Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
Rent a server
Rent a server
Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Plugins

Minecraft Server Plugins: Installation

Depending on which plugins you want to use, it is recommended to install CraftBukkit (Bukkit plugins only), Spigot (for Spigot and Bukkit plugins), Paper (for Paper, Spigot and Bukkit plugins) or Sponge (Sponge plugins only). The most versatile plugin modification is Paper, as you have the widest choice here.

You can find a large selection of plugins for Minecraft Spigot and Bukkit on SpigotMC. Plugins for Spongeforge can be found on Spongepowered.

How to upload plugins:

Installing Minecraft server plugins is quite simple with a Minecraft server from GPORTAL:

  1. Log on to your GPORTAL account
  2. Select the chosen server on the left side
  3. Stop the server
  4. Make a note of the FTP access data
  5. Connect to the server with the FTP client
  6. Open the “plugins” folder
  7. Upload the plugin
  8. Restart the server in the web interface

ImportantBefore you start it is important to install a fitting modification (e.g. Spigot) for your plugins.

Minecraft Server Plugins

With Minecraft server plugins you can extend the functionality of the server software. To use them, you need a special mod that modifies the Minecraft-server.jar file. The most popular mods of this type are Bukkit, Spigot, Paper and Sponge. With each of them you can use different plugins. Here you will learn how to install plugins and what to consider.

Minecraft Server Plugins: Advantages

Why should you use plugins at all? Minecraft has been constantly evolving since its release, as has its large community of players. Plugins are often necessary for running certain game modes that have become established over the years. But even in classic Minecraft, a lot can be done by extending the server software.

For example, commands can be added to help you manage the server, and protection zones can be created where the landscape can’t be changed. The messaging system can also be completely reworked and expanded with color codes, for example.

How to find Minecraft plugins

You can find the plugins matching the installed plugin modification on their corresponding websites. PaperMC offers a wide range of plugins for Paper, while the Spigot and Bukkit plugins on SpigotMC are also compatible with Paper. The plugins for Sponge are also collected on their own page.

Now you know all the essentials to find your way in the world of Minecraft server plugins. We wish you a lot of fun on your Minecraft adventures according to your ideas.

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