Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Rent a server
Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

How much RAM do I need for my modded Minecraft server?

In contrast to the vanilla version of Minecraft, many more factors play into the amount of RAM required for a modded server. Since there are endless mods and mod packages, it’s hard to give a universal figure. However, we’ll try to give you a rough guideline here.

Modded Minecraft (Forge) vs. Modded Minecraft (Fabric)

For all the modpacks we offer for pre-installation, we specify the amount of RAM recommended by the mod developer so that you, the user, know what you will need. However, depending on the amount of players on the map and the size of the map, it may be necessary to have more RAM.

Similar to Vanilla, it is also true for modded servers that more RAM does not necessarily result in better performance. Minecraft is very peculiar and has strong limitations in the area of performance. There are a few points that you should consider and that may help to improve the performance.

  • Adjust the modpack to the planned number of players on the server!
    • As a general rule: the more players, the less mods you should use
  • There are certain mods that tend to cause large amounts of lag
    • E.g. mods with terrain generation, advanced physics, creatures with special AI, etc. …
    • If you can identify and remove these mods, your performance can be significantly improved (see “performance profiler”, which can help in finding those mods)
  • Due to the many versions of Minecraft, it can be difficult to find out which performance mod exists for your Minecraft version.

What to do if all this does not help?

Performance profiler

There are so-called “performance profilers”, which search your server and the mods installed on it for performance problems. Basically, it is recommended to use such a profiler BEFORE performing a RAM upgrade, because more RAM does not necessarily solve the performance problem. However, we would like to point out that the use of such a tool is quite complicated. A tool for this would be Spark.

Prerendering Chunks

Another option for improving performance is to pre-render chunks. The process of rendering chunks is arguably one of Minecraft’s biggest problems. Therefore, pre-rendering chunks can have an extremely big impact. Here you can find mods and articles for Fabric and Forge.

Important Disadvantages of pre-rendering the chunks are that depending on the size of the map it can take extremely long until the rendering is completed (up to several days). Also the radius of the world border should be changed to the same size as the pre-generated chunks to prevent players from generating new ones.

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