Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Panda

In Minecraft, many mobs are designed after animals you can encounter in real life. Still, while many of them appear more frequently in the game, some of them are just as rare as in the real world. A prime example of such mobs is the Minecraft panda. It is cute and may be a nice fellow sometimes. However, meeting them is not as easy. And after all is said and done, you will be surprised by the diversity among those black and white bears. To plan your search for a potential new member of a Minecraft zoo, we will tell you all there is to know about the MC panda.

Overview Minecraft Panda:

  • eats bamboo
  • lives in bamboo jungle biomes
  • has 1 of 7 personalities
  • rare: brown Minecraft panda

Finding the Minecraft Panda: Biome & More

Finding a Minecraft panda involves more than just roaming around searching. You have to look out for the right biome and understand the panda’s spawning behavior. Here are some useful tips on how and where to find a Minecraft panda:

Bamboo jungle biome

To find a Minecraft panda, first and foremost, you need to be in or find a jungle biome. Jungles are characterized by tall jungle trees, vines, melons, cocoa pods and parrots. Once you are there, you have to specifically seek a bamboo jungle biome. While the Minecraft panda can spawn in regular jungle biomes, your best bet is to look for the bamboo jungle and bamboo jungle hills sub-biomes within the jungle. These sub-biomes are, as the names suggest, filled with tall bamboo shoots, making them the most likely spots to find pandas. Once you are in a bamboo jungle, roam around and keep an eye out for pandas. They usually spawn in groups.

Time of day

A Minecraft panda will spawn during the day. So make sure you’re searching during daylight hours.

Increase your chances

If you’re having trouble finding pandas, try increasing the ‘local difficulty.’ Higher local difficulty means a higher chance of animals and hostile mobs spawning. Carrying bamboo in your hand can also attract nearby pandas, making them easier to spot. Lastly, you could consider using an external app entering your seed. Especially if you’re having difficulty finding a jungle biome or a Minecraft panda in general, a seed might come in handy. That way you can quickly get the necessary coordinates of the next jungle biome. Follow them and you will soon know where a Minecraft panda might spawn.

Whatever way you choose to go searching for a Minecraft panda: remember their behavior. Once you locate Minecraft pandas, this is important. One Minecraft panda might run away from you, while playful ones might be seen rolling around. This is due to them having different behaviors which will be explained in the next part. However, remembering this will help ensure you don’t scare them off or provoke the aggressive ones.

Appearance & Behavior of the MC Panda

This is probably the most important thing to know about the Minecraft panda: every single one is special. An MC panda is what you imagine it to be. It resembles real-life pandas – they’re bear-like creatures with black and white textures. Also, the Minecraft panda likes bamboo maybe a little too much and doesn’t seem to do a lot. Additionally, while every Minecraft panda looks pretty much like the real life equivalent their personalities may differ greatly.

Several Minecraft Panda Types

Although a Minecraft panda may have a unique appearance compared to other mobs, it is still a panda. However, you can’t say that it is only a ‘normal’ panda only in Minecraft. They can have several personalities that distinguish them from other mobs. Each personality type has its own facial expression and behavior, which helps players distinguish between them. If you encounter a Minecraft panda, it can have one of the following seven personalities:

PersonalityFacial ExpressionBehavior
aggressiveangry-looking eyebrowsattack players & mobs when provoked
brownstandard, brown & white texture instead of black & whitelike the ‘normal’ MC panda but rare to find
lazyrelaxed, droopy-eyed looklie on their backs, move less
normalstandard, not specificregular, no special quirks
playfultilted head, bright eyesroll around (even as adults)
weaksad eyes sneeze more often, produce fewer resources when involved in some activities
worriedappears to be frowningskittish, avoid most players & mobs

It is the details that distinguish one Minecraft panda from another. However, you will know that a panda is not aggressive when it is, for example happily rolling around in the distance. Suffice it to to say that you can encounter such an MC panda without any worries. 

Next Generation Panda Breed – Minecraft’s How To

As with many animal mobs in the cubic world, you can of course breed a Minecraft panda. When breeding pandas, the personality trait of the baby Minecraft panda is usually inherited from one of its parents, but there’s a chance it might end up with a different one. Here’s how it works:

  • both parents have the same personality —> baby has the same personality
  • parents have different personalities —> baby randomly has of the personalities (+ a small chance of a unique one)

For instance, if you breed an angry panda with another angry panda, Minecraft will reward you with a baby panda and the offspring will be angry too. However, if you breed a lazy panda with a playful panda, Minecraft baby pandas could be either lazy or playful, with a slight chance of another random personality.

It’s worth noting that breeding pandas requires bamboo, their favorite food. When they are in ‘love mode’ after being fed bamboo, they will produce offspring. In summary, a Minecraft panda’s personality not only gives it unique behaviors and appearances in the game but also adds an interesting dynamic to the breeding mechanics of these bears.


Given the unique nature of pandas and their spawning biomes, consider preserving the area or setting up a protective area or ‘sanctuary’ for them to ensure their safety and longevity in your in-game world.

Fun Facts

As serious as the Minecraft panda business may be, there are some fun little details. Therefore, enjoy these MC panda fun facts:

  • Pandas are attracted to bamboo and will follow any player holding bamboo. Even if you don’t want to breed them, you can still go on a walk with your new fuzzy friend.
  • A baby Minecraft panda has a chance to sneeze, which can cause nearby adult pandas to jump. When it sneezes, it drops a slimeball.
  • Pandas make unique sounds, including grunts, whines and more, which vary based on their personality.
  • When killed (though it’s not recommended to kill them), pandas drop bamboo.

It is not a world-changing mob but it is cute and funny. And the sneezing might make it a good idea to keep the Minecraft panda next to some frogs in an in-game zoo.

Conclusion: Minecraft Panda

You could say that the Minecraft panda is as endangered in the game as in real life. However, if you are a friend of the chubby bears and don’t kill them, there is no problem. Actually, breeding them is easy. There are probably more pandas in Minecraft than in the real world. The only problem is finding a Minecraft panda, after all. So, if you don’t have one in your Minecraft zoo, you should go looking for them! The best way to do so is on a Minecraft server from G-Portal. We promise you will find them there. And it will be fun!

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