Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Grindstone

Mastering the Minecraft Grindstone

The Minecraft grindstone, a pivotal tool in the game, serves two primary functions: it allows players to disenchant or repair items effectively. Crafting a grindstone is an easy and straightforward process. What’s more, utilizing a Minecraft grindstone to work on your items also rewards you with XP, making it a valuable asset in your Minecraft journey. Discover the multifaceted utility of this indispensable tool and learn how to leverage it to enhance your gameplay.

Grindstone Minecraft Overview

  • can remove enchantments from weapons and tools
  • used to repair weapons and tools
  • mined with pickaxes
  • allows villagers to become weapon smiths
  • disenchanting gives you XP

Minecraft Grindstone – Always ready for work!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make a Grindstone

Creating a Minecraft grindstone is a simple task. Here is the Minecraft grindstone recipe:

Minecraft Grindstone Recipe:

2x stick + 1x stone slab + 2x planks (any type) = 1x grindstone

Recipe for Minecraft Grindstone

Luckily, all of these ingredients are easy to get, even early on in the game and in basically any biome. Both sticks and planks can be crafted from wood, which comes from trees. Stone slabs are crafted from stones, a very common type of block. Therefore, an MC grindstone is easy to craft and should be one of the first things you prepare for your village.

Blacksmith: The master of his craft at the Minecraft grindstone

Alternatives for Using the Minecraft Grindstone Recipe

Even though the recipe for crafting a Minecraft grindstone is straightforward, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to find a grindstone quickly and easily. Should you prefer not to craft your own MC grindstone, they can be found in villages, typically located near weaponsmiths. Searching for and mining an existing Minecraft grindstone in these villages is an alternative way to acquire this useful tool. You can mine a grindstone with any type of pickaxe. Be aware, however, that removing a Minecraft grindstone from your main base is a bad idea, as you will often need it.

How to use a Grindstone in Minecraft

The MC grindstone boasts two critical functionalities. Firstly, it can disenchant weapons, removing any enchantments they might have. Secondly, it is capable of enhancing and repairing weapons and tools, making it a vital asset for players. The Minecraft grindstone functions similarly to the anvil, another tool used for improving weapons.

When looking at the Minecraft grindstone and the anvil side by side, the anvil may seem to be superior in basically any way at first. It doesn’t remove any enchantment when items are repaired. Even more than that, if you combine two enchanted items on an anvil, the newly created item will have both enchantments. However, the anvil has a limited number of uses, while the Minecraft grindstone can be used as many times as you want without expiring. Therefore, having both in your village is the best solution in the long run.

Minecraft Grindstone Use: How to Disenchant Items

Get rid of enchantments and collect XP? Win-Win!

To disenchant an item using the MC grindstone, simply place the enchanted weapon or tool into the grindstone’s inventory. The disenchantment process is automatic, and as a bonus, you’ll receive XP in return. This is another important distinction from the anvil, as using that tool doesn’t give you XP. The Minecraft grindstone offers the opposite benefit – disenchanting and repairing without any cost, and you even gain experience points. While this may seem useless at first, since you cannot remove things like the curse of vanishing, that is not entirely true. Keep in mind that some enchantments do not allow other enchantments to be put on the same item. For example, a trident can only have either the riptide or the loyalty enchantment. So if you want to change the enchantment without losing the trident, a Minecraft grindstone comes in handy.

The Art of Repairing with a Minecraft Grindstone

The Minecraft grindstone is particularly useful for repairing worn-out tools or weapons. To do so, place two of the same items into the grindstone’s inventory. The Minecraft grindstone combines their durability percentages and adds an extra 5% durability bonus. For instance, merging two swords each with 30% durability will result in a single sword with 65% durability (30% + 30% + an additional 5%). Therefore, it’s highly advantageous to use the Minecraft grindstone for repairing your tools and weapons. 

Conclusion: Minecraft Grindstone

After all is said and done, the Minecraft grindstone fills a niche within the game. While it is outclassed in many ways by the anvil, you shouldn’t overlook it. It is reliable, makes a villager turn into a blacksmith and can be crafted very easily. So, as soon as you choose a village as a base, a Minecraft grindstone should be one of the first items you get your hands on. Especially when it comes to repairing weapons, you can never go wrong with a Minecraft grindstone. And what better place to try it than a Minecraft server from G-Portal? Just hop on and grind those mvobs to dust! But most importantly: Have fun.

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