Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Slime

The Minecraft slime is one of the veteran mobs in the game. Although many players might think that this mob isn’t really old, slime has been part of the Minecraft experience since 2010 making it the fifth hostile mob introduced. They do not look really dangerous compared to other creatures like exploding creepers or attacking skeletons. Still, they should not be forgotten when roaming the Minecraft world! They offer fun experiences, useful drops and of course some XP when defeated. Here is all you need to know about Minecraft slime.

Overview Minecraft Slime:

  • hostile mob
  • spawns in certain chunks
  • 3 sizes
  • source for slimeballs

Basics of Minecraft Slime

Minecraft slime doesn’t exactly resemble what one would imagine slime to look like. Of course, it is a block in Minecraft. Slime is a green, cubic creature. Taking a closer look, it seems as if there is a solid core block surrounded by a more transparent block. This is supposed to create the feeling of slime being formable and bouncy instead of just a massive block like wood or stone. Additionally, it comes in 3 sizes:

  • small
  • medium
  • large

These sizes don’t change anything about the looks of slime. They still look identical with their green ‘skin’, dot-like mouth and big dark squares as eyes that stare at you. Not to forget, they are quite big, the large Minecraft slime being a bit bigger than 2 blocks.

Minecraft Slime: Spawning

There are two main places where slime can generally spawn. Whether or not they actually do depends on certain factors that vary a bit from the preferred conditions of other hostile mobs. First of all, the two spawning areas are:

We’ll tell you some interesting things about slime chunks in a second but first: what are these special conditions in swamps? Basically, slime have less problems with their environment when spawning. At least when it comes to light levels. Opposed to other hostile mobs, they don’t require a light level of 0 but can spawn at light levels up to 7. Therefore, you won’t just encounter them at night. On the other hand, they need space. Due to their size and spawning radius (the free space required around them), it might be difficult for them to spawn in swamps or mangrove swamps sometimes. Still, there is a chance to encounter slime in swamp biomes.

Slime Chunks & Minecraft Slime Farms

We’ll break this down: ‘Minecraft slime chunks’ are literally chunks where slime can be found underground. It is simple. Still, since they will spawn underground, you’ll have to dig a bit. This is of course not all there is to know. If you want to read more about slime chunks and where to find them, check out our blog entry about the crazy search for Minecraft slime chunks


Once you find a slime chunk full of Minecraft slime, you should use this opportunity to build your very own slime farm! So, inform yourself and start your journey prepared.

MC Slime: Behavior & Attacks

When you encounter a Minecraft slime, you will immediately be amazed or amused by its way of ‘walking’. Unlike other mobs, it doesn’t have 2 legs. Or 8 like a spider. It doesn’t fly like allays, either. Indeed, it bounces around as a little slimy cube. Still, it’s not really jumping like a frog. You also don’t have to stress out when finding one, since it moves quite slowly. When a Minecraft slime sees a player, it moves in the player’s direction in a straight line. Therefore, it doesn’t avoid anything in their way like other mobs. It may even get stuck somewhere because there are blocks on the way. 

Attacking a Minecraft slime is quite easy. All you have to do is use a bow to shoot some arrows at them. If you prefer melee weapons, you can also use a sword. After all, killing Minecraft slime is easy and doesn’t take much time. As long as you attack it before it can jump on you, everything’s fine. That is how it attacks you: by jumping on you. Sounds less frightening than other mobs, but still, Minecraft slime is hostile when it comes to players. Once you defeat it, though, your reward depends on the Minecraft slime’s size. Large and medium ones will split up into 2-4 Minecraft slimes of the next smaller size. You still get XP, of course.

Is There a Slime Finder?

Since Minecraft slime only spawns in a few locations, it is pretty easy to summarize where to find them. The ‘how’ is more difficult. One way is to roam swamp biomes and look out for green cubes bouncing around. Another, easier, way is using an online app like chunkbase.com. Of course, these can’t tell you where a mob will spawn, since that is a random in-game process. Still, since the so-called Minecraft slime chunks exist, there are larger portions of the world with MC slime that can be detected. With the slime chunk finder, you immediately have a Minecraft slime finder. Just open the website, enter your seed and you’ll get the coordinates of where to find Minecraft slime.

Minecraft Slime Drops

There is not much to get from Minecraft slime. In total, you can get two things by killing them:

  • slimeballs
  • XP

Minecraft slime is one of the three sources for slimeballs. They are important for several crafting recipes that could become useful for your next project. Just think about the possibilities with sticky pistons. Under normal circumstances you’ll get 0-2 slimeballs from killing a Minecraft slime. Additionally, you’ll get experience points as usual when killing mobs

Minecraft Slime & Frogs

In short: frogs seem to love Minecraft slime. They require slimeballs for breeding and feeding them with these may reduce the growing time of tadpoles. On the other hand, you should try to be faster than frogs in killing Minecraft slime. If it is killed by a frog, you will always get only 1 slimeball. So, to increase your slimeball inventory, don’t let the frogs do the work.

Conclusion: Minecraft Slime

As one of the first hostile mobs in the game, Minecraft slime doesn’t really scare players as much as its fellow creatures. Still, what would the game be without slime? Minecraft players would have to find rare pandas and wait for them to sneeze to get precious slimeballs. How annoying would that be? Luckily, Minecraft slime exists and bounces through the world happily. Or it’s gotten stuck again somewhere on its journey to a player. So, if you’re planning your newest castle project and need some sticky pistons, you first have to meet and fight off some Minecraft slime. At least they come in all sizes on your Minecraft server from G-Portal, too! No matter if you roam the server for swamps or slime chunks, have fun!

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