Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
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How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

In Minecraft, tick speed refers to the rate at which the game updates various elements within the world. This includes changes to blocks, mob movements and actions as well as the processing of redstone mechanisms. The standard tick rate is set at 20 ticks per second, also called TPS, meaning the game refreshes its state 20 times every second. However, it’s important to note that not every game element is updated with each tick; some behaviors are governed by specific intervals or conditions.

Overview Minecraft Tick Speed

  • normal tick is 20 TPS: not changeable
  • random tick (growth/death/propagation etc.): changeable
  • command: /gamerule randomTickSpeed <value>
  • caution: risk to make the game unplayable

What Is Tick Speed in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, ‘normal tick speed’ and ‘random tick speed’ are two different things. Yet, both are crucial for certain aspects of the game’s mechanics. We’ll look at these individually.

Minecraft Normal Tick Speed

The Minecraft normal tick speed refers to the overall update rate of the game, which is fixed at 20 TPS. This constant rate ensures that the game continuously processes actions, movements and changes in the game world. It affects things like player movements, mob behaviors and the passage of time (e.g. the day-night cycle). The Minecraft normal tick speed is a fundamental part of the game’s performance, ensuring that gameplay feels smooth and responsive. It’s not directly adjustable by players through in-game commands because it’s tied to the game’s core mechanics and performance stability.

Minecraft Random Tick Speed

On the other hand, the Minecraft random tick speed is a game rule that players can adjust, which affects how often the game updates certain blocks on a random basis. The default value is 3, but it can be changed. This speed influences the rate at which specific blocks update independently of the normal tick rate. It includes the growth of crops, the spread of fire, the melting of ice, the decay of leaves and similar processes. Increasing the Minecraft random tick speed accelerates these processes, while decreasing it slows them down.

How to Change the Tick Speed in Minecraft

Modifying the Minecraft tick speed is not difficult and involves using the `/gamerule` command. All it takes is 3 little steps to adjust the Minecraft random tick speed to your wishes:

  1. Open the chat window: First, press the `T` key (or your designated key) to open the chat window in the game.
  2. Enter the command: Type in the `/gamerule` command followed by the rule you wish to change. For adjusting tick speed related to block updates, mob behavior and more, the command is:

    /gamerule randomTickSpeed 100

    Replace <value> with the tick speed number you desire. The default setting is 3, but this can be increased or decreased based on your preferences.
  3. Execute the command: After entering your desired value, press enter to execute the command. This will immediately apply your tick speed adjustment to the game.


To use this command, you must have the appropriate permissions in your Minecraft world. This generally means being in a world where cheats are enabled or having operator status in a multiplayer server.

Why Change the Minecraft Tick Speed?

There are some good reasons to change the Minecraft random tick speed. After all, it influences many things and comes with a number of effects, such as:

  • block updates: The frequency of checks for changes in block states, crucial for farming and dynamic environments.
  • mob behavior: Determines how often mobs evaluate their surroundings and update their actions, affecting their responsiveness and interaction with the player.
  • game mechanisms: Influences the operation of redstone gadgets and other mechanisms that rely on game updates.

Altering the game’s tick speed can serve several purposes, from enhancing gameplay to facilitating testing and experimentation. Here are some reasons why players might choose to change it:

  • faster resource gathering: Increasing the Minecraft random tick speed can accelerate the growth of crops and the production of materials, useful for players looking to gather resources quickly.
  • experimentation: Players can adjust the Minecraft tick speed to test redstone contraptions under different conditions or to simulate various environmental effects.
  • customized gameplay: Changing tick speed allows players to tailor the game difficulty and pace to their liking, offering a more personalized Minecraft experience.

While there are many reasons to change the Minecraft tick speed, it also comes with a risk.  It mainly lies within setting the tick speed too high. For example, if you set the Minecraft random tick speed to 50, any fire can spread uncontrollably, possibly destroying your house in the process. Or the game could become ‘unplayable’ with an extremely high Minecraft tick speed, as your computer cannot process that many actions at once. Random ticks can also be switched off completely by simply setting a 0 instead of the default setting of 3. However, this only applies to the Java version. The Bedrock version Minecraft tick speed is already at 1 by default.


In the Minecraft community, we hear about the notion that changing the random tick is a kind of ‘cheating’ to deliberately speed up the cultivation of plants, crops and trees unnaturally, for example. Ultimately, it is up to each Minecraft player how much they want to change the Minecraft tick speed and therefore the game. 

Conclusion: How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft?

Minecraft tick speed is a powerful in-game tool, enabling players to customize the game to suit their style and needs via a simple command. Whether you’re looking to speed up resource collection, test out new redstone contraptions or simply experiment with the game mechanics, adjusting the Minecraft tick speed can significantly alter your gameplay experience. This of course alo applies to your Minecraft server from G-Portal. So, if you have never tried changing the Minecraft tick speed, it’s about time, isn’t it? Just remember to use this feature wisely, as excessively high or low tick rates can impact game performance or balance. Anyway, have fun experimenting!

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