Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft SkyFactory 4

Minecraft SkyFactory 4 puts you in a world with a single tree and a block of dirt and lets you build your own Cloud City out of it. The Curseforge modpack thus creates a gaming experience that is all about crafting and building your own little world.

From the release of the first SkyFactory modpack in 2014 to the current version, a lot has happened. By now, the mod collection, which has been played millions of times, gives you many design options despite its simple basic principle. Find out how to get started in Minecraft SkyFactory 4 and what options you have.

Nothingness… and now?

Without context, your starting situation can seem pretty hopeless. You spawn on a tree growing on a single block of dirt and are surrounded by absolute emptiness.

Your first steps in SkyFactory 4

These should be your first steps:

1. Dismantle the tree and make sure to leave the dirt block intact. It is your only support for now.

2. Process the wood into planks and build a small platform around the dirt block.

3. Plant one of the obtained saplings in the dirt block and repeatedly press Shift to make it grow.

4. Continue collecting resources from your tree and build a crafting table.

5. Craft a crook at the crafting table. With this, you can get more saplings from your tree.

6. Craft more dirt blocks from resin and dirt acorns that you gained from your tree. Now you can plant more trees and speed up your progress.

7. Build a drying rack from three wooden steps in a row and place the obtained dirt acorns. Over time, these will become petrified acorns, which you can use to craft petrified saplings.

Now you have access to more materials and successfully entered Minecraft SkyFactory 4. Whether you want to figure out the rest yourself or get help from one of the numerous YouTube tutorials is up to you. In any case, your personal Cloud City has a huge growth potential and could soon come up with farms, factories, and elevators.

Choose your world

Minecraft SkyFactory 4 gives you the choice of over 30 different worlds. You can freely choose in which environment your sky island should be located. You can even replace the void below you with lava if you wish. If you want to play Minecraft Skyfactory 4 online, you can find a list of possible server settings here.

Do you feel ready to channel your inner Lando Calrissian and take responsibility for your own Cloud City? We hope our short insight helped you and wish you a lot of fun with SkyFactory 4. Watch your step!

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