Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
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Minecraft Anvil

Crafting, Functions and Features of Minecraft Anvil

The anvil is used to repair tools, combine enchantments and rename items in Minecraft. Experience points are consumed each time you use it. Find out here how to craft the anvil, how to use it, and what else you should know about it.

The anvil is a useful block that no crafting workshop should be without. You can use it to keep your tools in good shape, combine enchantments, and keep order in your inventory by renaming your items. If you aren’t lucky enough to find it in the Woodland Mansion, you can craft it quite easily.

How to make an anvil in Minecraft

To craft an anvil, you need four iron ingots and three iron blocks.

  • 1 anvil = 4 iron ingots + 3 iron blocks

Iron ingots are made from iron ore and coal in a furnace, while iron blocks can be crafted from nine iron ingots each. So, for the Minecraft anvil crafting recipe, you need a total of 31 iron ingots. To craft the anvil, place the three iron blocks in the top row, three iron bars in the bottom row, and one iron bar in the middle of the crafting field.

How to use an anvil in Minecraft

You can interact with the anvil by right-clicking on it. Now you will see a text field and three fields separated by a plus sign and an arrow. You can place items in the first two fields and depending on the action, the anvil will show you the corresponding cost. Different combinations lead to different actions.

Repairing an item with the material it was made from

To repair an item with its manufacturing material, place it in the first field and the material in the second field. For each unit of material, 25% of durability is restored and one experience point is consumed. The cost of repair increases if you repair an item multiple times or perform other actions on the anvil with it.

Repairing an item by combination

You can combine an item with another copy of the item to repair it as well. This combines the item’s durability into one and adds 12 (though you cannot exceed the maximum durability). This process also combines existing enchantments, if possible. Compatible enchantments are then applied to an item, identical enchantments are improved.

Renaming an item with the anvil

To rename an item, place it in the first field and edit the text field above it. Renaming costs one experience point in addition to the cost from previous repairs and renaming. Renaming can help you keep order in your inventory and find important items quickly.

Enchanting an item

You can enchant items at the anvil by placing them together with an enchanted book. In addition, you can combine two enchanted books if they contain the same spell, thus improving it. To get the maximum benefit from your enchantments, you should use both enchantment table and anvil.

The special properties of the anvil

In real life, an anvil lasts an eternity. In Minecraft, unfortunately, it only lasts an average of 25 uses. You can estimate the progression of wear, however, by looking at the anvil’s appearance, which goes through three stages before the anvil is finally destroyed. The anvil reacts to gravity and can thus be made to fall if you destroy the ground beneath it. Upon impact, it can also cause considerable damage, making it suitable for building traps.

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