related to the Minecraft book item. Lecterns hold books for multiple players to read simultaneously in multiplayer mode, particularly useful for displaying written books or written book and quill.

4. A book and quill:

1x book + 1x ink sac + 1x feather = 1x book and quill

Crafting a book and quill

Place all necessary ingredients in the crafting grid as shown here and get a set of Minecraft book and quill. It is used to create written books that players can write in, edit and lock for others to read. This is useful for writing journals, leaving instructions or creating adventure maps.

These Minecraft book recipes highlight the importance of books in advancing through various aspects of Minecraft, from enhancing your equipment with the enchantment table, organizing your space with bookshelves, sharing information through lecterns or crafting written works with book and quill. 

What for & How to Use Books in Minecraft

The Minecraft book item is essential for players engaging in enchanting, crafting, trading and decoration. They serve both functional and decorative purposes, being central to the mechanics of enchanting and offering creative opportunities through writing and decoration.

Enchanting a Minecraft Book

Enchanting a Minecraft book is a powerful mechanic that allows players to store enchantments for later use on tools, weapons, armor and other items. This process not only conserves XP but also offers flexibility in applying specific enchantments to player-chosen gear. 

First, you need an enchantment table, lapis lazuli and a certain amount of XP. These experience points, gained by killing mobs, mining certain resources, smelting items and other activities, are required to enchant items, including books. Also, to get higher-level enchantments, place bookshelves around the enchantment table, leaving a one-block air gap. A maximum of 15 bookshelves is required to access the highest level of enchantments (up to level 30).

Once you’re ready to start the enchanting process, right-click on the enchantment table and place your Minecraft book in the slot. Select from one of the three enchantment options presented, which vary in level and require a certain amount of experience and lapis lazuli (1-3 pieces). The options are partially randomized but are influenced by the number of bookshelves placed around the enchantment table. After selecting and confirming your choice, the book will be enchanted with the chosen enchantment(s). Enchanted books can have multiple enchantments if you’re lucky or if you’re using higher levels of enchantment.

Using an Enchanted Minecraft Book

You can use an enchanted Minecraft book in 3 ways:

  • applying enchantments
  • combining enchantments
  • prioritizing enchantments

To apply an enchantment from an enchanted Minecraft book to a tool, weapon or piece of armor, use an anvil. Then, place the item and the enchanted book in the anvil’s slots, This consumes experience points. If an item already has enchantments, using an enchanted book can also add new enchantments to it or increase existing enchantment levels, assuming they are compatible. Some enchantments cannot be combined if they are mutually exclusive (e.g., silk touch and fortune on a pickaxe). In such cases, prioritize them based on your needs or preferences.

Tips for Enchanting a Minecraft Book

If this whole topic is new to you, here are some useful tips to make it easier:

  • experimentation: Since enchantment options are partly randomized, you may need to enchant several books to get the enchantments you want.
  • level 30 enchantments: For the best chance at high-level enchantments, ensure you have at least 15 bookshelves around your enchantment table and 30 experience levels.
  • managing experience: Enchanting books is a good way to store enchantments for later use, especially when you have excess experience points but are not ready to enchant specific items.

Enchanting a Minecraft book provides a strategic advantage, allowing players to customize their gear with desired enchantments efficiently. This system adds depth to the game, encouraging exploration, resource management and planning.

Conclusion: Minecraft Book

A Minecraft book is more than just a crafting item; it is a gateway to the vast world of enchantment. Through the straightforward crafting process, books serve as the foundation for enchantments, enabling players to enhance their tools, armor and weapons. Beyond their practical use in enchantment tables and bookshelves, books offer a creative outlet with the book and quill, allowing for the documentation of adventures, creation of lore or communication in multiplayer environments. Whether for utility, trade with villagers or decoration, the Minecraft book stands as a testament to the game’s depth, blending survival elements with endless creativity. You aren’t convinced yet? Hop on a Minecraft server from G-Portal and try it yourself! You won’t be disappointed, for sure!

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