Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Paper

MC Paper API & Server Mod

MC Paper is a Minecraft API based on Spigot that delivers significantly better performance. With Paper you can use CraftBukkit, Spigot and Paper plug-ins. Read here, to learn how to install Paper and what advantages it has over its predecessors.

You want to use plug-ins in Minecraft and wonder which plugins you should use and how? MC Paper offers you the best performance and excellent compatibility with old and new plug-ins.

What is Paper?

Paper is an evolution of Spigot, which in turn is based on CraftBukkit. Paper is developed by the PaperMC project. The main goals are to improve structural gameplay problems, avoid bugs and improve performance in general.

The PaperMC project maintains two core elements:

  • Paper API:  The improved version of the Spigot API
  • Paper server: Usually known as Paper, provides the aforementioned improvements and changes and is especially popular with players looking for improved game performance.

Download Paper

To download Paper, you need to click on the small “cloud”-buttons in the top right corner of the PaperMC page. This will take you to the version overview. For the current Minecraft version it is recommended to use the current Paper version.

Click here to download Paper.


When installing Paper, plug-ins and various worlds are usually not affected and can continue to be used with Paper. Spigot plug-ins can also continue to run on Paper. Forge plug-ins, however, are not compatible.

Paper requires at least Java 8 and your PC should have a decent amount of RAM.

Paper Plug-Ins

Since Paper runs plug-ins of several API generations, you have a very large selection. Very popular, for example, is eZProtector, which makes it easy to block unwanted behavior of fellow players on servers. The Ridables plug-in, which is also very popular, allows you to ride all the mobs in Minecraft, which also opens up new possibilities for flying [link: Flying in Minecraft]. The list of Paper plug-ins is long and offers you multiple possibilities to improve the performance and gameplay of your Minecraft.

Spigot plug-ins

Since Paper is based on Spigot, all Spigot plug-ins can be easily integrated. Very popular are EssentialsX, Vault and AuthMeReloaded. With these server tools you can add commands and manage servers more easily. For example, you can prevent usernames from being stolen or other recurring problems from reducing the fun of the game. The selection here is even more extensive than for plug-ins developed specifically for Paper.

CraftBukkit plug-ins

CraftBukkit (or just Bukkit) is the basis for Spigot and Paper and is the oldest of the three APIs. For this reason, you will find most of the plug-ins here. A popular example is WorldEdit, which allows you to edit maps directly in the game. CraftBukkit plug-ins are often optimized for Paper or Spigot in newer versions.

Thus, Paper is the ideal basis for integrating a variety of plug-ins into a smooth multiplayer experience. Our Minecraft servers are ideal for this. We wish you a lot of fun with your friends in an individual Minecraft world!

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