Valheim: How do I fix the “incompatible mod” error on my Valheim server?

Mod usage in Valheim is a very popular topic. But when the mods don’t work, the frustration is great. Here we show you ways to fix this error.

Reason 1: Mods are not up to date

After game updates or even in general it can happen that the mod developers update the mods. If you do not use a mod launcher, which automatically updates the mods, you have to do it manually and renew the mods on the server and your PC. 

To do this, download the latest version, copy it to the BepInEx directory on your PC and via FTP you can also copy the files to your server.

Reason 2: Mods “simply” don’t work anymore

It is unfortunately also possible that mods, which worked great until now, are simply no longer developed or updated. Either you can contact the modders (which is unfortunately not always successful) and look for a solution with them.

If this does not work and the mod continues to cause problems, you will unfortunately have to look for another modification and remove the faulty mod from the server and your computer.

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